All The News That’s Fit For Justin Trudeau

     We are often told that the lack of a 1st Amendment countries doesn’t endanger “freedom of speech” or “freedom of the press” in democratic nations because the “will of the people” would only ban “hate speech” and “fake news”, and how could anyone defend the people dismissing such ickyness?

     Canada, under Justin Trudeau, is now poised to license and regulate all news reporting websites of any kind to make sure that they don’t disseminate what the government considers to be “fake news”, so that news websites will be “free” to tell the government approved truth.

     How could this go wrong? When “diversity” of voices is touted, you know they don’t mean viewpoint diversity, but rather Orwellianly its antithesis.

“Another of the panel’s submissions she contends with is the notion that the CRTC would identify news sites that are ‘accurate, trusted, and reliable’ to enhance the ‘diversity of voices.’

“‘It’s very paternalizing and also very frightening to think that the government would try to impose or say that’s the role of the government to control. That puts us in league with countries that control the media,’ said [Conservative MP Michelle] Rempel Garner.”

     Trudeau’s mission to make Canada a paragon of insane wokeness will become just that much easier.

     The repression from the Trudeau regimes has already begun.

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