Stoned in Europe

     The Europeans should prepare themselves to get stoned.  Not stoned on marijuana, but literally stoned by Sharia loving refugees militant invaders.

     Yes, there are cases of “honor killings”, but recently stoning has become a blast from the past:

“The alleged murderer of a 23-year-old Tunisian woman, whose stoned body was discovered on October 20, has been placed in police custody. The suspect, 18, arrested Sunday at his home, is an old acquaintance of the victim. He will be presented before the examining magistrate today.”

     But don’t you worry about getting left out of the all the multi-cultural diversity, o tolerant Europeans!  Now you can be stoned in your own land the land you have conceded to your invaders.

     But hey, at least they share your love of “football” o European diversity lovers… and by “loving football” I mean beating the s**t out of a four year old boy:

“The young boy, who has not bee identified, suffered ‘massive bruising’ after he inadvertently interrupted a football game taking place at the state of Thuringa migrant centre in Suhl, Germany. The child entered a gymnasium looking for his brothers when he kicked a football, enraging another migrant.

“The child was then beaten around the head ‘several times’ with the ball until a supervisor stepped in to end the violence.

“Unluckily for the small boy, his assailant then caught up with him again after the game, and threw a rock at his head. Admitted to hospital for serious injuries, police said the boy had ‘massive bruising’.”

     A little mood music:

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