Who Treats Women Like Sex Objects?

     A minor league Canadian hockey team has come under fire for a bit of tasteful cheesecake:

“There is also not a lot of enthusiasm for the cover at Haldimand-Norfolk Women’s Services in Simcoe. Executive director Jane Scheel says the cover is a classic case of a male-dominated organization dehumanizing women by reducing them to sex objects.

“‘If someone is an object, you don’t have to treat them like a human being,’ Scheel said. ‘When a woman is an object, it is a one-way relationship. You have a relationship with the object; the object doesn’t have a relationship with you.'”

     Reduced to just an object.  That retro-style pin-up is tasteful and respectful.  Does it play upon the fact that the vast majority of men are unabashedly heterosexual?  Yes.  Does it reduce women to just a piece of meat?  No.  Appreciating the feminine form does not mean relegating a woman to a mere physical object.

     A gentleman will be attracted to an attractive lady, but will try to win her over and treat her with all the respect she deserves. If anything is evocative of that, a retro-style image harkening back to the time when gentlemen were not reviled certainly would be.

     Ironic then, that these same type of feminists who declare a bit of harmless retro-cheesecake consider women who explicitly debases themselves as nothing but a sex object to be a feminist icon.  Case in point, the skank Nicki Minaj:

     So, just who treats women like sex objects?  Clearly feminists.  Other women are just tools of the elite.

     Feminists want men to be nothing more than β-male eunichs, with hyper-sexualized women being but salt in the wound to signal the dominance of the feminist elite over men.

     Hat Tip: Blazing Cat Fur.

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