Cultural Marxism is Real

     Despite Cultural Marxism having been repeatedly exposed, here and elsewhere, so many deny such a thing exists and accuse “global sewers of hatred” for creating this “mere right-wing ‘phantasmagoria’.” Allen Mendenhall, via the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, however, is able to show that Cultural Marxism is not only real, but a definable Theory based on actual academic and pseudo-academic work.

“Despite the bewildering range of controversies and meanings attributed to it, cultural Marxism (the term and the movement) has a deep, complex history in Theory. The word ‘Theory’ (with a capital T) is the general heading for research within the interpretative branches of the humanities known as cultural and critical studies, literary criticism, and literary theory—each of which includes a variety of approaches from the phenomenological to the psychoanalytic. In the United States, Theory is commonly taught and applied in English departments, although its influence is discernable throughout the humanities.

“A brief genealogy of different schools of Theory—which originated outside English departments, among philosophers and sociologists for example, but became part of English departments’ core curricula—shows not only that cultural Marxism is a nameable, describable phenomenon, but also that it proliferates beyond the academy.

“Scholars versed in Theory are reasonably suspicious of crude, tendentious portrayals of their field. Nevertheless, these fields retain elements of Marxism that, in my view, require heightened and sustained scrutiny. Given estimates that communism killed over 100 million people, we must openly and honestly discuss those currents of Marxism that run through different modes of interpretation and schools of thought. To avoid complicity, moreover, we must ask whether and why Marxist ideas, however attenuated, still motivate leading scholars and spread into the broader culture.”

     Though but a summary of all things Cultural Marxist, the full article provided the key relevant background to give a starting point for further examination.

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