High School White Privilege Checklist

     Now “White Privilege” checklists are being handed out for high school students.  The problem with these “checklists” is that the examples tend to not actually describe “privilege”, but rather are statistically tailored to getting as many White people to check the check boxes…

     …which of course means that it’s time for a fisking!

  1. This not an indication of “privilege”.  This probably applies broadly to Blacks and Hispanics as well.
  2. Ah, the implication being that racist old White shopkeepers only care about the color of your skin… assuming that the shopkeepers aren’t themselves not White… and further assuming that how one acts and dresses is irrelevant.
  3. I see people of various races represented, quite widely actually.
  4. Considering that America was founded by English colonists and that most early immigrants were from northern Europe, of course American history is going to have far more White people than, for example, East Indians.
  5. Music shops have music from more than one race; again America has been predominantly White, so off course you are going to see plenty of music by White people, but then you also see plenty by Black people and increasingly from Hispanic musicians.  A person who grew up in the South might not find the same foods they grew up with in a store in the Northwest; this does not indicate “privilege”.   The best haircuts I’ve ever received have been from people of a different race or ethnicity than I.
  6. A White person being constantly reminded of their race and how they must be social justice warriors to repent for their race is hardly “privilebe”.
  7. This depends on relative numbers.  If a White person grows up in a predominantly White community, of course they are going to hand out with mostly White people; the same is true for a Black person growing up in a predominantly Black community, a Hispanic growing up in a predominantly Hispanic community, &c.
  8. Just don’t be late to meetings.  It reflects poorly on you.
  9. Except by Social Justice Warriors…
  10. “White privilege”?  Just because the person on the help line gives their name as “Bob” doesn’t mean they ain’t from Bangalore.
  11. Another assumptive examples that seems to assume that cops overwhelmingly target non-Whites just because they are non-White.  Of course, a BOLO description may be for a White person.
  12. Yet again, White people have been the predominant racial group in the United States since colonial days, so of course posters, picture books, &c. will reflect that.  That isn’t “privilege” but an acknowledgement of statistical reality.
  13. Who the hell even uses that phrase in this day and age?
  14. This is a reflection of numbers, statistics, and reality.  But in a predominantly Black community, a Black child will more likely have other Black children in their classroom, while A White child will be far less likely to have another White child, or at the very lest very many of them.  In colleges, especially in higher ranked colleges, the predominant beneficiaries of “White Privilege” are going to be… Asian students.
  15. Considering how politically correct the TSA is, this one is silly on its face.
  16. Assume that someone can’t speak English, or is just statistically more likely to not speak English, or at least not as a first or primary language?
  17. Not with Affirmative Action if you are White!
  18. Statistically an increasingly larger number of immigrants are non-White.
  19. Religion is not race.
  20. See below:

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