A Variety of Contact Information

     Back in the day of the Golden Age of Blogging, people kept in touch not only by interlinking their links with others, but by exchanging e-mail information, which was far less ephemeral than social media accounts from propitiatory platforms that could be readily deleted for whatever woke reason.

     This is one reason why I still host my own blog on a server hosted by someone I trust. That being said, it is still important to maintain the maximal yet viable vectors of communication.

     Aside from the extant Twitter, E-Mail, and Reddit links, the following avenues of communication are presented. Of note, these accounts will be used primarily as back-ups for the time-being, though in time they could be used as a more primary vector of communication.

     Additonally, my user name for the following platforms is “ThePoliticalHat”: Counter.Social, Invidio.us, and BitChute.

     The less propitiatory the better.

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