News of the Week (October 9th, 2016)


News of the Week for October 9th, 2016


Election 2016


Halperin Hints Trump Might Be Planning “Revelation” About Hillary
Could Make Trump Tax Leak Look Like a “Little Appetizer”

Hillary destroyed Nakoula Basseley Nakoula’s life with false Benghazi film claim, but no one cares
Filmmaker is homeless and lives in poverty and fear, while media obsessed with Trump’s “fat shaming”

Missouri Senate Race Tightens Up Between Blunt, Kander
Democrats look to gain a senate seat in Missouri.

You Know Bill Clinton Has A Shell Company That Was Never Disclosed, Right?
Ethical questions surrounding foreign government donations to their non-profit, a private email server being used during her entire tenure as Secretary of State, and now a secret “pass-through” company Bill established that wasn’t disclosed until now because its assets were less than $1,000, allowing it to be omitted from federal disclosure forms. Yet, from records obtained by the Associated Press, it shows how digging through the Clinton financials is like sifting through spaghetti, and adds to the narrative that this power couple is secretive and plays by their own rules.

Minnesota Is Turning Purple
The United States has been, in general, trending Republican in recent years. At the state and local levels, the party is doing better than ever, and Democrats are in many places becoming an endangered species. Minnesota is one state that has been perceived as bucking that trend and remaining staunchly blue. Beneath the surface, though, the Minnesota Star Tribune reports that the state is moving toward the Republican column

Virginia Hasn’t Stopped Noncitizens From Voting, Watchdog Finds
More than 1,000 noncitizens registered to vote in Virginia and cast nearly 200 ballots in elections before being purged from voter rolls, according to a government watchdog group.

4 Quick Takeaways From Last Night’s Vice Presidential Debate
Mike Pence dominated, Tim Kaine interrupted, and a moderator asked better questions at the vice presidential debate. What does it mean?

DOJ abruptly drops case against arms dealer to avoid hurting Hillary!
The DOJ just dropped a case against an arms dealer because pursuing the case would mean potentially harming Hillary’s chances of winning the election.

Hillary Caught Using Child Actor At Pennsylvania Town Hall
At a Hillary Clinton town hall yesterday in Haverford, Pennsylvania, a 15 year old girl was supposedly “chosen at random” to ask a question of the former Secretary of State.

2016 VP debate echoes 2012, but why were the results different?
Back in 2012, Vice President Joe Biden debated Rep. Paul Ryan in that election’s VP debate. Four years later, all I can remember from that debate was that Ryan was the calm, cool and collected debater, while Biden came off as insolent.

C-SPAN Caller Who Claims to Know Tim Kaine Says He’s “Manchurian Candidate”
After the vice-presidential debate last night, a woman called into C-SPAN claiming to know Senator Tim Kaine personally — and she had nothing good to say about him. The caller, “Shirley from Richmond, Virginia,” said she was an undecided voter until she saw Kaine at the debate. And that seemed to trigger some bad memories….

Quinnipiac: GOP still strong in key Senate battleground races, but …
The good news: The latest results from Quinnipiac show Republicans leading or at least not trailing in four states that Democrats thought they could win in this presidential cycle. The bad news: At least two of those four races have noticeably tightened, and one has tied since the last iteration. While Ohio and Pennsylvania have improved, Florida and especially North Carolina have fallen back into the risk column.

State Police raid Indy office in growing voter fraud case
Indiana State Police investigators on Tuesday searched a voter registration agency on Indianapolis’ north side as they look into a voter fraud case that spans nine counties.

Trump to Nevadans: You say Nevada wrong
New York native Donald Trump’s latest campaign swing through Nevada included a lecture to supporters at a rally here about the correct way to pronounce the name of their state. He insists it’s “Neh-VAH-da.”

Dozens of Afghan troops missing from military training in U.S.
Forty-four Afghan troops visiting the United States for military training have gone missing in less than two years, presumably in an effort to live and work illegally in America, Pentagon officials said.

Leaked memo shows Clinton was provided questions ahead of interview
Hillary Clinton was provided the exact questions she would be asked by daytime talk show host Steve Harvey, according to a report.

More voter fraud which never happens uncovered in Illinois
Voter ID laws are racist. Asking questions about people during the voter registration process is xenophobia. If you reduce early voting periods you’re suppressing minorities. All in all, Democrats know that voter fraud is essentially an illusion created by Republicans in an effort to ensure that only rich white people get to vote. That’s why I’m sure that this story out of the Land of Lincoln can’t possibly be correct.

FBI agents are ready to revolt over the cozy Clinton probe
Veteran FBI agents say FBI Director James Comey has permanently damaged the bureau’s reputation for uncompromising investigations with his “cowardly” whitewash of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information using an unauthorized private email server.

Deutsch On Trump Hot Mic: “Let Record Show, This Election Has Ended”
Two days ago, Deutsch Predicted Something Like This Was Coming

Can Trump Be Replaced? Yes. These Are The Rules…
Per the 2016 RNC Rules, here is the process for replacing a candidate

Donald Trump just retweeted Juanita Broaddrick calling Bill Clinton a rapist. All bets are now off.
In the wake of a newly released video showing Donald Trump talking in very lewd terms about women, the Republican presidential nominee strongly suggested he would take this opportunity to compare his indiscretions to Bill Clinton’s.

FBI agents reportedly close to revolt over Comey’s friendly treatment of Clinton
All through the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private bathroom email server and the exposure of classified information, I tended to take a wait and see attitude and gave FBI Director James Comey significant benefit of the doubt, if not outright praise at times. He was digging up a lot of information and, as I saw it, going out of his way to keep the public informed as to what was being found and the direction the case was taking. Even at the end, while highly dubious about his conclusion, I found myself having at least a bit of sympathy for him when considering the mountain he would have had to climb in bringing charges against a presidential candidate in the middle of a heated campaign, not to mention the potential backlash from the various allies of the Clintons.

Leaked Emails Show That Trump Was a Tool Used by the Hillary Campaign From Day One
If you were wondering if a Trump candidacy was any worry to Clinton, then wonder no more.

Something Brewing? RNC Halts Some “Victory Project” Work on Behalf of Trump
If this is nothing, the individual(s) who ordered this should be fired.


Obama Scandals


FBI destroyed laptop belonging to Cheryl Mills after time-limited search
There were side deals to the immunity agreements with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, two of Hillary Clinton’s attorneys investigated by the FBI in connection with her private server.

DHS Agency That Enforces Immigration Law Honors Open Borders Activist Who Helps Illegal Aliens
The Homeland Security agency responsible for enforcing the nation’s immigration laws is honoring a renowned open-borders activist dedicated to defending illegal aliens in the U.S. with a prestigious award. Known as “Outstanding American by Choice,” it’s bestowed annually by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to recognize the “significant contributions and achievements of a naturalized” American citizen. This year’s winner is being crowned today at a ceremony in Los Angeles, California where she runs a billion-dollar charity largely dedicated to assisting immigrants.

Obama Orders National Security Workforce to Address “Intersectionality”
Mandates “unconscious bias” training for FBI, CIA, NSA, DoD, and officials in charge of approving security clearances


Gun Rights


NPR Reporter Has No Idea What “Come And Take It” Means
Some anti-gun folks in the Texas town that coined the phrase “Come and take it” don’t know where the phrase came from or what it means.

Feds Urge Local Police To Scan License Plate Numbers Of People Attending Gun Shows
Local police officers are allegedly scanning the license plate numbers of people attending gun-shows per the request of the federal government.

Gun sales hit 17th straight monthly record, up 27 percent
Gun sales hit the 17th consecutive monthly record in September according to FBI data released on Monday, and overall sales are up 27 percent compared to the same period last year.

Self defense as a natural born right
Dave Boyer raised some interesting questions at the Washington Times yesterday while highlighting the expanded popularity of Constitutional Carry laws in the United States.

Federal Judge Overturns Ban on Openly Carrying Guns in Public
The ruling also rejects an “assault weapon” ban, caliber restrictions for long guns, a heavy handgun tax, and registration requirements.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Pew: Most Americans Don’t Believe in “Scientific Consensus” on Climate Change
Nearly three-quarters of Americans don’t trust that there is a large “scientific consensus” amongst climate scientists on human behavior being the cause of climate change, according to an in-depth survey on “the politics of climate” released Tuesday by Pew Research Center.

A child’s scraped knee becomes a desperate 2-month hospitalization in Venezuela
A 3-year-old little girl in Venezuela would up in the hospital for two months after scraping her knee. The problem wasn’t that the injury was serious, it wasn’t. But Ashley Pacheco wound up fighting for her life because of severe shortages of even basic medicines in Venezuela. Ashley’s parents had to stop working, empty out their savings and sell most of their belongings just to fight to keep her alive.

U.S. sees lower energy costs while Australia and Europe’s renewable energy mania creates energy price spikes and supply disruptions
The Energy Information Administration released electricity price data on October 6 for the first 6 months of 2016 showing lower residential prices compared with the same period in 2015 largely driven by lower cost natural gas availability.



Government in Healthcare


Evergreen Health, one of six remaining Obamacare not-for-profit co-ops, announced this week that it is being acquired by a group of private equity investors. This move will make the insurer a FOR-PROFIT entity.


War & Terror


Ghanaian-born soldier sues the MoD for £200,0000 for negligence because he got COLD on military exercise in Wales
Gershon Rawlings, 33, said lack of hot food left him suffering numbness

Would Russia Attack & Invade the Baltics?
A Rand Wargame found that Russian forces could quickly overwhelm Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

Texas May Become a Testing Ground for Defending the Grid From EMPs
Electromagnetic pulse weapons might be rare, but The Lone Star State is starting to take them seriously.

ISIS declares fatwa against CATS because they’re against their “vision and beliefs”
ISIS have issued a fatwa against cats because they say the animals are against a jihadist’s “vision, ideology and beliefs”.




Catholic college’s Campus Ministry supports anti-cop “Blue Klux Klan” protest
Protesters who call cops “pigs” are “living the mission”

Columbia student reported for “gender misconduct” after calling himself “handsome” in class
After almost two years, Columbia University graduate Benjamin Sweetwood has revealed “a dark and shameful secret” about his tenure at the school: He once committed “gender misconduct” in Chinese class … by referring to himself as “handsome.”

Finally: Duke offers men a safe space to consider their “toxic masculinity”
The special snowflakes have won another hard fought victory in their campaign to save society from itself.

Alabama (Sort Of) Rejects Rule Requiring Beer Buyers to Provide Personal Information
“State law still requires brewers to record the names and addresses of buyers”

Columbia University to host no-whites-allowed student leadership retreat
Students of color at Columbia University can apply to attend an upcoming racially segregated retreat hosted by the school that promises to embolden and empower participants, according to organizers.

Massachusetts Law Could Jail Pastors For Using The Wrong Pronouns
A new Massachusetts law banning sex-segregated bathrooms in public places could soon be used to jail and fine pastors if they use pronouns inconsistent with individuals’ biological sex.

High school won’t let pro-life club start because it’s “religious” (not true) and “controversial”
Students for Life of America is a secular organization. So the group is pretty peeved that a Nebraska high school has cited religion as one reason it denied the formation of an SFLA chapter.

University distributes seven-page speech guide
“35 dumb things well-intended people say” list passed out to James Madison University student orientation leaders

Netflix Hit “Luke Cage” Criticized for Its Conservativism and “Respectability” Politics
Netflix and Marvel’s latest creation, Luke Cage, has received widespread critical and audience approval. The show, a spinoff of Jessica Jones, features black superhero Luke Cage with impervious skin – a surprisingly relevant superpower in light of current national protests.

It’s Come to This: Male Students Trained to “Be Accountable to Feminism”
It’s like the plot of a dystopian science fiction novel

Lawmakers Have a Plan to Stop IRS From Censoring the Free Speech of Pastors
In an effort to give faith communities and nonprofits a voice in the political sphere, two U.S. congressmen have introduced a bill that would expand the ability of these institutions to comment on political matters.

Claremont students: masculinity is “toxic to our mental health”
A group at the Claremont Colleges called “5Cs Thrive” hosted an event Monday focused on the mental health problems caused by masculinity.

Democrats outnumber Republicans nearly 12 to 1 in the social sciences, research finds
If academic quality is harmed by ideological skew, then the social sciences are a rotting carcass.

Creationist receives six-figure legal settlement from public university
A creationist scholar recently received a six-figure settlement from California State University Northridge, a payout that resolved a 2-year-old lawsuit that alleged the scholar had been fired after discovering soft tissue on a triceratops horn and publishing his findings.

Judge refuses to cave to SJW pressure campaign, reinstates male student at Brown U.
Judge William E. Smith suggested students didn’t understand basic civics.

Girls outperforming boys in high school
Young women are taking more honors classes, getting better grades and have a higher overall GPA than their male peers, according to a report compiling SAT Test data.

Clowns form “Clown Lives Matter” to combat profiling after string of attacks
After a wave of creepy clown sightings and crimes committed by people in clown masks, professional clowns around the country are fighting back by declaring “Clown Lives Matter.”

UT prof claims “inappropriate” name guess is sexual harassment
A student at the University of Tennessee was accused of sexual harassment after incorrectly identifying the name of his instructor on a geology quiz.

Harvard wants to help conservative students with “Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging”
Hard for them to “be heard and taken seriously and respected”

Hormonal Birth Control Is Linked To Depression
A new study that finds a big correlation between hormonal birth control use and depression diagnoses validates women’s concerns that many health professionals have long ignored.

Chicago police officer says she feared using gun while being beaten
A Chicago police officer who is hospitalized after she was severely beaten said she was afraid to use her gun because of the scrutiny she would have faced, Supt. Eddie Johnson said.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer led illegal purge of male employees, lawsuit charges
A prominent local media executive fired from Yahoo last year has filed a lawsuit accusing CEO Marissa Mayer of leading a campaign to purge male employees.

American U. plans “restorative justice” sanctions against students who commit acts of bias
Get ready for three new diversity classes

Education savings accounts not yet saved Oct7 by Thomas Mitchell
Though the Nevada Supreme Court this past week jettisoned most of the arguments that somehow the state’s education savings account (ESA) law is unconstitutional, it still barred enforcement of the law, saying lawmakers failed to properly appropriate money for the ESAs.

Sandoval will not up ESAs in special session, jeopardizing the entire program
Note the final graph says the education savings account funding issue will not be addressed, meaning that, if a majority of Democrats is elected to either the Senate or Assembly in November, ESAs are dead, because not a single Democrat voted for the bill in 2015.

Physicists just created the world’s first time crystal
These things actually exist!


Economy & Taxes


Britain will be fastest growing G7 economy this year, says IMF
Fund’s world economic outlook report predicts UK will avoid recession in 2016 but warns of longer-term impact of Brexit vote




UK prime minister says Britain will launch Brexit in March
Britain will begin the formal process of leaving the European Union by the end of March 2017, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has announced.

Philippines President Apologizes for Hitler Comments
Why would anyone want to be like Hitler?

Victims Of Turkey’s Post-Coup Purge Invited To Prove Their Innocence
Just up the hill from Istanbul’s Old City, lines are forming outside the district governor’s office. This is where Turks can find a new “crisis management center,” where those caught up in the post-coup purge can finally be heard in their own defense – or in defense of a relative now behind bars. At a desk, people can submit their written defenses.

Yes-he-definitely-saurus! Police believe they’ve identified the woman who was snapped performing shocking sex act with a fibreglass dinosaur in a children’s park
Partly-naked woman appears to perform lewd sex act on dinosaur model

Pension Cuts in Greece Nearly Lead to Riots
“Let the rich pay for the crisis.”

A half-million Brazilians want to break away and form a new country
Hundreds of thousands of people in the south of Brazil have voted in an unofficial plebiscite to separate from South America’s biggest nation and form their own country, organizers of the ballot said.

Still no calls for boycott as Turkish academic purge continues
Boycotters of Israeli academia strangely silent.

I hope the Venezuelans didn’t have their hearts set on voting
Now that actor Jamie Foxx is BFFs with Venezuelan tyrant Nicolas Maduro, perhaps he can ask his new buddy about this development. Amidst all of the unrest and food riots taking place there, voters were scheduled to go to the polls in December for state elections of Governors and representatives.

Transgender Protesters in Toronto: “Gender is Over”
Recently a professor at the University of Toronto stated that he refused to use non-binary pronouns. Non-binary meaning pronouns other than he/she, Professor Jordan Peterson explains that these words aren’t standard to the English language and there’s little proof of non-binary genders.

Indonesia’s first Muslim transgender boarding school forced to close after local hardliners the Islamic Jihad Front brand it “immoral”
Indonesia’s only transgender boarding school has been forced to close




From the education apocalypse
It’s not possible to satirize the reign of political correctness on campus. Today’s satire is tomorrow’s diktat.

The United Nations Call For U.S. Reparations Is Completely Whack
The Obama administration invited the United Nations to study race relations in America. Predictably, they concluded that black people are victims with little power to change their circumstances.

The end of conservatism?
Is there a future for constitutional conservatism? YES. YES THERE IS.

The Death of a “Dianic High Priestess”
Still, sometimes my research turns up something so genuinely strange that even I am impressed by its weirdness, as was the case today when I found the 2013 obituary of an esteemed member of the Dallas chapter of the National Leather Association.

When a state’s drug chemist lies for years, should all her cases be thrown out?
Before Massachusetts discovered in 2013 that one of the chemists in its state crime lab was actually using the drugs she was testing, it uncovered another chemist in 2012 who admitted she had been falsifying some of her drug testing results for more than eight years.

Gender Theory and “Non-binary” Madness: Enough is Enough
A professor at the University of Toronto is under fire this week for announcing to his students he would not submit to their demands for “non-binary” terms in the classroom. The popular professor has made a video series explaining why he refuses to use “non-gender” terms for his students. His explanation is as basic as one might think. These are not scientific terms based in scientific research or data. These are the whim of a culture that has been allowed to stomp its feet for far too long.

Get Ready for the Neo-Neoconservatives
Millennials may be souring on the old world of the political and cultural Left.

Colombia’s Courage
Congratulations are in order for the people of Colombia, who, in a democratic referendum, have rejected the peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces known as FARC.

Three Cheers for Cultural Appropriation
From academia, another disgusting story: Opera Aida canceled amid race row over “cultural appropriation.”

No, @Clementine_Ford, Men Don’t Hate Women, But They Definitely Hate You
Last year, it was reported that the birth rate in Australia had fallen to a 10-year low, and the discouraging demographic situation Down Under has merited the attention of the Australian national government. Perhaps officials should note that this decline has coincided with the career ascent of Australia’s leading professional baby-hater, Clementine Ford.

Who Are the Real Fascists?
The Left is relentless in its attempt to nail the label of “fascist” to those on the right side of the political spectrum, Donald Trump being the most recent victim of this deceitful tactic. In truth, it is the massive increase in regulations and cronyism brought about by the progressive Left, that has the U.S. more and more resembling an actual fascist state.

Everything Is RAAAAACIST!
Except, of course, racial segregation.

The Error of Comparing Group Averages
One of the basic tricks of Lying With Statistics is to use certain characteristics — age, race, sex, etc. — to define a group, and then report some data about the group as an average.

Why Is Sex Making Young People So Sad?
Failure must have an explanation, and the disappointments of the entitled narcissistic Special Snowflake require a scapegoat. It will not do for overprivileged brats to accept that life is not fair, nor can we expect Special Snowflakes to take responsibility for their own failures.

Character Is Destiny
If you’re shocked that Donald Trump was capable of being this much of a pig, you let yourself be deluded. If you’re surprised that the Clinton campaign – or some allied party – found something like this, you willfully chose to live in a fantasyland. If you think there isn’t more of this stuff waiting, you’re doubling down on your delusions and fantasies.

Which Is Worse: AIDS or “Stigma”?
Remember the herpes-infected feminists who used the #ShoutYourStatus hashtag to encourage pride in having sexually transmitted diseases? That came to mind when I encountered a chart of AIDS-related terms – promoted by the University of California-San Francisco

Now That the Election Is Over …
This is what pilots call a “non-recoverable error.”

Learning Not to Argue
One of the important lessons in life — and it took me a long time to learn it — is to avoid arguments. That is to say, when you find yourself in a situation where someone is determined to dispute about facts, as opposed to mere opinion, just leave it alone and walk away. You have stated what you believe to be true, and the person trying to have an argument with you is, in effect, accusing you of ignorance and/or poor judgment. You are being disrespected, and there is no possibility that someone who has no respect for you will be persuaded by anything more you have to say. Change the subject, or politely excuse yourself from the conversation, because continuing such an argument will only give further offense to your antagonist, and likely cause harm to your reputation.

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