Why Social Justice Warriors Deserve Their Derision

     MTV has been pushing “Social Justice Warrior” idiocy, especially with their “Decoded” and “Look Different” multi-media attempts to be relevant.  An attempt by them to make fun of the “warrior” part of the epithet “social justice warrior” does nothing else but to make clear that they are indeed belittleable idjits:

     The writer/director made it clear that while the military tone was facetious, the content is anything but:

“[T] his video is poking fun at the idea that there’s such thing as a ‘social justice warrior’ because to me, there isn’t. it’s used as an insult to describe people who’re passionate about social justice, which isn’t a bad thing. The video is making fun of what people ASSUME fighting for social justice must be like, while also acknowledging that talking about these issues online and in real life can be difficult so being prepared is important. there’s nothing wrong with poking fun at yourself and that’s what this video does, while also being about the importance of fighting for what you believe in. the fact that it’s gone over people’s heads is funny to me, but they’re watching so that’s what counts. ”

     These lunatics are serious.  These lunatics are the propagandists of the 21st century.

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