LGBTQ Ain’t About NOT Being Straight

     Remember how “bisexual” meant that you are into both dudes and chicks?  Apparently you can not be attracted to someone of the same sex and still be considered “bisexual“!

     How does this make sense?

     It makes perfect sense when one realizes that the loony Left declare that there are infinite genders and infinite sexual orientations.

     But more than this is the moral aspect of “sexual orientation”.   In this brave new world “straight” and “heterosexuality” are considered morally impure and aspects of oppression.  Being White automatically makes one an oppressor.  Girls can take moral superiority back by screeching “misogyny” left and right, but only really transcend their moral impurity by being Lesbian or “trans”, while boys only have the choice of being “queer” or “trans” to achieve the same.  It is the difference between being called a bully and being an “anti-bullying” advocate.

     It is the difference between being oppressor and oppressed.

     It is the difference between being morally evil or morally good.

     Rather than subjecting oneself to “oppression,” such declarations of being not-straight or not-cis-gendered, allow one to enter a world of praise and affirmation by those in academia, media, news, and politics.

     That is power; that is privilege.

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