Medical Murder Mania: From the Α to the Ω

Death, Rx

     ‘Twould seem that is isn’t just enough to allow doctors and nurses to snuff out human life under the false guise of “healthcare”… they must be mandated to do it, regardless of whether that life is yet to be born, or was naturally progressing to its end.

     In the U.K., a midwife was forced out because she refused to supervise abortions at work.

“It was in 2014, after a gruelling six-year battle that had taken Mary, now 63, and a fellow midwife, Connie Wood, all the way to the Supreme Court in London that they finally lost their case.

“The judgment effectively decreed that while midwives can opt out of ‘frontline’ abortion work, those in senior positions … still have to supervise”.

     So hell bent is the NHS to make sure that every senior staff member be complicit, that they were willing to push her out despite the dearth of experienced professionals:

“What a tragedy it is that this compassionate and experienced woman’s determination to uphold her principles led to the NHS losing her when it is currently suffering a 3,500 shortfall in midwife numbers.”

     Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, doctors may soon be forced to kill their patients or send their patients off to another doctor for termination:

“A new bill in Wisconsin would force every doctor asked for an assisted suicide by a legally eligible patient to either do the deed or find a doctor who will.”

     From the text ofAB 216:

“(1) No health care facility or health care provider may be charged with a crime, held civilly liable, or charged with unprofessional conduct for any of the following:

“(a) Failing to fulfill a request for medication, except that failure of an attending physician to fulfill a request for medication constitutes unprofessional conduct if the attending physician refuses or fails to make a good faith attempt to transfer the requester’s care and treatment to another physician who will act as attending physician under this chapter and fulfill the request for medication.”

     These are but two of many examples of medical professionals becoming mandated hired killers. Other examples include:

  • A Victoria, Australia MD was punished for refusing to perform or refer for a sex selection abortion in contravention of a law requiring all doctors to abort or refer on request.

  • A Swedish midwife was forced out of her career for refusing to participate in abortion.

  • An Ontario court has ruled that all MDs must either euthanize legally qualified patients who ask to be killed or refer to a doctor they know will do the deed–meaning forced complicity in homicide.

  • The usual suspects howled when the Trump HHS gave notice that it intends to reverse Obama priorities and emphasize protecting medical conscience in the enforcement of existing law.

  • The ACLU has sued several hospitals for refusing to violate the Church’s moral teachings at the institutions.

  • Some of the world’s foremost bioethicists writing in the most prestigious medical and bioethical journals advocate shattering medical conscience rights.

     A little mood music:

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