News of the Week (April 2nd, 2017)


News of the Week for April 2nd, 2017


Gun Rights


How The Fourth Circuit’s Support For “Assault Weapon” Bans May End Them
The Fourth Circuit’s wild departure in Kolbe may be what finally forces the Supreme Court to rule on state “assault weapon” regulations once and for all.

Constitutional carry legislation proposed in Wisconsin, likely to pass
Lawmakers in Wisconsin proposed constitutional carry legislation Tuesday morning, seeking to land the bill on Gov. Scott Walker’s desk.

Knife Rights Update: Georgia and Michigan bills advance
Knife Rights other trademarked slogan: “Rewriting Knife Law in America” is no idle boast. In less than a decade they have helped pass more than 20 bills in 15 States, as well as blocking 8 anti-knife bills along the way. You can see a map and list here. I am happy to live in Tennessee which, thanks to Knife Rights, now has a preemption law and no restrictions on automatics or blade length.

Sex offender finds father armed when trying to enter teen’s bedroom
More details were revealed in a case involving a Monroe County man who was arrested for attempting to have sex with a Knoxville teenager. A complaint was filed in U.S. District Court this week.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Oregon Seeks To Regulate “Dangerous, Preventable” Cow Farts
It all just goes to show how government regulation can be silent, but deadly.

Judicial Watch Sues EPA for “Environmental Justice” Grant Records
BONUS: Obama’s environmental policies are on Trump chopping block this week.

House Republicans are taking aim at the Environmental Protection Agency, targeting the way officials use science to develop new regulations.

Claim: “Trump may have just signed a death warrant for our planet”
The end is nigh.

EPA “accidentally” issues press release slamming Trump
Quote mis-attributed to Republican senator slammed Trump for gutting Obama-era climate-change laws.

Judge overturns $4.2 million award in fracking pollution case
Dimock, Pennsylvania has been called ground zero in the fight against fracking. It’s the location that became the basis for the movie Gasland by anti-fracking activist Josh Fox. Last March, a federal jury awarded $4.2 million to a pair of Dimock families that had sued over alleged pollution of their drinking water. Today that award was reversed on appeal.

“Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice” Held In Front of Ivanka Trump’s DC Home
“We are out here to say send a message to protect Mother Earth”



Government in Healthcare


Did Obamacare Create the Expectation of Universal Health Coverage?
And did Obamacare solidify the belief that the federal government should provide it?

Dutch Digging Deeper
We’ve posted before on how the folks in the Netherlands really like them some euthanasia

Is the Quest to “Solve Death” Selfishly Immoral?
Some bioethicists think that 75 years of life is enough for you.

California’s AG Charges Undercover Reporters Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Baby Part Selling
No good deed goes unpunished

Single-payer, here we come: The health care revolution in waiting
Repeal-and-replace (for Obamacare) is not quite dead. It has been declared so, but what that means is that, for now, the President has (apparently) washed his hands of it and the House Republicans appear unable to reconcile their differences.

Trying to Make Abortion Cute: A Look Inside Planned Parenthood’s New D.C. HQ
“A combination Apple Store, Starbucks, and Anthropologie”

Yeah, About Health “Care” and Single Payer
A lot of ink and pixels have been spilled over the years touting schemes like “Medicare for All” and Universal Health Care. All seem to rest on the assumption that government-run delivery of health care will be the greatest, most efficient thing since sliced bread.


War & Terror


Parliament terrorist’s daughter refused to wear a burqa
Westminster killer Khalid Masood’s teenage daughter defied his orders to wear a burqa – and headed to a school prom night in a revealing backless dress.

China state firms eye land around Panama Canal: waterway authority
Chinese state firms have expressed an interest to develop land around the Panama Canal, the chief executive of the vital trade thoroughfare said, underlining China’s outward push into infrastructure via railways and ports around the world.

NY Times Admits Fake News
A correction published Sunday by the New York Times: An article on March 5 about the Department of Justice included outdated statistics. It is not the case that non-Muslim extremists have killed nearly twice as many Americans as radical Muslims since Sept. 11, 2001, according to the New America Foundation. That was true until the mass shootings in San Bernardino, Calif., and Orlando, Fla. Radical Muslims have now killed nearly twice as many Americans as non-Muslim extremists.

Europe: Unwilling to Defend Itself
“The problem in Europe is that there are far too many people in uniform, and too few of them able to go into action.” — NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson.

New DOD Report: Junior Female Officers Believe Gender Integration Is About Advancing A “Social Agenda”
The Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services, a body advocating for women’s interests in the military, released a report Friday showing that female junior officers in a focus group unanimously believe gender integration is about forwarding a “social agenda.”

Boston Antifa and Its Male Dynamic
If you value your monitor, be forewarned not to drink anything while watching the below video, in which “antifascist” fascists from Boston Antifa discuss how to improve the “male dynamic” in their revolutionary movement

Suspected explosive device blows up at court building in Canada
Canadian police think an improvised explosive device blew up Thursday at the same building as the provincial courthouse in Saskatoon.




U of Oregon: Clothes that Fit Now a “Cis Privilege”
According to articles the University of Oregon suggests students should read, clothes that fit are an example of “cis privilege” and, to “dismantle” whiteness and “cis privilege,” capitalism should be “disrupted.”

LA school budget cut – because too many students are white
Parents are outraged over a race-based school funding formula that’s driving budget cuts at a North Hollywood middle school – due to a higher percentage of white students.

Christian student suspended after challenging Muslim prof’s claim that Jesus wasn’t crucified
A student says he was suspended from Rollins College for challenging his Muslim professor’s anti-Christian assertions, including her claim that Jesus’ crucifixion never took place.

Court strikes down Guam’s racist voting scheme
Six years ago, retired Air Force officer Arnold Davis, a resident of Guam, tried to register to vote on a plebiscite regarding Guam’s future. His application was rejected and marked as “void” by the Guam Election Commission

In California, businesses battle Teamsters for pot distribution
Look for the union label!

Transgender passengers uneasy about TSA shift on pat-downs
When the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced a recent shift toward a more aggressive and uniform policy on pat-downs at airport checkpoints, transgender people had special reason to be wary.

California governor: We won’t “bring stupid lawsuits” against border wall
California Gov. Jerry Brown said in an interview that aired Sunday that California will “fight very hard” against President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall, but will not “bring stupid lawsuits” to the table.

Oakland Raiders get NFL’s approval to move to Las Vegas
Thirty-two NFL owners huddled Monday at the posh Arizona Biltmore and decided that one of football’s iconic franchises can pack its silver-and-black bags and move to Las Vegas. The owners voted 31-1 to approve the Raiders’ departure from Oakland for the second time in their tradition-rich history. The only no vote came from the Miami Dolphins.

AG Sessions says he’ll punish sanctuaries, cities could lose billions of dollars
Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday he’ll begin punishing sanctuary cities, withholding potentially billions of dollars in federal money — and even clawing back funds that had been doled out in the past.

Spinach Leaf Transformed Into Beating Human Heart Tissue
Using the plant like scaffolding, scientists built a mini version of a working heart, which may one day aid in tissue regeneration.

High-school principal accused of keeping Catholic-school kids off admission list
A Queens public high-school principal excluded 500 Catholic-school kids from a list of 4,000 students applying to get into his school, raising cries from furious parents of foul play.

Leahy will not vote for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee
U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., will not support Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Sen. Coons: Gorsuch won’t get 60 votes, GOP will go nuclear
Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Monday, Democratic Sen. Chris Coons said he believes Judge Gorsuch will be confirmed over the objection of Democrats but it will require the GOP to exercise the nuclear option.

Don’t look now, but that lawsuit against Marilyn Mosby is still moving forward
Here’s a name which is something of a blast from the past these days: Marilyn Mosby. Those who followed the Freddie Gray case closely probably remember her as the State’s Attorney for Baltimore who initially decided to bring charges against the six police officers involved in the arrest and subsequent death of the suspect. That ill fated maneuver was already blowing up in her face long before the charges fell apart and the final trials of the officers in question were cancelled. Some of the officers who were in her sights fought back, bringing suit against her for defamation, wrongful arrest and a pile of other complaints. Mosby sought to have the entire case dismissed multiple times, but her latest challenge (which sought to prevent discovery of office records) was once again tossed out by the judge last week and the process will move forward.

Joe Biden: “Do I regret not being president? Yes.”
A year and a half after giving up a 45-year-old dream to become president, Joe Biden told an audience on Friday that he could have beaten Donald Trump, had the death of his child not intervened.

Lemons: Gun-Totin’ Left-Wingers Demonstrate at the Arizona Capitol: Is Bloodshed on the Horizon?
At least, that was my first impression upon seeing about 40 or so assorted anarchists, Brown Berets, and members of a group calling itself the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club across the street from the state Capitol, openly armed to the proverbial teeth.

Tony Podesta Made $500K Lobbying For Chinese Firm Convicted Of Illegal Sales To Iran
Democratic super-lobbyist Tony Podesta grossed more than $500,000 to represent a Chinese company criminally convicted in March of sending illegal shipments of telecom equipment to Iran, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

CT school worried illegal immigrant students not signing up for “free” lunches
Illegal immigrant families in Danbury Public Schools are freaking out that Donald Trump will deport them, and some are avoiding the federal free- or reduced-price lunch program to avoid that possibility.

Students, others balk at accused student murderer’s preferred gender pronoun “they”
Pablo Gomez Jr., a 22-year-old radical social justice warrior who allegedly stabbed a woman to death in South Berkeley, prefers the gender pronoun “they” instead of “he.”

“Genderbread Person” caught at Penn State
Posters featuring the “Genderbread Person” were posted in student dorms at Pennsylvania State University this week as part of 2017 Pride Week.

University shuts down satirical :social justice bake sale: because it’s a “demonstration”
“Any speech that is disfavored by administrators could be censored,” FIRE warns

Gorsuch Gets Support from Native American Groups, Liz Warren Hardest Hit
“His opinions recognize tribes as sovereign governments, and address issues of significance to tribes”

UMD hires new admin to “protect” illegal immigrant students
The University of Maryland is creating an “undocumented student coordinator” position to support illegal immigrant students in response to student concerns about Trump’s policies on immigration.

Former MSU student sues school over suspension related to transgender classmate
A former Montana State University student is suing the school for suspending him after he shared his anti-transgender views with a professor in what he believed to be a private conversation.

McConnell: Gorsuch will be confirmed next Friday
As Democrats continue to march toward a showdown in the Senate over the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said today that Gorsuch would be confirmed next week.

Spiders could theoretically eat every human on Earth in one year
Spiders are quite literally all around us. A recent entomological survey of North Carolina homes turned up spiders in 100 percent of them, including 68 percent of bathrooms and more than three-quarters of bedrooms. There’s a good chance at least one spider is staring at you right now, sizing you up from a darkened corner of the room, eight eyes glistening in the shadows.

Nevada liquor wholesalers not ready to jump on board with marijuana sales
Liquor wholesalers were slated to cash in on Nevada’s new legal marijuana market.

Mentally challenged man learns that not everyone is his friend
Derek Bernath is mentally challenged. Though he;s 36, he comes across as far younger. Innocent. What happened to him two weeks ago at the condominium complex where he lives makes your blood boil.

In Minnesota, Newly Open #MN01 Looking Competitive
Yesterday in Minnesota, the already competitive field for next year’s Gubernatorial race got a bit more crowded. Rep. Tim Walz announced his candidacy for the Democratic Farmer-Labor nomination.

13 states join brief in support of Trump’s temporary travel ban
Representatives from 13 states including 12 state attorneys general and one governor filed a motion in support of President Trump’s temporary travel ban.

Springfield College Tries To Oust Professor For Teaching “Men In Literature”
The world has more than 900 women’s studies programs, and thousands of classes about women in literature. English professor Dennis Gouws tries to teach one “men in literature” class, and it’s one too many.

Here’s the epic email suspended Christian sent his Muslim professor to challenge her flawed lessons
Email: “On the one hand you report me to the dean for correcting you while you were indoctrinating students with false information. On the other hand a Muslim student in class cracks a joke about chopping someone’s body parts off and you do nothing.”

Teacher claims sex messages with student protected by First Amendment
A former New Hampshire high school teacher is arguing that nude pictures and video he allegedly exchanged with a 16-year-old student is protected free speech under the First Amendment.

Anti-Trump middle school vocabulary assignment sparks outrage
The mother of an Illinois eighth-grader is raising the alarm after her daughter came home with a blatantly anti-Trump vocabulary assignment from Timber Ridge Middle School.

UC-Irvine students: Wells Fargo branch on campus is “unacceptable”
Nearly 200 University of California, Irvine students have signed a petition to ban Wells Fargo from campus for being a “perpetrator of discrimination.”

Student has grade docked for using “mankind” in English paper
A Northern Arizona University student lost credit on an English paper for using the word “mankind” instead of a gender-neutral alternative.

Anti-abortion activists behind Planned Parenthood videos hit with felony charges
California prosecutors on Tuesday charged two anti-abortion activists who made undercover videos of themselves trying to buy fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood with 15 felonies, saying they invaded the privacy of medical providers by filming without consent.

California’s Chief Justice: Enforcing Immigration Laws Goes Against The Rule Of Law
Since when is moving to another country against the law? And since when do we enforce the laws we have on the books? I thought I knew, but I’m not a judge like this lady is, so I guess I was wrong.

Draconian Internet Censorship Bill Proposed in California
If totalitarianism comes to America, it will hit the shore in California. It is already visible on the horizon. The California Political Cyberfraud Abatement Act is an actual bill, proposed by Assemblymember Ed Chau

Students Confess Their Sins At “Masculinity Confession Booth”
A university will be hosting a “Masculinity Confession Booth” along with a number of other workshops and screenings to combat “hypermasculinity.”

Planned Parenthood Supporters Forked over $47K to Democrats Behind Undercover Investigator Charges

Orrin Hatch: “We are going to confirm Judge Gorsuch. By whatever means necessary.”
The showdown over Gorsuch requires two sets of whip counts. One: How many Democrats are willing to vote yes with the GOP on cloture? McConnell needs eight; so far he’s got two, and may have a third in Pat Leahy. There are still enough undecideds out there to get to 60, but the number is dwindling. The other whip count: How many Republicans are willing to nuke the filibuster if it comes to that? Not a single member of the caucus has flatly said they’d refuse that route in order to get Gorsuch confirmed, but the potential for squishiness among Republican centrists is ever present. Until they’re on record as being willing to nuke, there’s some doubt.

RussiaGate: Hillary Clinton and John Podesta’s Troubling Ties to Russia
Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and the author of “Clinton Cash,” explained on Fox News Tuesday how a Russia connection to the Clinton campaign and Obama presidency is much bigger and more troubling than anything Democrats have accused Team Trump of.

Alternative facts alert: Proposed legislation bans “fake news”
“Even satirical websites, such as The Onion, could come under fire.”

Amber Tamblyn Shows Why Actor Doesn’t Mean “Constitutional Scholar”
Amber Tamblyn isn’t precisely on the Hollywood A-List, but she has worked consistently since she was a child. She’s perhaps best known for her role in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Joan of Arcadia. Like many celebrities, she has opted to use her freedom of speech — the same right we all enjoy in this country — to offer her opinions on political matters on Facebook.

On Diversity of Top Staff, Senate Republicans Outpace Democrats
Senate Democrats apparently could take some tips from Senate Republicans in hiring more racially diverse senior staff.

Kindergartner suspended over playing with pretend “stick gun”
North Carolina school officials found 5-year-old Caitlin Miller guilty of violating school policy 4331, and sentenced the imaginative youngster to a one day suspension.

Students accused of rape must be judged under higher evidence standard, lawyer group says
Disagreement over how involved lawyers should be

Community college stops Spanish speakers from reading the Constitution, says lawsuit
But it allows an anti-Trump protest two weeks later

In California, surprising battle lines being drawn over Trump immigration policies
“Mayors for Safe Cities” v.s. Sacramento’s Political Elite

Transgender People Are Now Oppressed Because “Pussy Hats” “Equate Womanhood With Having A Vagina”
Men who dress up in women’s clothing and insist they are women are unfairly ostracized from the modern American feminist movement because feminists are overly “reproductive system-focused,” according to an op-ed in the Daily Emerald, the University of Oregon’s student newspaper.

Port Authority cops sued for targeting gay men on lewdness charges in restroom raids
Port Authority cops have become bathroom police, according to a lawsuit filed Monday that accuses the department of targeting gay men for bogus lewdness charges.

LGBT Activists Slam N.C. Democrat Governor’s “Bathroom Bill” Repeal
On Wednesday night, North Carolina Democrat Governor Roy Cooper announced that he had come to an agreement with Republicans in the state’s House of Representatives and the state Senate to repeal the controversial H.B. 2, the notorious “Bathroom Bill.” According to LGBT activists, however, the new legislation these politicians agreed to support does not actually undo the bill’s “discriminatory” effects.

Parody Video Takes Aim at Antifa Fascists
Notice how the rabidly “anti-fascist” activists have adopted brownshirt tactics? They’re even training so they can effectively “bash the fash,” as they like to call it. They fail to note even the hint of irony in that they’re literally whom they claim to hate.

Dems on offense in gubernatorial races
After Republicans won big in successive election cycles to take control of more governorships than at almost any other time in the party’s history, the GOP now finds itself defending a huge number of seats in critical swing states in 2018. That’s the reverse of the scenario in the U.S. Senate,where Democrats are playing defense.

Marquette, a Catholic university, hosts radical communist Angela Davis as “distinguished lecturer”
Marquette University, a Jesuit school in Milwaukee, plans to host radical communist activist Angela Davis for a lecture Wednesday night.

How Planned Parenthood Uses Protective Collusion With California Attorney General’s Office
Planned Parenthood has stepped up its political influence. More than merely purchasing politicians, the organization buys laws to protect itself.

Psychology professor: Little scientific evidence microaggressions are even a thing
Emory University psychology Professor Scott Lilienfeld is challenging the seemingly universally accepted concept of the microaggression.

New Crime in California: Performing Undercover Video Journalism While Not a Democrat
A message to non-Democrats who dare target a cherished liberal group like Planned Parenthood.

California Is Fine With Undercover Sting Videos That Expose Animal Cruelty
The state of California is fine with undercover sting videos when investigators use them to expose cruelties done to animals. But if an undercover reporter does the same thing to expose the fetal organ trade, the Golden State will throw the book at them.

SJWs vow to “burn the whole university” and “wreck havoc” over conservative speaker
Social justice warriors at East Carolina University are vowing to “burn the whole university” and “wreck havoc” on campus over the school’s decision to host conservative political pundit Tomi Lahren.

Dina Titus Weighs Challenge to Senator Dean Heller
Congresswoman Titus is certainly right that voter registration has been big for Democrats- and right about the potential drop off in a midterm. Senator Heller is the only Republican running for re-election next year in a state that voted for Hillary Clinton, and his seat is a must-flip for Democrats if they have any chance of winning back control of the chamber. Democrats have to defend over two dozen Senate seats themselves, ten of which were in states that voted for President Donald Trump. Heller very narrowly won his first term in 2012 by less than 12,000 votes.

Liberal Group Already Fundraising to Primary Joe Manchin
As reported by Alex Roarty, not a day after Joe Manchin made his full support for Judge Neil Gorsuch clear has a progressive effort to primary him begun. Earlier this year, the Senator goaded Sanders supporters in a telephone call to challenge him, confident of his ability to fend off such fights in previous elections. Manchin has lost only one major statewide primary: the 1996 Gubernatorial against Charlotte Pritt. Mrs. Pritt would go on to be the only Democrat to lose statewide that year in the general election, back when the state still voted mostly Democratic.

Conservative student blocked by own school’s Twitter account
Regis University blocked one of its students from viewing its Twitter account following a dispute with administrators over free speech on campus.

Prof tries to get conservatives fired over FB argument
A Texas State University history professor called the employers of at least two conservatives, one a current student, to accuse them of “hate speech” in retribution over a political disagreement on Facebook.

“Latinx”: More debate on the gender “exclusiveness” of the Spanish language
Over a year ago, yours truly first encountered use of the term “Latinx” – pronounced “lah-tee-nex” – a replacement of sorts for the traditional words “Latino/Latina” in an attempt to be, naturally, more “gender inclusive.”

English Majors at Harvard Will Now be Required to Study “Marginalized” Authors
“We’re tremendously pleased that the new requirement has been approved”

Another VA Whistleblower Alleges Retaliation for Exposing Corruption
He exposed secret wait lists, wait-time manipulations, and veterans selling medications.

Sanctuary City Mayor: Trump Trying to Make Us “Fugitive Slave Catchers”
Repellent metaphor

March for Science Organizers Don’t Want Bill Nye as Leader Because He’s a “White Male”
The March for Science is having a tough time deciding whether the march should focus on “diversity and inclusion” or health and climate policy.

Coffee shop loyalty card shows hole-punch through Trump’s head
A Pennsylvania coffee shop is brewing up controversy with its loyalty card.


Economy & Taxes


Heritage Blueprint Shows Lawmakers How to Balance Budget Without Tax Hikes, Weakening Defense
Balancing the budget without raising taxes and still maintaining strong national defense are the main goals in a new budget blueprint released by The Heritage Foundation Tuesday.

Conservatives Demand IRS Commissioner’s Head In White House Meeting
An off-the-record White House meeting with roughly two dozen conservative leaders Wednesday included explicit calls for President Trump to fire IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, according to a source in the room.




Chinese School Worker Poisons Kids With Schizophrenia Drugs After Not Getting a Raise
Chinese authorities recently arrested a female school caretaker who allegedly poisoned kindergarten students in revenge for not getting a pay rise.

Canada: Liberals to announce marijuana will be legal by July 1, 2018
The Liberal government will announce legislation next month that will legalize marijuana in Canada by July 1, 2018.

Swedish police with new strategy – drop investigating serious crimes
Investigators have been ordered to investigate traffic violations instead of other more serious crimes, as “Project Alcatraz” has been launched. Police now fear even more crime.

Mexicans who help build Trump wall “traitors,” top Archdiocese says
Mexicans who help build U.S. President Donald Trump’s planned border wall would be acting immorally and should be deemed traitors, the Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico said on Sunday, turning up the heat on a simmering dispute over the project.

Political Sex Pistol: Johnny Rotten backs Brexit and Trump!
Godfather of punk, anarchist and former Sex Pistol John Lydon, AKA Johnny Rotten, was on the show this morning promoting his limited edition new book Mr Rotten’s Songbook. Having built a career on his anti-establishment views, he didn’t shy away from talking about todays political landscape.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Takes Fresh Shot At Gender Equality
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is no fan of gender equality, which he routinely decries as a Western concept that damages women and distracts them from their vital roles as wives and mothers.

Muslim in Sweden Gets 40 Hours Community Service For Raping Girl, 13
Things are not going well there. Last month, there was a massive riot amid reports that police have set up “no go” zones – areas of major cities they do not feel safe entering. What’s more, rape has exploded across the Nordic nation, with one report saying that nine in 10 gang rapists in Sweden have foreign origins.

Swedish party wants to ban deportations – “since white Swedes are not expelled”
This weekend the Feminist Initiative (FI) held its annual congress in Västerås. Hopes are high of getting into parliament next year, where the party would, among other things, push for absolutely free immigration. During the congress, Victoria Kawesa from Uganda was elected to Sweden’s first black party leader. Now she questions why foreign criminals are deported from Sweden, when “white Swedes” are not.

UN Human Rights Chief: “Legal Obligation to Stop Hate Speech”
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein declared last week that the nations of the world “have a legal obligation to stop hate speech and hate crimes.” This comes just as Muslim countries are planning to demand that the UN explore “legal options” to stamp out “blasphemy” on social media.

Mexican man cleared in sexual assault of schoolgirl because he didn’t “enjoy” it
Diego Cruz, 21, one of four privileged youths dubbed “Los Porkys” who abducted and vaginally penetrated the teenager, did so without “carnal intent” a judge ruled

Australia Training 4,000 Teachers to Root Out Sexism in Preschoolers
Four thousand teachers in Australia are to be put through a training program specially designed to help them root out sexism in pre-schoolers.

Setting Poland on Fire
A topic pulsating under the surface of media attention concentrated on Donald Trump is the state of the European Union. American journalists largely avoid the topic because of its complexity. If they break the silence, it is usually to instruct and sermonize those members of EU who are trying to overcome half a century of communist misrule.

South Sudan Is Dying
Millions displaced, hundreds of thousands starving

Trudeau Liberals feel the heat ahead of five byelections
On Monday, Canadians will vote in five byelections. While it’s unlikely any of the seats will change hands, a byelection always gives us a sense of how voters view the governing party.

Peel student told, “God loves only Muslims”; computer lab becomes mini-mosque: Is this Canada?
I recently attended a meeting hosted by Concerned Parents of Peel Region and spoke with a mother who described some of the problems with the Board’s accommodation of Muslim religious practices in public schools.

Venezuela court effectively shuts down congress as opposition cries “coup”
In a move rejected throughout the region and decried as a “coup” by the opposition, Venezuela’s Supreme Court effectively shut down congress, saying it would assume all legislative functions amid its contention that legislators are operating outside of the law.

Brexit: UK publishes “Great Repeal Bill” plan to replace EU laws
The scale of the task facing UK legislators as they try to extricate Britain from the European Union was revealed on Thursday when the British government set out how the process would work.

Top Venezuela official breaks with government, protests mount
Venezuela’s powerful attorney general on Friday broke ranks with President Nicolas Maduro’s government after the judiciary annulled congress, a rare show of internal dissent as protests and international condemnation grew.

Ousted South Korean President Park Geun-hye arrested
Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who was removed from office earlier this month, was arrested Friday on charges related to abuse of power and accepting bribes.

Australian School Abolishes “Heteronormative” Dress Code
Heterosexuality is not yet illegal in Australia, but the feminist regime in elite education certainly does not approve of it

Poor U.S.-Mexico Relationship Could Put a “Hugo Chavez-Type” in Power, Rubio Warns
Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson told a Senate panel Wednesday that the U.S.-Mexico relationship is “in tatters” despite being one of the three most important global relationships that America needs to maintain.

Venezuela “coup”: Alarm grows as court takes power
There have been demonstrations in Venezuela after the Supreme Court took over legislative powers from the National Assembly.

Scottish Lawmakers Vote In Favor of Independence Referendum
After voting to stay in the United Kingdom in 2014, Scottish lawmakers voted 69-59 in favor of an independence referendum on Tuesday, planning a return to the European Union.

Outrage as Spain and EU accused of using Brexit to take back Gibraltar, as MPs say Britain will “not be bullied”
Spain has been accused of using Brexit to make a “land grab” for Gibraltar under official guidelines for negotiations drawn up by the EU.

Rioters in Paraguay set fire to Congress after secret Senate vote to allow president second term
Protesters stormed and set fire to Paraguay’s Congress on Friday after the Senate secretly voted for a constitutional amendment that would allow President Horacio Cartes to run for re-election.

Brexit: Government “to stand up” for Gibraltar’s interests
The UK has said it will stand up for Gibraltar’s interests after the territory accused Spain of using Brexit to forward its territorial aims.

On Immigration, Swedish Press Circles the Wagons
Sweden’s establishment is sticking to its story: there are no issues with immigration. The country’s refugee policy is going swimmingly. When President Trump referred to Sweden’s problems with refugees in a speech, that country’s politicians and reporters closed ranks, pretending, absurdly, not to know what he was talking about.

WYNNE LOSING: Ontario Liberals Face Historic Defeat
Liberals would lose official party status if an election were held today




This unicorn trend has got to go
This January ushered in the Year of the Fire Rooster. But looking around your local Sephora, you might think otherwise.

The “Postmodern” Intellectual Roots of Today’s Campus Mobs
If reality is nothing but a “narrative,” then of course it’s important to control what people say.

Colossal GOP failure and not just on health: Glenn Reynolds
Why aren’t bills on infrastructure, tax reform and free speech lined up like planes on a runway?

Student op-ed: “Genitalia-centered rhetoric” of women’s movement is biased to transgenders
Many people are excluded from the contemporary women’s movement due to its “reproductive system-focused” nature, the University of Oregon’s Taylor Griggs argues, especially transgender individuals.

“Fundamentally Unfair”: Legal Group Slams Campus Sexual Assault Policies
If you have read K.C. Johnson and Stuart Taylor’s book The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities, you understand what a nightmare of insane fear has taken hold in our higher education system.

The Civil War is Here
The left doesn’t want to secede. It wants to rule.

Are the Trump Haters Creating 1968 All Over Again?
The professional left is busy resisting all things Trump. They are collecting millions of dollars, having meetings to plot their revenge for his victory over Hillary Clinton. Their hardcore activists are busy organizing, hiring and training protesters, having signs printed, and in some cases, buying all black outfits, including masks. They send their thugs to pro-Trump events to be purposefully violent knowing that anti-Trump violence will make the news. Their belief is that by creating chaos anywhere they can, their campaign against Trump will take root and his supporters will desert him and follow them.

Political Islam Is Today’s Anti-American “Long March Through The Institutions”
Political Islam implies a constitutional order fundamentally incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and the “constitution of liberty” that is the foundation of the American way of life.

NeverTrumpers, Trumpkins Need to Reconnect With Reality
So, I’m sure everyone has been listening all weekend to the discussion of the recent attempt at an Obamacare repeal and how it didn’t happen, along with Devin Nunes’ announcement of more information showing that Trump insiders’ communications were being intercepted and their names unmasked and distributed, and Adam Schiff’s assertion that there was more than circumstantial evidence that the Trump campaign was working with the Russians, so I just wanted to take a moment to say something: Calm down; Grow up; Get a grip.

The Worst Thing Schools Do Is Teach Kids To Ask The Wrong Questions
In our fallen world, asking questions is how one truly learns, seeks truth, and finds wisdom. Yet in most schools, the questions in students’ souls are ignored or formalized into lifelessness.

The Case of Yale
In 2015, video of Yale’s “shrieking girl” screaming at professor Nicholas Christakis over a Halloween costume email went viral.

Feminist @HannahSmothers_ Confirms the Worst Stereotypes of Feminism
Never take advice from feminists. How many times do I have to explain this? If a young woman’s goal in life is to become a crazy cat lady, she doesn’t need anyone’s advice to accomplish that goal, and if she wants to be anything else . . . Well, feminism can’t help her.

Killing that online digital privacy rule will come back to bite the GOP
Chipping away at a considerable chunk of the mountain of federal regulations currently clogging the nation’s arteries is a bold and admirable plan, but this week we may have run into an instance of throwing the baby out with the bath water. As Fox News is reporting, an agreement which would have protected the data and online history of private users from sale and release by internet providers is being canceled by the White House.

The new crime of interracial painting
Cathy Young (writing in the Forward) rightly criticizes the “cultural appropriation” objections to a white artist’s painting of Emmett Till – indeed, objections that include a call for the painting being destroyed – as well as more similar madness.

White Social Justice Warrior Dies at Hands of Black Killer
Nobody had to tell Corrina Mehiel about the white privilege that killed her. It was a major focus of her life as a white Social Justice Warrior disguised as an artist.

What a Lesser-Known Opinion Reveals About Neil Gorsuch
Much has been made about Judge Neil Gorsuch’s impeccable academic pedigree, judicial record of impartiality, and support of his colleagues from across the ideological spectrum-and for good reason.

“Diversity” Requirement for College Faculty Enables Political Discrimination
It should be obvious to anyone who has paid attention to academia that conservatives are not welcome on our nation’s university campuses, either as students or as faculty. America’s higher education system is controlled by partisan Democrats, and Republicans are not eligible for employment. Nearly 100% of campaign contributions from liberal arts faculty go to Democrats.

George Will beat me to my idea for today’s Thought of the Morning with a column about the Senate filibuster based on a recent talk by Rep. Tom McClintock, who argued in Hillsdale’s Imprimis that what we should do is go back to the old way of doing filibusters. With all of the talk of ending the filibuster, at least for Supreme Court nominees, maybe we should instead talk of imposing the burden of a real filibuster on Democrats. Make the Democrats take and hold the Senate floor for weeks to block Gorsuch.

North Carolina’s Leaders Are Trying to Appease Cultural Bullies. It’s Not Working.
If the goal of compromise is to ensure that nobody’s happy, then North Carolina is succeeding.

Perhaps Before We Know It
What do strategists do when they can’t predict the future? Eleanor Roy of the Palm Beach Daily News summarized a talk by former NSA director Michael Hayden warning of a growing level of uncertainty in the world. The old international system is failing from multiple causes, he said, and no one is sure what comes next.

Leftists Crack Down On Free Speech
California files charges against the Planned Parenthood undercover journalists, media clash with Trump, and we do some Bible talk!

Campus fascists have been using their Gestapo tactics against pro-Israel speakers for years.

Everybody wants 2018 to be a fight about Elizabeth Warren
We may find out how Warren sells in places where factory owners who built companies that provide jobs are valued, not derided.

Lies, damn lies, and transgenders
I can see and appreciate transgender people as part of a human diaspora, while simultaneously understanding that 1) transgenderism is an illness and 2) men who become pregnant are not men, but women. I’m kind of mystified as to why some people find this difficult.

Queering Engineering At Purdue
Having all but ruined humanities education, the Social Justice Warriors now turn to the STEM fields. Purdue University has hired Donna Riley as its new head of its School of Engineering Education. Here’s an excerpt from Prof. Riley’s biography page at Smith College, where she taught for 13 years

Do Millennial Men Want Stay-at-Home Wives?
Millennials, generally defined as people born between 1982 and 2000, were supposed to be the generation that forged what has been called “a new national consensus” in favor of gender equality. Indeed, in February the prominent Columbia professor Jeffrey Sachs labeled the 2016 election, where an extremely qualified female candidate lost to a man with a history of disrespecting women, “a blip” on the road to the egalitarian society that will be achieved once millennial voters outnumber their conservative elders.

The madness (or not) of the Dems
This past Thursday morning the Kansas City Star obtained audio of Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill “warn[ing] Democratic donors that blocking President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee could have dire consequences.” The Star’s Brian Lowry posted the audio (below, I hope) along with his article reporting on it.

How Socialism Ruined My Country
Is Bernie Sanders right? Are people living under socialism better off? Brazil is a good case study. Felipe Moura Brasil, a journalist and Veja magazine columnist, explains how his country has fared under socialism.

Academia, where intellectual incest and madness walk hand-in-hand
American colleges have increasingly gone mad. It’s from intellectual incest in institutions that hire only people who reinforce their own views.

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