News of the Week (March 6th, 2016)


News of the Week for March 6th, 2016


Election 2016


Bernie Sanders Supporter Cries Because Republicans Disagree With Her
So, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today and heard some interesting soundbites from a whiny Bernie Sanders supporter.

Trump’s Off-the-Record Interview With the New York Times: Is He A Lot More Flexible, and a Lot Less Hard-Line, on Immigration Than He’s Telling Conservative Voters?
Given that this is his signature issue, and the only thing I personally would entertain voting for him on, I’d sure like to know if this is true.

Yes, Trump Has Flip-Flopped on Deportations, H1Bs
In the below thread, a commenter claims that Cruz has “flip-flopped” on H1B visas.

Donald Trump Is The Next Barack Obama
The difference between Donald Trump and Barack Obama amounts only to whatever difference may exist between each emperor’s set of cronies.

If Trump Runs America Like Trump University, His Campaign Promises Are Lies
For a man whose entire candidacy is based upon his brilliance as a businessman, the debacle that was Trump University is a tough stain to wash out.

Senator Ben Sasse Explains Why He Joined #NeverTrump
This just happened on CNN. Ben Sasse, my new favorite Senator, just explained to Jake Tapper why he will never vote for or support Donald Trump.

Report: There’s Secret Audio of Trump Telling New York Times His Real Thoughts on Immigration
BuzzFeed Editor in Chief Ben Smith has been told by staffers at the New York Times that an audio tape exists of Donald Trump telling the editorial board of the newspaper that he wasn’t serious about advancing his immigration policies.

Coburn: Trump “Threatens to Undo and Reverse” Tea Party Gains
A populist former senator who famously chronicled government waste and set the conservative austerity agenda blasted Donald Trump as “a populist without portfolio” in his endorsement of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

The GOPe Fatwah Against @TedCruz Has Me Hoping For A Dewhurst On Tuesday
Jeff Sessions of Alabama endorsing Trump?

Jesse Ventura torn between backing Sanders, Trump
Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura (I) on Monday said he is torn between supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) or Donald Trump for president.

Is Trump the Harbinger of the GOP’s Demise?
Both Donald Trump’s supporters and detractors seem to agree that the rise of his rogue candidacy was precipitated by years of widening divergence between the Republican base and its established leadership. Trump, himself representing nearly nothing of substance, has become the consummate protest candidate. While many may be attracted to his nationalist rhetoric about rounding up illegals, taking on China, and making America great again, many others see through the facade, know Trump’s candidacy will mortally wound the party, and merely want to watch the world burn.

Foreign Clinton Donor Made Donations To US Campaigns
Hansjorg Wyss, a billionaire Swiss citizen and multi-million dollar Clinton Foundation donor, gave 30 contributions to American political campaigns over a nine-year period, according to an investigation by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Illinois judge dismisses stupid Cruz birther lawsuit
The idiot lawyer who keeps trying to get Cruz off the ballot in Illinois has lost again. A judge threw out his lawsuit because he didn’t properly serve his original complaint to Cruz and the election board

Kasich team: Rubio is like Crystal Pepsi
Ohio Gov. John Kasich spun his failure to win a single state Super Tuesday by comparing Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., to Pepsi’s infamous Crystal soft drink.

Carson’s Out (Kind of)
According to reports, Ben Carson is not formally suspending his campaign and will hold events for several more days, but he says he will not participate in Thursday’s GOP debate. Here is the official statement:

Bernie playing to box out other candidates after Hillary indicted
Bernie outraises Hillary by $10 million in February, so he has the money to hang on to the end.

Cruz and Rubio playing game of Chicken
And neither seems likely to swerve

Democrats Might Have a 2016 Turnout Problem
Republicans have all the enthusiasm.

25 Republicans who won’t back Trump as nominee
A growing number of Republicans are vowing not to support Donald Trump for president even if he wins the party’s nomination.

Ted Cruz hires new national spokesman
Sen. Ted Cruz has hired Ron Nehring as his new national spokesman, less than 10 days after he fired his former spokesman, Rick Tyler, for promoting a video that falsely questioned Marco Rubio’s faith.

Ben Carson announces campaign is over
“I will still continue to be heavily involved in trying to save our nation,” the retired neurosurgeon said.

Get Ready for Chaos: Ohio Republicans Can Vote Twice for President
Every Republican primary voter in Ohio has two opportunities to vote for president, in a ballot twist that’s only escalating the potential confusion caused by the party’s large and fractious field of candidates.

What Happened In Louisiana’s Primary?
When the calls were first made for Louisiana, virtually every network saw Donald Trump as the clear winner based on the early vote results: Somewhere in the neighborhood of 45-23 Trump to Cruz. However, as the night went on, that changed. Ted Cruz came back within about four points of Trump (at times during the night, he was within three points). So… what happened?


Obama Scandals


The IRS Scandal, Day 1030
Although legitimacy is vital to any legal institution, in the case of the IRS legitimacy has been discussed and analyzed only in the face of catastrophic assaults. These include attempts by a President to use the IRS to persecute political enemies; allegations of serious abuse of taxpayers by IRS agents; and most recently allegations that conservative organizations seeking section 501(c)(4) status were disproportionately singled out for intrusive scrutiny and delay.


Gun Rights


West Virginia lawmakers eliminate permits for concealed carry guns
The West Virginia Legislature has approved legislation allowing residents 21 or older to carry a concealed gun without first obtaining a permit or undergoing training.

Freedom’s Safest Place
Just a few years ago, the government of Venezuela came for the people’s guns, telling them that they’d be safer without them. Now the country is still plagued with crime, while law-abiding citizens are disarmed—and would do anything for the Second Amendment freedom that we enjoy as Americans.

NYC Mayor de Blasio Credits Fewer Guns for More Stabbings
Average of ten stabbings a day in first six weeks of this year.

West Virginia Lawmakers Override Veto: Permitless Carry “Becomes Law In 90 Days”
On March 4, the West Virginia House voted to override Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s (D) veto of permitless carry legislation and on Saturday, March 5, the West Virginia Senate followed suit.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Uh, oh, Mann’s MBH98 “hockeystick” emails ruled fair game by judge
From the “all your emails belong to us” department comes this ruling that I’m sure Mikey Mann and company will go ballistic over.

Cloudy modeling problems: Today’s clouds might not be the same as pre-industrial ones
Study helps narrow down one reason why clouds are hard to model



Government in Healthcare


The “Hopelessly Ill” DO Change Their Minds About Suicide
As Canada rushes to give suicidal sick and disabled people an enforceable right to be made dead, and California prepares to institute legalized assisted for the terminally ill, supporters applaud and congratulate themselves on being oh, so compassionate.

NHS to harvest babies’ organs: “Ghoulish” proposal gives mothers pregnant with a damaged foetus an agonising choice – abort the dying child or give birth so body parts can be used for transplants
They will then be used to save the lives of other children who are currently being placed on 7,000-strong waiting list


War & Terror


Decapitated in her cot: Horrific details emerge of how burka-clad nanny left child’s body in cot before parading through Moscow streets with little girl’s head
Eyewitnesses say they saw the woman holding the severed head of a child

Mexico on High Alert Again After Another Truck Loaded with Radioactive Material Stolen
The Mexican government has placed six states on high alert following the theft of a vehicle with radioactive material. That alert comes less than a year after Mexico had an almost identical case where authorities throughout most of southern Mexico spent days searching for the missing material.

Eight-Year-Old Yazidi Girl Sets Herself on Fire to Prevent Islamic State Rape
German doctor Jan Ilhan Kizilhan, treating Yazidi victims of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS), tells the Agence France-Presse he has treated an 8-year-old girl who set herself on fire to stop jihadists from raping her.

ISIS has established an international sex ring by smuggling kidnapped Yazidi slaves
ISIS abducted hundreds of women, young girls from Yazidi towns in 2014

U.S. Building India-Australia-Japan Coalition to Counter China in South China Sea
As China expands its military presence in the international waters of the South China Sea, U.S. Pacific Command head Admiral Harry B. Harris is proposing that the United States join with Australia, India, and Japan in conducting operations in the region to keep Beijing from stretching its military muscle against its smaller neighbors.




New Charlotte Ordinance Prohibits ALL Sex-Specific Bathrooms and Showers inside of City Limits
All Men Now Have a Legal Right to Access Women’s Facilities and Vice Versa

Man caught undressing in front of girls at Green Lake locker room
Seattle Parks and Recreation has confirmed an adult male inappropriately used a female locker room at Evans Pool in Green Lake while a youth swim team used the facilities on Feb. 8

Justice Clarence Thomas Asks Questions in Court, 1st Time in 10 Years
Thomas’ unusual silence over the years has become a curiosity.

Anti-Gay Stickers At High School In Indio Touch Off Debate: Hate Speech Or Free Speech?
Students displaying anti-LGBT stickers at a high school in Indio have touched off a debate: is that free speech or hate speech?

Immigrant Child Marriage, Often for Green-Card Fraud, Stirs Action in State Capitols
In Virginia, State Sen. Jill Vogel (R) decided to look into her state’s marriage laws after she heard the tale of “a man in his early 50s marrying a girl in her mid-teens.”

CDC Warns of “Healthy” Food Outbreaks: Sprouts, Salads, Organic Shakes and Meals, Cucumbers
Ironically, all of the CDC’s outbreak warnings on its homepage are currently for items on the so-called “healthy” foods list.

The New Republic’s New Owner Covered Up The Fact That Oregon’s Governor Was a Rapist
The news last week was that The New Republic had been sold. After the magazine’s turbulent tenure under Facebook mogul Chris Hughes, it was purchased by Win McCormack, an Oregon resident. At first glance this seems like a good fit. McCormack co-founded Mother Jones, another liberal publication, and has a lot of experience both in publishing and Democratic activism.

Happy birthday, Texas! Today marks Texas Independence Day
Happy birthday, Texas! On this day in 1836, Texas broke away from Mexico and became a republic.

Police investigate after student finds antidepressants in school cereal
A New Jersey mother is demanding answers on how antidepressants got into her daughter cereal at Swimming River Elementary School, and why officials dragged their feet to investigate.

Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server
The Justice Department has granted immunity to a former State Department staffer, who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, as part of a criminal investigation into the possible mishandling of classified information, according to a senior law enforcement official.

Rep. Tom Cole loves him some rat ejaculate.
Just over a month ago, I wrote this post about how Rep. Tom Cole had decided to get Republicans to fund studies on monkey drug habits and rat ejaculation up the wazoo using your tax dollars because that was apparently a priority for “conservative” Republicans in our United States Congress.

Episcopalian Priest Aborted Her Baby So She Could Finish Divinity School
Abortion advocates across the nation are trying to send the U.S. Supreme Court a message: Women need abortions to be successful.

Political correctness devours yet another college, fighting over mini-sombreros
On Saturday, two members of Bowdoin College’s student government will face impeachment proceedings. What heinous transgression did they commit? Theft, plagiarism, sexual assault?

Academic Gibberish Watch: We Have Another Winner
Take in this abstract from the obviously mis-named journal Progress in Human Geography

N.C. Teacher, 30, Charged in Lesbian Sexual Affair With Female Student, 17
Police in Fayetteville, N.C., say Laura Garrigus, 30, had sex with a 17-year-old girl who was her student at Cumberland International Early College on the campus of Fayetteville State University.

NYC Kindergarteners Pledge Allegiance To “International Flag” Made from a Desecrated American Flag
New York values.

Prepare to be called “racist”: Oklahoma U. College Republicans contest mandatory diversity training
Members of the University of Oklahoma’s College Republicans are taking on the five-hour “diversity” course requirement that came about after the infamous Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity “racist chant” scandal.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Dead at 94
Nancy Reagan, one of the most high-profile and influential first ladies of the 20th century, has died. She was 94.

California bill would defund government travel to states with religious freedom laws
Let’s take a break from the primary battles and check in on the latest antics unfolding out in California. This month, having solved all other problems plaguing their state, the California legislature has taken up a new measure which would ban government funded travel to states which they deem to be insufficiently supportive of LGBT rights. The author of the bill, Evan Lowe, seems to feel that such a move will be a way to take a stand for the little guy, I suppose.

Harvard Law School to scrap crest over links to slavery
Royall Must Fall group campaigned for the replacement of the crest of the famed Massachusetts college, which includes the seal of Isaac Royall – a notoriously brutal 18th Century slave owner

Lose American flag or lose job; Iron workers stand ground after reported threat
A group of ironworkers and riggers working in Louisiana have been told to remove American flags from their trucks or be terminated.

Pols want to make citizenship irrelevant — showing disrespect for the American dream
Mark-Viverito wants to grant voting rights to non-citizens — including, perhaps, illegal immigrants — in all municipal elections. And she’s not alone.

San Francisco Raises Legal Age to Buy Cigarettes to 21
California: Where liberty for citizens goes up in smoke.


Economy & Taxes


To improve productivity, men are offered paid leave to masturbate
Coexist, a community interest firm in Bristol, has a largely male workforce and believes tapping into employees’ natural sexual desires will benefit everyone.




Members of a U.N. peacekeeping force in the Central African Republic allegedly turned to sexual predation, betraying their duty to protect
The neighborhood is a patchwork of low-slung buildings scorched and looted at the height of the civil war, a place where the United Nations was supposed to come to the rescue. But in a number of homes, women and girls are raising babies they say are the children of U.N. troops who abused or exploited them.

This Is How Bad It’s Got In Latin America’s Socialist Utopia
Socialism works so well that this Venezuelan man was caught smuggling… not drugs, not guns… But food – powdered milk!!!

“Girls in tech” competition won by boy
EDF Energy has been criticised after a 13-year-old-boy won a competition that was part of a campaign to attract teenage girls to the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths.

Hampshire school calls police after pupil looks at UKIP website
School staff called police when a pupil looked at a UKIP website and an English Defence League video in class.

In Uganda, Election Season Means Spike in Witch Doctor Child Sacrifice
The number of incidents of child sacrifice — in which witch doctors abduct children to use their body parts in potions or rituals – in Uganda increased significantly in 2015 as the nation braced for election season, thanks to desperate political candidates seeking any possible advantage at the polls.

Witness Describes Cannibalism Under Khmer Rouge Regime
Witness Meu Peou told a court during an ongoing genocide hearing in Cambodia about a woman the Khmer Rouge executed and ate in front of him.

France Blackmails Britain: Stay in EU or We’ll Flood You with Migrants
If Britain votes to leave the European Union in a June referendum, France will allow migrants to move to Britain by ending border controls and roll out a red carpet for bankers fleeing London, French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron said.

Adventure company discriminated against Christian job applicant, must pay $8,500: B.C. rights tribunal
A mysterious wilderness adventure tour company discriminated against a job applicant because of her Christian faith and must pay $8,500 for injuring her “dignity and self respect,” the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal ruled Wednesday.

Canadian university mandates 45 percent quota for “self-identified diversity categories”
Criticism of diversity quotas is coming from an odd place: an editor of a Canadian newsweekly.

Tell A Joke, Don’t Pass Go, Pay $200,000
This hate speech lawsuit is no longer about comedian Mike Ward and Little Jeremy. It’s not even about Canada. It’s about free speech in the West.

Calais Jungle refugee children being raped in camp, aid workers claim
Medical volunteers say they have treated seven boys aged between 14 and 16 in the past six months

Morrissey: Mayor of London?
Morrissey has been invited to become the London Mayoral candidate for the Animal Welfare Party in the upcoming 2016 election. Morrissey would require 330 signatures of support in order to enter the race, and is considering the contest very seriously.

Multiple Young Boys Requiring Surgery After Being Raped In Calais “Jungle” Camp
Doctors and medical staff have confirmed that at least seven boys, aged between 14 and 16, have been raped inside the so-called “Jungle” migrant camp in Calais.

South African President Says Women Are Now Too Quick to Claim Harassment
In an impromptu exchange with reporters Saturday, South African President Jacob Zuma said modern women no longer know how to accept a compliment: “But when men compliment you innocently, you say it’s harassment. You will miss out on good men and marriage.”




Are Working Class Gripes Real, Or Exaggerated?
If you just look in economic terms, America’s bottom third has it better than 99 percent of people in world history. They’ve still got legitimate grievances.

#FreeStacy Won’t Shut Up
The difference between Anita Sarkeesian (@femfreq on Twitter) and myself can be summarized, as Da Tech Guy points out, in a single paragraph from Debra Saunders’ column

How To Redirect Today’s Socialism And Fascism Towards Limited Government
In the midst of the nightmare, we might take comfort in this silver lining: if we wake up, there may still be a path forward.

Did @Nian_Hu “Friend-Zone” You? #FreeStacy: Feminism Is a Death Cult
Young fools have never let their paucity of experience and knowledge deter them from insulting their elders, and ignoring the counsel of the wise.

And After Trump…?
Unlike some, I object to Trump on a personal level — he is in fact a conman, and his lifelong liberal orientation guarantees he will always bow to liberal pressure and take the liberal path of least resistance — but I do not object to aspects of Trumpism, and in fact support some of them.

Liberals Turn Twitter, Facebook And Even College Campuses Into Unsafe Spaces For The Right
“Free speech isn’t free” the saying goes. Certainly not when we count on private institutions like colleges, Twitter or Facebook to keep it that way.

The French Revolution comes to America
American voters are angry. They see both parties as corrupt, unstable organizations which care nothing about their constituents, and only about staying in power. Voters see the parties only interested in handing out favors to their rich friends, and not doing things which would help everyone.

Hitler finished second, and why that is important
Jeff Zebos and the Washington Post today admitted they have no logical or compelling reason to oppose Trump, so they called him Hitler. Oh, not explicitly. They are too chicken shit to do that.

Who’s Afraid of #FreeStacy?
Feminists won’t debate their critics and they silence dissent online.

Last Chance for America?
The “Super Tuesday” primaries may be a turning point for America — and quite possibly a turn for the worse. After seven long years of domestic disasters and increasing international dangers, the next President of the United States will need extraordinary wisdom, maturity, depth of knowledge and personal character to rescue America.

The Strange Case Of The Campus Cry-Bully
The oxymoron “Cry-bully” has become a popular way to describe the schizophrenic contemporary college student.

A User’s Guide To Free Expression And Bathroom Sanity
As the LGBT lobby moves beyond gay marriage into putting boys in girls’ locker rooms, here are four kinds of laws to keep an eye on.

Does Immigration Mean The End Of Western Civilization?
In 1973, French novelist Jean Raspail wrote a prophetic book predicting Western Civilization would be threatened by mass immigration.

A word from Edmund Burke
In the spirit of Steve Hayward’s occasional blasts from the past, I offer these words that have been going around in my head over the past week.

#FreeStacy #CPAC2016: I’ve Got Friends in Low Places (and Everywhere Else)
Everybody at CPAC is talking Trump (his supporters walked out on Ted Cruz) but I find it impossible to get excited about the presidential campaign.

The Return of Socialism
It was lying in wait all these years, and now it’s come roaring back to life

College students think free handouts are the way to achieve American Dream
The students often had difficulty expressing why they supported Bernie Sanders.

The War On Competence
There is a war on. People who can do things, even just the things our parents could do, or less, are losing.

Good-natured destruction
As far as vigilante mobs go, this one was “good-natured”. In fact, that’s exactly how they described themselves. Peter, from the Refugee Action Collective even told the ABC that they were “good-natured”.

Authoritarianism Unmasked
With the rise of Trump and Sanders we see the authoritarianism that has become currency in America unmasked. It is ugly. The problem is that they ALL do it. But in this election cycle it is nakedly on view. I had this to say about it in a comment I made elsewhere in a discussion about socialism.

“A republic, if you can keep it.”

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