Transing of Cancer

     There is little doubt that when healthcare becomes “free” and thus rationed, non-medically necessary procedures, like abortions and so-called “gender conforming” operations/hormone treatments would get preference over kids dying of cancer.

     Now, however, they can kill two birds with one stone:

“[A] group of parents united in concern about transgender identity being pushed on children, released a heartbreaking video of a father whose son may lose his battle with cancer thanks in part to a reckless diagnosis of gender dysphoria (the persistent condition of identifying with the gender opposite one’s biological sex) and rushed hormone ‘treatments.'”

     That’s right, you may die, but at least you can get your body mutilated and jacked up on hormones in order to pretend to be the other sex. Ironic, then, that we are told that small children must be allowed to “transition” lest their lives be put at risk!

“‘Aside from whether or not my son is transgender, these hormones are certainly hastening his demise,’ the father adds.

“In researching the transgender issue, he ‘learned that there’s no real research to support putting a young man like my son on hormones, that there’s no consideration for his health risk, and that there’s no protocol to diagnose this and no attention paid to the underlying issues like trauma. The counselors cite that there’s no way to evaluate whether a person is transgender. It’s just if they think they are, you have to go along with that, which doesn’t make sense to me.’

“The reckless pursuit of transgender identity can cost lives. Many former transgender people have regretted their cross-sex identity, returning to their biological sex and lamenting the permanent scarring they received from hormones and surgery. Yet the direct and immediate threat to a boy’s life due to transgender ‘treatments’ is horrifyingly new.”

     Probably the thing that should shock most people isn’t, as horrible as it is, what is happening to his son, but just how many parents like this man knew nothing of the transgender agenda and what they are doing to kids, and what more they are pushing for.


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