When Intolerance of Tolerance Becomes Tolerance of Intolerance Against the Designated Evil Race

     Being open to the artistic works of people regardless of the race of said people is inclusive and diversity-minded… or at least is supposed to be provided that the race of said people is not “White”. Indeed even considering accepting a piece of artwork into a museum by a White individual is declared “White Supremacy”.

“Until last week, Gary Garrels was senior curator of painting and sculpture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). He resigned his position after museum employees circulated a petition that accused him of racism and demanded his immediate ouster.

“‘Gary’s removal from SFMOMA is non-negotiable,” read the petition. “Considering his lengthy tenure at this institution, we ask just how long have his toxic white supremacist beliefs regarding race and equity directed his position curating the content of the museum?”

“This accusation—that Garrels’ choices as an art curator are guided by white supremacist beliefs—is a very serious one. Unsurprisingly, it does not stand up to even minimal scrutiny.”

“The petitioners cite few examples of anything even approaching bad behavior from Garrels. Their sole complaint is that he allegedly concluded a presentation on how to diversify the museum’s holdings by saying, ‘don’t worry, we will definitely still continue to collect white artists.’”

     This has been a consistent Leftist position for decades: Declare “Whiteness” to be evil and thus intolerant, dishonestly and incorrectly invoke the “intolerance of tolerance” paradox, then declare lack of discrimination against “White art” to be discriminatory.

     Anything “White” is not “White Supremacy” because anything associated with “Whites” (except the Leftist ideology which is ironically the Whitest of them all) is filled with “Whiteness”, and one is either a “White Supremacist” or one is “anti-Racist” by purging society of “Whiteness” in a delusional manichean choice.

     The woke Left need an enemy that is declared to be a dangerous evil in order to justify how their inherent evil is somehow “good”.

     But this dehumanization doesn’t go so far as to actually consider people “sub-human” because of their race, right?

     Oh, in this woke day and age, it does.

     They were just saying out loud what far too many on the woke Left believe, and soon enough this will not only be considered acceptable but requisite.

     This is part of the Left’s false dilemma fallacy: You either are for “White supremacy” or you believe that Whites are inferior. In both cases racial supremacy is presumed.

     Which is more likely to result in “White supremacy”: An ideology where institutional racial discrimination, and thus supremacy of one race over another, is “justice”; or an ideology that believes we should be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin?

     But the, perhaps that was the point all along.

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