Quick Takes – Cultural Appropriation: De-appropriating Teaching; De-appropriating College; De-appropriating Yourself

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: De-Appropriate All The Things!!1!

     First, a little bit of mood music:

     Carrying on…

     The fact that there are so many more female teachers than males is considered a “nothingburger”, yet the fact that White people teach at all is considered institutional racism or something…

“DiAngelo also asked groups to answer: ‘When is the first time you had a teacher of the same race[s] as you? How often did that happen? When did you first have a teacher of a different race than you?'”

     For the record, I didn’t have any regular teacher who was (observably) European until I was nine.

     And all this came from a White professor who has become famous for hating White people.

“The white professor who quit her full-time position to tour the country, leading seminars on ‘white fragility,’ asked for whites in the room to come forward.

“About 15 people walked to the stage and each one read a quote from the projection screen that addressed their “internalized superiority,” “racial privilege” and other deficiencies as whites.

“When they finished reading, the professor told the audience to “not clap” for the white people as they returned to their seats. She announced there would be no question-and-answer session.”

     And just to make sure that Whitey doesn’t Bogart that morally pure non-Whiteness

“An Oxford college has become the first to introduce compulsory classes on “cultural appropriation” for students.

“Magdalen College will run the mandatory workshops for freshers starting from next year, where they will be taught about racism, institutional racism, cultural appropriation and implicit bias.

“The move follows a series of rows about racism and cultural appropriation at the university.”

     The worst crime of all?

     Appropriating yourself!

“Put this one in your peace pipe and smoke it — a Native American faculty member at the University of New Mexico has been condemned for wearing a headdress on Halloween.

“She reportedly wore it to a pumpkin carving contest at the school.

“‘Just because you’re Native American, does not give you a free pass to rock a headdress or a tomahawk,’ Joaquina Castillo, co-president of the KIVA Club, a Native American group on campus, told KRQE news.”

     The Left is antithetical to ALL civilizations and people that came before their great enwokening. They only champion “native” and “indigenous” because it threatens their current target.

     Pro-tip: The Left hates you just as much as it hates them.


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