A Socialist Boot Stamping on a Venezuelan Face Forever

     The socialist paradise of Venezuela continues to provide large returns… for the nomenklatura, even to the tune of $1 Billion dollars. And what better way to be all warm and snugly in the bosom of socialism than caressing sixteen tons of gold.

     And of course the equality of socialism means plenty of good, stable money for the actual people of Venezuela, right, what with the 150% minimum wage hike, and even ordered a doubling of the price of their “cryptocurrency“.

     Stop laughing.

     Venezuela has devalued its currency by more than 40%… which doesn’t really change the impact of inflation causing coffee prices to increase by 285,614% in a year!

But what about all that oil they have?

     Turns out that they are leaking it everywhere. They are running out of gas, despite having some of the largest proven reserves in the world. With an inability to have enough gas to even cremate their dead, not even dead can save you from the cold grasp of socialism, with even caskets being needed to be rented. And this is a growing problem when one considers “socialist quality” healthcare plaguing the citizenry.

     Foreign companies are escaping as fast as they can, even if it means paying severance with what they have on hand, such as… tires.

     What else can the Venezuelan people do? They have to engage in “urban ranching“, like how the Romans used the Coliseum as a cattle pen in the centuries after the fall of Rome. The only other alternative is to flee, which itself is fraught with risk and has triggered external action to deal with the problem.

     The strict gun control and the introduction of Chinese-style social control is turning Venezuela into an Orwellian nightmare, a threat to its own people, and perhaps to others as well.

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