A 2nd Amendment Grammar Lesson

     Blithering idjit Chris Hayes seems incapable of understanding a simple sentence in English, to whit: The 2nd Amendment:

     Aside from the rather straight-forward explanation in the Heller decision (which was correct because it was correct, not because of the balance of nine black-robed juctices), the fact that the 2nd Amendment was right held by individuals has been well established by the courts.  Moreover, it has been established by the English language.

     For example:

     “Debate during townhalls being necessary for democracy, the right of the people to free speech shall not be infringed.”

     Is that a protection of the right of the people or  of the townhall?

     The full text of the Bill of Rights makes it clear that the “right of the people” was a declarative one… it was not granted by the government, but simply acknowledged as preceding it.

     A right of the people is a right of the people.  Not the Federal government.  Not even of the states.  But a fundamental right that precedes any formation of government.

     “We hold these truths to be self evident…”

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