The Patriarchy™ Can LITERALLY Turn Off Parts of Women’s Minds

     It would seem that the power of The Patriarchy™ is so powerful, that it can LITERALLY turn off part of the brains of women!

     And apparently this change is permanent, because just looking at a woman will forever prevent her from become the greatest scientist or artist ever!!1!



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3 Responses to The Patriarchy™ Can LITERALLY Turn Off Parts of Women’s Minds

  1. avatar Катя says:

    This is embarrassing for women.

    Any strong, capable woman will not let unwanted male attention stop her from doing anything. I have had men calling to me in the street, it’s not common, but it has happened. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me, in fact it’s kinda flattering that they think I’m attractive. I don’t think it’s sexist, I think men like looking at women and there’s nothing wrong with that. If a man approaches you and you’re not interested, all you have to do is politely tell him that you’re not interested. Simple. There is no excuse whatsoever to get “offended” – if a woman approaches a man who isn’t interested in her, is that sexist? (Of course, sexual assault and rape do happen, but this is very different from a man innocently approaching a women he fancies.)

    I work in communications security, and most of my colleagues are men. Not a single man has ever prevented me from enjoying my job, or stopped me from working or moving forward in my field. There is some banter of course, but it’s in good humour.

    I think it’s insulting to women, to say that we are unable to do things because of the existence of men. I like the original meaning of feminism, in that women deserve equal rights and opportunity, and that we’re not delicate little flowers who need protection from being offended by everything. We have equal rights and opportunities now, but equal opportunities don’t guarantee equal results. I am sick of these women who think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. If men have to work hard, so do we.

    There is no Illuminati-style congregation of men plotting evil plans to subjugate women. But I suppose blaming men is easier than taking responsibility for your own shortcomings.

  2. Women are being handicapped by “The Gaze of Patriarchy,” which prevents their minds from functioning properly. Therefore, I propose, men must provide women with a “safe space,” where they will not be constantly exposed to the mind-altering forces of public observation by men. We call this place a “home,” and men will provide women with this protective environment in exchange for … what? Well, sandwiches would be nice, and perhaps we can think of other services that women might render to the men who provide them with the “home” that protects women from that crazy-making sense of being constantly under male observation out in the public.

    In order to further ensure that women do not “have this constant source of stress” hanging over them, men will provide them with homes outside the city (we shall call this zone “suburbia”) so that women are not forced to walk around in front of crowds of ogling males on those occasions when women choose to venture outside. Men will therefore not only provide women with homes in suburbia, but they will also buy them automobiles so that women can have the privacy and security of driving wherever they go, rather than having to walk or ride subways in full view of gazing males.

    I can’t wait for feminists to endorse my plan to move women into suburban homes, where they can make sandwiches, far from the brain-dysfunction caused by women being forced to expose themselves to the male gaze while living alone in the city.

  3. avatar save us from the insanity says:

    I am literally going to vomit from how stupid that tumblrina’s rant was.

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