News of the Week (December 4th, 2016)


News of the Week for December 4th, 2016


Gun Rights


Progressives Demand Gun Control After Knife Attack At Ohio State University
Progressive activists used a brutal knife attack at Ohio State University on Monday as a pretext for demanding stricter gun control laws.

OSU Students & Miss Ohio Demand Right to Carry Guns on Campus Following Jihad Attack
Well, it didn’t take long for common sense to set in on those most vulnerable. Following the Islamic jihad knife attack at Ohio State University on Monday, there was a lot of Communist thinking gun grabbers who took to Twitter to urge for more gun confiscation measures. However, those affected closest to the attack are singing a different tune, including Miss Ohio. They are demanding they be allowed to exercise their right to keep and bear arms on campus in order to protect themselves.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


The Dakota Pipeline Protests, Explained
Cody Schulz, chairman of the Morton County Commission in North Dakota, is keeping especially close track of a conflict over an oil pipeline that would run through his community.



Government in Healthcare


Trump taking aim at Obama’s Medicaid expansion with CMS pick?
Republicans in Congress pledge to use the first opportunity of the Donald Trump presidency to repeal ObamaCare. Trump has met that pledge by appointing people most likely to dismantle it from the inside. First Trump appointed staunch ObamaCare opponent Rep. Tom Price to head HHS, and now he’s picked a health-industry expert to run the agency responsible for its Medicaid expansion.

Hundreds Of Veterans Possibly Infected With HIV Or Hepatitis At Wisconsin VA Hospital
Acting Tomah VA medical center director Victoria Brahm said in a press conference Tuesday that almost 600 veterans who received dental care may have been infected with HIV or hepatitis.

Baby wakes from coma days after doctors wanted to pull life support
In September, doctors told 1-year-old Marwa’s parents that their little girl was facing impending death and put her in an induced coma. On Nov. 22, just as doctors were preparing to end her life support, the girl awoke.


War & Terror


Pair charged in explosive device at elementary school; planned to shoot cops, start race war
A convicted felon who claims he wanted to shoot cops is behind bars in connection with the explosives device planted outside of a Trussville elementary school.

Top Terrorist: George W. Bush Stopped Us From Attacking Again After 9/11
The mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks said al-Qaeda didn’t launch a second wave of attacks because of “the ferocity and swiftness of George W. Bush’s response.”

Congress Passes New Iran Sanctions, Ignoring Obama Admin Threats
Obama admin locked in last-minute bid to preserve nuke deal

Christmas Party May Have Triggered San Bernardino Terror Attack: Police
Authorities believe the terrorist attack on Dec. 2, 2015, in San Bernardino may have been triggered by a mandatory employee training session and lunch replete with holiday decorations, including a Christmas tree, that shooter Syed Farook was forced to attend.

Four Prominent Whistleblowers Throw Support Behind Pete Hegseth For SecVA Position
Four prominent whistleblowers are supporting Army veteran Pete Hegseth for the position of secretary of the Department of Veterans.

Why Our Allies Love James Mattis and Our Adversaries Fear Him
President-elect Trump couldn’t have picked a better man to lead the Pentagon.




UCLA students compare feminism to white supremacy
University of California, Los Angeles students were treated to a dinner dialogue this month on the topic of “white feminism” and its relation to white supremacy.

MAP: Schools cave to “sanctuary campus” demands
Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet, but hundreds of universities and colleges are already trying to shield illegal immigrants from his expected deportation policies.

“Conscious Style Guide” teaches students and educators how to use inclusive language
“No word or speech habits are bad or wrong” – it’s all about context

Obama Admin Rushes To Pass At Least 98 New Regulations
. . . ignoring Congress’ warning against a flurry of “midnight” regulations

Ohio State attack: Suspect struck pedestrians with car, then stabbed victims
Nine people were injured when a man ran into pedestrians with his car on the Ohio State University campus, then exited the vehicle with a butcher knife and started cutting victims.

Black Lives Matter: We Must “Come To The Defense” Of Castro
Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s legacy provides many lessons to learn from, according to Black Lives Matter.

More Than 800,000 Noncitizens May Have Voted in 2016 Election, Expert Says
An election expert projects more than 800,000 noncitizens voted in the 2016 election and overwhelmingly for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Server Company Pulls The Plug On Conservative Website In The Name Of “Diversity”
Here’s yet another example of the Left refusing service to customers based on their beliefs, despite widely insisting the Right can’t do the same.

A Customer Outed This Trump Supporter, And He Lost 15 Percent Of His Business
If liberals are horrified at Donald Trump’s emergence, they have their own team’s behavior to thank for lending Trump support.

GOP expected to defund Planned Parenthood next year
Even as the long-game to overturn Roe v. Wade continues through pro-life appointments to the Supreme Court, the GOP is expected to make a push to defund Planned Parenthood next year.

Federal court orders new NC legislative elections in 2017
North Carolina lawmakers must redraw their legislative districts by March 15 and hold new elections by the end of next year, a federal court ruled Tuesday.

Mom Sues To Prevent Teen Son From Amputating His Genitals
The child’s mother is challenging a Minnesota law that allows a minor who is living alone to make his own health-care decisions.

College wants students to “color away your testing stress!”
Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania is encouraging students to reduce their testing stress by coloring.

Don’t speak to media, Hampshire begs students
Hampshire College is cracking down on free expression after veterans protested its decision to remove the American flag from campus, forcing activists to petition the White House for redress.

Monument to Christian missionaries under review by Williams College censorship committee
A committee at Williams College charged with reviewing historic works of art for their appropriateness to modern times and impact on today’s campus climate is currently reviewing a monument at the school that honors Christian missionaries.

AU students prefer Castro over Trump
Fidel Castro’s recent death evoked conflicting assessments of his legacy from world leaders, but college students are no more prepared than prime ministers to justify their support for the Cuban dictator.

Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Turn Into Mid-western “Burning Man”
Many news outlets fail to report Standing Rock Sioux were consulted numerous times about pipeline issues

At Clark University, Bringing A Girl Flowers Is Rape
Just check out one of the definitions of rape from this sexual assault e-booklet from the Dean of Students (who, on a side note, favors some creative punctuation).

Santa Claus banned from Oregon classrooms
A school district in Oregon is joining many others around the country in a controversial decision to ban holiday symbols and decorations from the classroom.

Dem Filmed Making Sexually Explicit Comments Running For DNC Chair
The chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party who was once filmed making sexually explicit comments has announced his bid to be the next Democratic National Committee chair.

Rick Santorum heckled at Cornell – He responds brilliantly
“I suspect that all of the people who just stood, will walk around this campus and talk about tolerance”

Walkout leaders plan “secretive” takeover of admin buildings
The Cosecha Movement, responsible for organizing this month’s sanctuary campus walkout, is plotting a second nationwide operation to illegally occupy hundreds of administrative buildings.

Hillary donors: We basically set our money on fire
What would a fire fueled by $550 million in cash look like? It would bear a striking resemblance to the self-immolation conducted by the Democratic Party in the 2016 cycle, at least according to its donors. Now they’re complaining about the wasted money and effort, but perhaps they should be looking in the mirror.

Politico: What If Trump Enforces the Law?!
I have been saying for a long time that, while our current legal immigration system poses intractable problems, illegal immigration is relatively easy to solve: we only need to enforce our existing laws.

Something very bizarre has surfaced in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election.

Becerra leaving Congress to become Calif. attorney general
Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.) has been tapped to be California’s next attorney general, succeeding Kamala Harris, who was elected to the Senate last month.

Democratic donors tell losing party they’re not giving any more after it burned through their millions with nothing to show for it
Democrats lost the White House and failed to take enough seats in the House and Senate to constitute a majority

One of These 21 Men and Women Will Be Trump’s First Supreme Court Pick
President-elect Donald Trump is that rare president who will nominate a Supreme Court justice almost immediately after taking office.

Pence: Initial agenda includes ObamaCare repeal, “fundamental tax reform”
Donald Trump’s transition team has been working at a remarkably fast clip in filling in his Cabinet and national-security posts. His soon-to-be VP Mike Pence tells the Wall Street Journal that they hope to work as quickly on policy after January 20th. Their immediate agenda includes the expected 100-day items, such as the repeal of ObamaCare and the nomination of a Supreme Court justice to fill a seat that will have been open for a year by that time. After that, the focus will fall on the economy.

Aha: Trump considering Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin for Secretary of Energy
So Trump’s meeting with another Democrat, Heidi Heitkamp, wasn’t just a one-off thing. It’s part of a broader strategy to turn the Senate a deeper shade of red by kicking a few centrist Dems upstairs.

Virginia schools ban “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Huckleberry Finn” for racial slurs
A Virginia school has temporarily banned two American classics after a parent said her high school-age son was negatively impacted by the racial slurs they contain.

Wisconsin VA Dentist May Have Infected Veterans With HIV, Hepatitis
Almost 600 veterans are at risk.

College rejects conservative group for anti-communist views
Samford University recently declined to recognize a prospective Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter because of the group’s “inflammatory” anti-communist stance.

DNC Chair Candidate Rep. Keith Ellison Met with Hamas Fundraiser Mohammed al-Hanooti
Keith Ellison, who is campaigning to become Democratic National Committee chairman, met with Hamas fundraiser Mohammed al-Hanooti at a 2009 campaign fundraiser for Virginia House of Delegates candidate Esam Omeish. Ellison was the keynote speaker at the event.

Trump makes history with phone call to Taiwan leader
Donald Trump spoke on the phone with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, a conversation that breaks decades of U.S. protocol and risks a clash with China.

Legendary NYC Christmas Party Canceled Due to Trump Victory
Add this to the list of things Donald Trump has destroyed (waah!!) – at least for now.

Revealed: Ted Cruz helped Trump win the New Hampshire primary by sharing internal polling
I like what a Twitter pal had to say about this: “You don’t always need to play 3D chess when your opponent is playing checkers.”

Barnard Social Justice Institute to fight “right-wing attacks”
The Barnard College Center for Research on Women has launch a Social Justice Institute to help left-wing activists spread their ideas.

City Attorney Busted for Complicity in Anti-Trump Graffiti
Sips wine while watching his compadre tag a wall

Elizabeth Warren has become a laugh line (even at MSNBC and CNN)
Her name calling and anger schtick is growing old.

“Virtual safe space”: Smartphone app records campus microaggressions
In the quest to study microaggressions, one scholar has harnessed technology to chronicle such verbal insults and unintentional slights, creating an app that allows students to not only detail the exact nature of the utterance, but its location on campus and what part of their identity was disparaged, too.

MLB Imposes A Smokeless Tobacco Ban On Future Major Leaguers
As part of baseball’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement, which was finalized late Wednesday night, MLB and the MLBPA agreed to a ban on smokeless tobacco for new major leaguers going forward, according to the Associated Press. City-specific bans already apply to ballparks in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Milwaukee, and D.C.

Trump, GOP ask courts to block recounts in Pa., Mich., Wisc.
A nonpartisan vote counting website reports that Trump’s lead over Clinton in Pa. has narrowed to 46,948.

Stein drops first challenge to presidential vote in Pennsylvania, moving to federal court
Attorneys for Green Party candidate Jill Stein Saturday suddenly withdrew their statewide challenge to Pennsylvania’s presidential vote, citing a $1 million bond required by the court to proceed. They say they’ll take the case to federal court Monday.

Trump-Tsai Phone Call a Good Start to Reforming US-Taiwan Relations
The transition team has announced that President-elect Donald Trump spoke by phone with the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen Friday. Not only is there nothing wrong with this, it could be a sign of good things to come in America’s Taiwan policy.

Stein Gets Unusual Sunday Federal Court Hearing in New Michigan Lawsuit
A hearing is scheduled Sunday in U.S. District Court to decide when a recount of Michigan presidential election ballots can begin.

Bad News For Panicked Democrats: Support For Electoral College Rises
Democrats are out of touch again, imagine that. In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s electoral college loss to Donald Trump, some Democrats have been scrambling to introduce legislation to do away with the electoral college. Naturally, the left wouldn’t care at all if states such as California and New York decided presidential elections. They sneer and look down their noses at people in flyover country.

Where Did All The Money Go? Green Party Halts PA Recount For Jill Stein
Paging Dr. Jill Stein, Paging Dr. Jill Stein, Your recount in PA is over. It was just announced that the Green Party will halt their recount effort in Pennsylvania. The reason given is the money, so what is Stein doing with the nearly $10 Million she’s raised to fund the scam?

More Electoral Mutiny: Colorado Electors Suing for Right to Vote for Someone Else
This isn’t the first we’ve heard of this level of unrest with the electors. Last week, RedState featured the story of a Texas elector who chose to step down, rather than violate his conscience and vote for Donald Trump.


Economy & Taxes


Victory lap: U.S. is now a net exporter of natural gas
We’ve been preaching about this here for years, but it bears repeating: this is how the United States wins in terms of establishing our global position compared to both Russia and Arab oil states. For the first time in more than half a century, American natural gas production is exporting more energy than we import, and that adds up to leverage on the global stage.

Labor force participation ticks down
Since about the turn of the millennium, the labor-force participation rate, or the share of American civilians over the age of 16 who are working or looking for a job, has dropped pretty dramatically, with an acceleration in that drop after the 2008 financial crisis and the ensuing Great Recession.

Grand Rapids’ worker-run, no-tipping restaurant closes
The end has come for a popular Grand Rapids restaurant known as much for its creative vegan dishes as its progressive business model.

Silicon Valley Chiefs Notably Absent From Trump’s Cabinet of Business Advisers
In President-elect Donald J. Trump’s newly named kitchen cabinet of business advisers, Wall Street is in. Silicon Valley is out.

Is the Chinese Economy Hitting Stagnation?
For roughly three decades, the Chinese economy registered a staggering annual growth rate in the vicinity of 10 percent. Over the past four years, however, it has clearly slowed from that breakneck speed.




The French elections are shaping up to be a decidedly right wing affair
Most of our readers in the United States are probably so sick of hearing about elections at this point that you’re ready to throw something at me right now, but don’t worry! These are elections in Europe. The French held their next round of presidential primaries today (which I’m sure American liberals would declare racist because they didn’t have months of voting) to determine the general election candidate for the “center right.” It was a battle between ex-premier Francois Fillon and another former prime minister, Alain Juppe. Fillon is described as an “economic radical” and social conservative. When the dust settled, Fillon won it running away.

Moroccan state TV shows women how to hide domestic violence
State broadcaster Channel 2M demonstrates how to cover up bruises with makeup and “carry on with your daily life”

Outrage as Prince Harry is forced to take part in an unplanned minute’s silence for “murderous” Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during his trip to the Caribbean island of St Vincent
The prince observed the moment’s silence in honour of the Cuban leader

South Korea president asks legislature: Tell me how you want me to quit
Americans have been understandably preoccupied with our orderly transition of power, but a key ally appears on the brink of disorder – at a particularly bad time. South Korea’s president, Park Geun-hye, has faced massive protests and cross-partisan outrage over a corruption scandal that has already felled her closest aide.

Amazon removes “offensive” Allah “doormats and dog mats” that feature the word “God” written in Arabic after complaint from British Muslim politician sparks Twitter fury
Independent sellers were offering the doormats through Amazon

French President Hollande Says He Won’t Run for Re-Election
Decision makes Hollande the first French president in postwar history to not seek a second mandate

Sweden to become a Third World Country by 2030, according to UN
According to UN projections, Sweden will be a much poorer country by 2030, much worse than what anyone in the Swedish government indicates.

New UN Chief to Europe: Ignore Voters, Open the Borders
Incoming United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres last week urged European Union politicians and bureaucrats to ignore voters and open up their borders, claiming the growing Islamic tsunami of African and Middle Eastern immigration into the West was “inevitable” anyway.

One in three babies born in UK last year had foreign parent – as sky-high immigration fuels population boom
The figures showed nine in ten London newborns had at least one parent from overseas

China protests Trump call to Taiwan leader
China on Saturday raised a complaint with the U.S. over President-elect Donald Trump’s phone call with Taiwan’s president a day earlier.

138 minutes
At that point a small army of solicitors, barristers, QCs and various hanger-onnerers began packing volumes and folders into suitcases and departing the Blanco Room. Thirty months of legal argument and tens of thousands of pages had just been condensed into slightly more than two hours of hearings.

Austria presidential election: Far-right’s Hofer defeated
His campaign manager said he had conceded victory to independent candidate, Alexander Van der Bellen.




What happened in Minnesota
I wrote about the remarkable results in Minnesota legislative races in “What happened in Minnesota.” The results were most remarkable in Minnesota state House races. In a presidential election year, when turnout traditionally favors Democrats, the GOP amplified its majority in the House, winning 77 seats to the Democrats’ 57. Remember, this is Minnesota we’re talking about.

Little Old Liberal White Ladies’
The Democratic party is an odd apparatus in which most of the power is held by sanctimonious little old liberal white ladies with graduate degrees and very high incomes – Hillary Rodham Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Randi Weingarten – while the manpower, the vote-power, and the money-power (often in the form of union dues) comes from a disproportionately young and non-white base made up of people who, if they are doing well, might earn one-tenth of the half-million dollars a year Weingarten was paid as the boss of the teachers’ union. . . .

Credulous Western Dupes and Castro
Get a clue, Pierre Trudeau: “El Comandante” was a vampire who sucked the lifeblood from his people.

The Continuing Relevance of the Constitution
Public policy is often exciting and urgent. When a war begins or ends, when votes are counted in an election, or when a major bill is passed, everyone senses the magnitude of the event.

Elections Bring New Opportunities to Consider Pitfalls of Overcriminalization
As politicians, lawyers, and policy wonks prepare for transition at both the federal and state levels, new administrations are already setting their agendas for their upcoming terms. One problem that leaders on both sides of the aisle would be well-served to address is overcriminalization.

Flashback: Have Republicans learned their lessons from the Franken-Coleman recount?
In the summer of 2009, the state of Minnesota conducted a recount that had the nation holding its breath. Would Al Franken unseat incumbent Norm Coleman, and allow Democrats a filibuster-proof majority in the US Senate? After seven months, that’s exactly what happened. Townhall Magazine commissioned me to write an investigative cover piece on how Democrats flipped an Election Night deficit into a recount victory.

Some Stereotypes Are True
One of the favorite pastimes of liberals is lecturing the rest of us about how ignorant we are. Every common-sense belief about human nature is a “myth,” liberals say, and any generalization about various human traits and patterns of behaviors is a prejudicial “stereotype.” These accusations of ignorance and prejudice are, in fact, a form of character assassination – a way of discrediting anyone who refuses to go along with whatever agenda liberals are currently pursuing. We ought to resent these insults more than we do, but that might just be my inner redneck talking, because you know how Southern men are about being insulted, right?

Their Beards All Grew Longer Overnight
Okay, first to get a bit of off-topic business out of the way: Sarah sucks at scheduling things, yay and verily, like a Dyson with the animal hair attachment. And I’m very sorry. All I can say is between the auto-immune that clogged my breathing and reduced me to a fraction of the oxygen I should have (making me go into respiratory distress when lying flat) and the steroid to combat it, I’ve been even more like a cat with ADHD than normal.

Dayton’s stormy Tuesday
In 1994 or so one of my daughters was in school with one of Mark Dayton’s sons. Dayton was serving his last year as state auditor. At a silent auction to raise funds for the school, Dayton contributed Power Lunch for 3 with Mark Dayton at the Minneapolis Club. As the auction was winding down, I noticed that not a single person had entered a bid on it. So I did, and I remained the only bidder. I won for the very modest amount of my bid. I should add that I was prepared to go higher!

Killing The Electoral College Is A Dumb Idea Pushed By Ignorant People
Some very nice, apparently well-educated people are peddling absolute Pablum about the Electoral College.

What happened in Minnesota
Governor Dayton will not stand for reelection when his second term expires in 2018. I pray that President-elect Trump and Congress will get the ball rolling, but we sorely need a competent conservative Republican governor to work with a Republican legislature in order to begin to undo the damage Governor Dayton has done here.

“CA Dems Got A Supermajority, And All I Got Was This Lousy Bullet Train”
Since I knew my response would be longer than a Facebook comment would permit, I’m replying here.

The Left Birthed Identity Politics, and Now Their Wretched Child Has Stabbed Them in the Back
The New York Times last week permitted a professor to question the Democrats’ fixation on “identity liberalism,” arguing that the fixation on division by race, gender, and orientation was a recipe for political failure.

What The Founding Fathers Can Teach Us About Our Awful Political Debates
Why are so many of our political debates little more than vapid mockery? ‘Common Sense Nation’ explains how our current would be enriched by looking at what America’s Founding Fathers had to say.

The crying game, Clinton style
The insufferable prigs who ran the Clinton campaign in the spirit of their candidate remain embedded in the first stage of grief. They’re still deep into the racism shtick and all that jazz.

Conservatives: Stop Selling “Equal Opportunity”
All men are created equal. Most Americans nod in agreement whenever those words are uttered. Yet equality often means different things to different people. For some, equality requires an equal share of wealth. For others, equality means starting the rat race from the same point. In truth, meaningful equality means neither of those things.

Scoop Jackson Republicans
Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson was a Democrat in the era of pro-life, conservative Democrats who hated communists, loved America, and could relate to the blue collar workers of the rust belt.

“Hashtag He’s Your President”
Inside their liberal echo chamber, hermetically sealed by epistemic closure, Democrats never have to consider the possibility that they’re wrong. Their friends at the New York Times and CNN all agree with them, as does every professor at Columbia, Yale and other major universities, and every celebrity in Hollywood. Democrats never talk to anyone who disagrees with them, because people who disagree with Democrats are not merely wrong, but also ignorant and evil.

Katy Perry’s sad rant: Trump’s win “triggered” me, “frightened like a child”
Hillary Clinton presented one of her most loyal supporters, singer Katy Perry, with the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award at the UNICEF Gala this past Tuesday night. It was Clinton’s second appearance since conceding the election to Donald Trump, and the award came as a surprise to the 32-year-old singer.

So Far Appalachia: The Myth of the Rural, White Working Class + Voting Against Their Self Interest
I’m writing a book about Appalachia. More specially, I’m writing a memoir of my family, which helped settled what is now the poorest county in the country: Clay County, which The New York Times dubbed “The Hardest Place to Live in America.” The book, called So Far Appalachia, is almost done. You can sign up for the newsletter if you’re interested in more discussions about what I guess we’re now calling the “poor, white, rural voters.”

The Roots of Campus Leftism
Who are the oppressors and who the oppressed?

Uncle Sam Thinks He Can Parent Better Than Moms And Dads
The government wants to usurp parents, any chance they get. What consequences does this have in the lives of American families?

Donald Trump can expect the Berlusconi treatment
Those in charge of civilisation have been quick to compare Donald Trump to Silvio ‘bunga bunga’ Berlusconi as part of their crusade to deliver us from evil. The similarities between the Yankie and the Latino – despite the racial chasm that divides them – are just too good to be true. Both are dodgy tycoons, sex criminals, and filthy fascists. Both have dangerous levels of respect for Vladimir Putin.

“Microaggressions”, “Trigger Warnings”, and the New Meaning of “Trauma”
“Fuck your trauma.”

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