Woke Indoctrinated School Kids Show They Know Their Woke Propaganda Good

     “Social Justice” may have been incubated and birthed in academia, and spread far and wide by HR departments staffed with harridans with degrees that include the word “studies” in the major, but it is the effusing of this insanity through K-12 education that must demand out attention.

     Case in point: An “equity parade” in Florida:

“A group of students who attend Dreyfoos School of the Arts held a peaceful protest Sunday afternoon in West Palm Beach.

“They took to the streets marching through downtown with what they called an ‘equity parade’ geared towards calling out injustices towards Black people in Palm Beach County and equitable treatment in daily life.”

     Notice how it isn’t an equality parade, but a parade for equity. Equity, after all can and does require systemic racial discrimination.

     And, of course, these little overwhelmingly pale moppet supporters of #BlackLivesMatter have gone intersetional with a “Black Trans Lives Matter” sign, but that they are totes down with the revolution as seen by the “ACAB” sign which stands for “All Cops Are Bastards”.

     The “ACAB” sign should come as no surprise since these students have set up an “Embrace Black Voices” that happily puts Martin Luther King, Jr. in the same category as Michael Brown of Ferguson infamy— amongst others.

     These students in an art school, they aren’t particularly creative.

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