Social Justice So-Called-Anti-Bullying Activists Want To Dox Kids

     Proving that there is no greater bully than an anti-bullying activist, Social Justice Warriors created a repository of online “bullies” called “Social Autopsy“.  This repository included details such that is was doxxing the “bullies”, especially those who were underage.  Specifically they wanted “people [to] collect and take screenshots of other people’s online activities, link and connect them to their place of work, and attach that person’s personal information (which technically counts as doxxing), so that anyone, anywhere, can search for and access them.”

     You read that correctly, they were doxing children.

     You can take their word for it:

     What makes the matter worse, is that this is highly illegal:

     Thankfully, their KickStarter project was suspended, and their main site as of time of posting is no longer up (Update: Site back up).

     Sadly, this type of bullying behavior is becoming de rigueur amongst the Social Justice set.