The Intolerance of the Left: Religious Freedom Restoration Act Edition

     Tolerance, to the Left, comprises of shutting up on your part, and saying what they want you to say.  Indiana, and Arkansas, considered (and been bullied into vetoing) local versions of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which has existed on the Federal level for two decades.  All that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act demands, is that for the state to restrict religious expression or actions, the state must show that the reason for doing so is compelling, and that it is the least restrictive way possible.

     The rabid Left has flipped their lid at the idea that they actually have to abide by the 1st Amendment and respect people’s religious liberty.

     Ross Douthat has poised seven questions for those who are critical of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  Ed Whelan over at National Review Online responded with apt results.  To summarize what the Progressive Left would demand:

  • Religious schools would loose all accreditation for refusing to accept the moral purity of homosexual or transexual/transgender beliefs and practices.
  • Any student group that opposes this new “truth” will be disbanded.
  • Those who do not accept the “truth” of the wonders of homosexuality or cross-dressing will be purged from elite institutions.
  • No Minister or Priest may marry people unless they agree to marry same sex-couples.
  • Churches and other organizations will be denies non-profit status just because they disagreed with the state.
  • Parents who dare disagree will loose their parental rights.

     Whelan even summarizes the views of the Left:

“[H]aunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be making a decision you disapprove of—and the fervent use of government power to prevent and punish such a decision.”

     But then “tolerance” was always a scam.  A way of exploiting the actual tolerance of society in order to destroy it:

“It’s certainly been a crazy ride for Indiana state representatives, who appear to be caving to pressure to ‘clarify’ RFRA language after being assaulted for being anti-gay. Across the country, the opportunity for grandstanding has been seized by the sort of unserious people you would expect: the Washington governor and Seattle mayor have banned official travel to Indiana in the wake of the law. Connecticut’s governor displayed his own inability to understand the law in his state by banning travel there as well. And I’m fine with that, because hey, government officials shouldn’t be using taxpayer money to travel all over the place anyway, even if it does mean Washington and Connecticut officials will miss out on the memorial service for Lil’ Sebastian.


“Remember your Muad’Dib: “When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.” The peaceful tolerance for those who are different now extends too far, for it encompasses people who do not abide by or fully appreciate gay marriages. The people must be brought to heel, and the new morality enforced by government over their religious objections.”

     The veritable Ace of Spades makes it clear that it isn’t about denying service because one is gay, but refusing to use personal creative abilities to promote and endorse a ceremony they do not endorse:

“Few people ever refused service to gays at bakeries before gay marriage. There was not some great scourge of people refusing service to gays.

“What people are doing is refusing to take part in a gay marriage ceremony.

“They are refusing to endorse a political act. Which is their right.

“Gays are not being denied cookies or donuts at a bakery. They are only being denied gay wedding cakes, because the latter, unlike the former, constitutes a political act which violates their religious understanding.

“If a printer refused to print up ‘OBAMA IS A KENYAN COMMUNIST BILLS,’ would the bullies say the person demanding he print those up could compel him to do so by calling the cops?

“Of course not, of course not. The Left’s conscience is a sacred thing which must never be offended.

“While they meanwhile use Police State tactics to obliterate everyone else’s.”

     And so they will attempt, hypocrisy and all, to demonize dissent, while celebrating blind agreement.


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