The Virtue of Politically Correct Bullying

     The worldview of the broader Left is in many ways a religious one. It is a faith of ultimate good and ultimate evil. ‘Tis a manichean world view where the ultimate evil is the miasmic conspiracy of “Kyriarchy” and innocent angels who are the oppressed. But this dichotomy is an intersectional one. Oh, of course these evil “Kyriarchs” can not stand on their own, and thus infest people intersectionally with different aspects of evil and set them upon each other!

Axis of Oppression

     For example, the evil that is “Whiteness” compels White women and Gays to oppress the innocent and morally pure “persons of color”; similarly, “heteronormativity” compels White Gay men to oppress women and “persons of color”; and “Patriarchy” compels both Gay men and non-White men to oppress women.

     To fight this cleaver scheme by the axiomatic evil, each category must be set as evil vs. good, and the only way to shrive oneself of one sin of privilege is to fight against it in order to liberate oneself from oppression due to the morally pure aspects that those dreaded evil lords of evil, the Kyriarchs, seek to gain an almost magical power from!

     This insanity can come to schools where children are set upon each other; where “bullying” has been defined as that with Kyriarchical aspects (e.g. White, “cis”, male, straight, &c.) are axiomatically defined as oppressive and morally impure while those with anti-Kyriarchical aspects (e.g. non-white, “trans”, queer, womyn, &c.) are thus axiomatically victims and morally pure. In this series of dichotomies, any interaction between an oppressor and oppressed is bullying, wherein the bully is defined by being the more Kyriarchical while the bullied is thus defined by being the less Kyriarchical. Since bullying is definitionally what those with Kyriarchical traits do, opposition to them is defintitionally anti-bullying“, even if such anti-bullying actions are just as bad, if not far worse than anything the so-called “bully” did, either real or imagined.

     Case in point for this Kindergarten Kulturkampf:

“Today’s grievance culture has killed the spirit of the civil rights movement. Civil rights leaders intended to provide equal protection under the law to all people—but today’s establishment carves out protections on the basis of increasingly narrow demographic criteria. Modern anti-discrimination law compartmentalizes people into cubbyholes promoted by intersectionality theorists, and both media propaganda and celebrity messaging reinforce and support these classifications.

“The overall theme embedded in each category of personhood is ‘oppressed versus privileged.’ We can see this clearly in the current push to raise awareness concerning ‘privilege,’ specifically ‘white’ privilege. If you survey the vast array of privilege workshops mushrooming on college campuses—extracting Maoist-style confessions from clueless kids who basically repent of having happy childhoods—it becomes clear that anti-discrimination policies do not bring people together. Quite the opposite.

“In the parlance of today’s anti-discrimination laws, ‘race’ no longer simply means race. Instead, it means black versus white—or Hispanic versus white. Likewise, ‘religion’ no longer means any and all religions: instead, it suggests something less unifying and more hostile, like Muslim versus Christian.

“Sex most often means female versus male. Ditto sexual orientation: it signifies gay versus straight. The term ‘gender identity’ requires us to divide the population into transgender versus those who don’t identify as transgender. The category does not exist for those who accept their biologically sexed body.

“The list goes on. No one in the educational establishment even pretends to care about the whole child anymore. The idea that a human being should be treated with dignity and respect simply because they are human has become a quaint, even offensive relic among today’s so-called progressives.”

     Of course, being a five-year old oppressor because of your Kyriarchical traits isn’t the worst. After all, those oppressed who turn out to be thought criminals who disagree with this Leftist manichean faith are the true evil. Heathens over heretics after all; those silly Kyriarchs can’t help but being evil; the morally pure who abandoned their purity and fell from their state of grace, made a choice.

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