Gramsci Goes Metal

     The Gramscian “march through the institutions” has hit a set-back when gamers stood-up against the Social Justice Warriors and fought back.  Now, those same Social Justice Warriors might just be facing their Stalingrad:

“And now the social justice warriors are trying to infiltrate metal. I first noticed this infiltration back in May of this year when a blogger tried to vilify Inquisition by using dubious eyewitness accounts and cheap guilt by association tactics. I wrote up a response to that article here.

“Fast forward to September. A mysterious woman-fronted black metal band named Myrkur was receiving a massive amount of hype from the metal press. Naturally, many metalheads didn’t believe the hype, so they started talking shit about the band. In response, Vice contributor Theis Duelund wrote an article claiming that the only reason anyone hates Myrkur is because they hate women and not because Myrkur is the same boring Alcest-inspired bullshit that had been pelted at the metal scene since 2008. The “evidence” he provided consisted of two obvious troll comments and a massive amount of hearsay. Of course that didn’t stop him from claiming that metal was a den of filthy misogynists who hated change.”

     Similar to how the issue in gaming became known as #GamerGate, this new invasion, and response, is being called #MetalGate.

     The website Servile Insurrection explains the Marxist origins of #MetalGate

“Karl Marx, the father of communism, once said that if war were to ever come to Europe, the workers of the world, united by class consciousness, would arise as one, destroy capitalism, overthrow their national identities, and bring about the paradise on earth of world communism. Communist thinkers saw this not as a wild guess, but as science, as accepted fact, and war would be the trigger. They eventually got their chance with World War I. It was one of the bloodiest and most brutal wars in history. The communists were dismayed to discover that the workers’ allegiance to their respective nations was stronger than their supposed class consciousness. Only one communist revolution occurred, and it occurred in the one place they least expected: backwards, feudal, agrarian Russia.

“After the war ended, a group of marxist thinkers got together to form an institute and figure out what had gone wrong. They originally wanted to call it the Institute for Marxism, but they felt that name was too honest, so they decided to call it the Institute for Social Research. They established this institute at Frankfurt University in Germany in 1924. Overtime, this institution became known simply as the Frankfurt School. This institute figured that capitalism had made the working class so prosperous they were too blinded (that’s the word they like to use: blinded) to see their true class consciousness and bring about the communist revolution. Someone else had to be the vanguard. They were now trying to figure out who.

“While they were busy trying to find the new vanguard of the communist revolution, another problem arose: Hitler came to power. Since all the members of the Frankfurt School were jewish communists, they were doubly unwelcome in Nazi Germany, so in 1934, they fled to America and established a new base of operations at Columbia University in New York City. They stayed there until 1951 when they returned to Europe. While they were in America, the Frankfurt School crafted a new strategy: they divorced marxism from economics and married it to the culture. This is the origin of cultural marxism. The purpose of cultural marxism is to destroy capitalism by destroying the cultural institutions that support it. To do this, they crafted a sword and a shield.


“The sword is called critical theory. The theory of critical theory is simply to criticize. It sounds ridiculous when you put it so simply, but that’s really all there is to it. While the Frankfurt School was in America, they found their new vanguard for the communist revolution: the dispossessed. The subversive nature of critical theory was twofold. First, each area of critical theory could appear to be unique and self-contained. For example, feminism could attack western culture from the perspective of its oppression against women, and that oppression must be unique to western culture. They make no mention of how cultures in Africa, the Middle East or Asia treat women, they only focus on the oppression of women in the west.

“Likewise, African American studies would only criticize American slavery, as if slavery were unique to America. There’s no doubt that American slavery was horrible and immoral, but cultural marxists never mention that an overwhelming majority of African slaves went to the Middle East where they were treated far worse than African slaves who went to the Americas. Information like this contradicts the narrative marxists are trying to push, so it is suppressed. Then there is gender studies, which claims that all the oppression of homosexuals throughout history was due merely to western culture. They never mention that in most African and Middle Eastern countries, homosexuality is punishable by death. Again, this information contradicts the narrative, so it is suppressed.

“I mentioned that the subversive nature of critical theory was twofold. What makes critical theory truly destructive is that they never provide an alternative. They never tell you what might have been better, what might have worked in its place, or what alternatives have been tried successfully in the past. They just attack and attack and attack.

“The Frankfurt School knew that western culture would eventually fight back against these attacks, so they created a shield. The shield is called political correctness. Political correctness says that certain groups are protected groups, therefore you’re not allowed to talk about them unless you’re one of them. They’ll go even further by saying that they don’t have to listen to your argument because you’re a straight white male. Or they’ll just say that they won’t even let you talk because you’re a racist homophobic misogynist. For example, if I were to call the president a tyrant, cultural marxists will say that the only reason I’m calling him a tyrant is because I hate black people. That’s what political correctness is. It’s a way for cultural marxists to get their opponents to shut up.

“Critical theory and political correctness, when combined and put into action, is called social justice. Cultural marxists are using social justice to bring to the western world an ideology that, despite having slaughtered a hundred million people in the past century, refuses to die.


“Now you’re probably wondering how modern day social justice warriors were created. You see, you have this generation of kids called millennials who were born during the 80s and 90s, just as the seeds of cultural marxism were starting to sprout. During that time period, education took a new turn: instead of addressing behavioral problems in children, they would just ignore them. From now on, everyone’s a winner, everyone gets a trophy, everyone is special and smart and beautiful. Nothing they do is wrong and they should never be held accountable for any of their actions. These kids listen to this bullshit on a daily basis. They hear it so often that by the time they graduate from high school, an overwhelming majority of them become huge narcissists. They say, “I am awesome! I am special! Just look at all the trophies I have! Sure, they’re all fucking participation trophies, but they’re still trophies nonetheless, so that means I’m awesome!”

“After graduating from high school, they go off to these big universities that are filled with marxist professors, and these marxists professors tell these narcissists the one thing they’ve always wanted to hear: nothing is ever your fault. The reason why your life sucks and you feel unfulfilled and nothing is going your way isn’t because you’re lazy or you made bad decisions or you have a shitty personality, it’s because other people are oppressing you. If you’re a woman, then it’s men who are oppressing you. If you’re black, then it’s white people who are oppressing you. If you’re gay, then it’s straight people who are oppressing you. If you’re trans, then it’s those horrible cis people who are oppressing you.

“As for the straight white men, marxist professors tell them that they’re evil and they’re horrible and that they’re responsible for all the bad things in this world. They keep assaulting straight white men with this line of thought until they reach the point where they have this level of self-loathing that not even religion can match. Once they reach this point, the marxists will tell them that there is only one way they can redeem themselves, and that is through social justice. After these kids accept social justice, these marxists will tell them to spread social justice to every aspect of life. And so these brainwashed kids go out into the real world, they infiltrate various subcultures, they co-opt them, make it all about their bullshit, and then they end up destroying these subcultures.”

     Peruse the entire must-read post, “We Must Now Fight Back Against The Social Justice Warriors In The Metal Scene” over at Servile Insurrection.

     The Social Justice Warriors seem to think that Heavy Metal is…






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