This Is Why Pro-Gun People Don’t Want Gun Registration

     One of the reasons why those who believe in a right to keep and bear arms oppose gun registries is that if the government ever had the chance to outlaw and confiscate guns, it would be almost impossible for them to do so unless they had a registry. New Zealand has proven that reason to be correct:

“Growing opposition from New Zealand’s pro-gun groups has complicated efforts to round up the now-banned firearms under a buyback program. Lawsuits are threatened.

“Gun-control advocates argue that compensation rates may not be fair and warn of a possible spike in black-market sales.

“The government, meanwhile, is faced with a sobering set of challenges over how to enforce the new law.

“There is no national registry for many of the weapons targeted by the ban, including the AR-15 – a semiautomatic rifle that has been used in mass shootings in the United States and is often at the center of American gun-control debates.

“As a result, estimates of the numbers of newly banned weapons vary widely. So far, about 700 firearms have been voluntarily surrendered.

“Authorities are ‘operating a little bit in the dark,’ said Joe Green, gun-safety specialist and former arms control manager for the New Zealand Police.”

     Registries are but a prelude to more, and what many have claimed and that New Zealand is now proving is that a lack of gun registration is an effectual barrier to gun grabbing zealots, with an estimated compliance rate of less than 1%.

     Of note, there is growing opposition against this extreme move:

“Paul Clark, owner of New Zealand Ammunition, one of the country’s largest ammunition companies, said he believed many owners would attempt to hide their weapons.

“He added that if owners are not allowed to make their case through the justice system, ‘the only alternative is revolution.’

“Asked by Radio New Zealand journalist Lisa Owen to clarify what he meant, he replied: ‘Literally, what I just said.’

“Clark later apologized for the comment and said he was not calling for violence.”

     Not calling for violence… yet.

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