The Denigration of Humanity to Mere Economic Worth

     One of the longstanding complaints of Communists, Socialists, and Progressives, is that Capitalism reduces people’s worth into mere monetary and economic worth, with the rich and powerful grinding the poor and unfortunate into dust.

     Interesting, to the historically illiterate, that it that ’tis not the allegedly dehumanizing traditional conservatives who reduce people to mere cost/benefit analyses, but the collectivist loving Left who reduce individuals into mere financial considerations, such as what the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health calculated the cost of a person with Downs Syndrome, per year:

     Isn’t the point of a “cradle to grave” welfare state the implicit promise that anyone who can’t provide for themselves will be taken care of, or even that those who can will nonetheless be taken care of?

     But reality will always come crashing in. When it becomes economically “preferable” to eliminate those who drain more than others, the course of said “economical” society becomes clear, and human beings are reduced to mere “economic” considerations… to a degree far more than any person in some hypothetical pure free market system ever would be.

     If anything, the Dutch are known for their penchant for death.

     A little word to the wise about that…

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