Quick Takes – “Undocumented” Sex Trafficking, “Undocumented” Gun-toting, & “Undocumented” hypocrisy.

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Illegal Aliens and the Gringos who love them.

     First, a little mood music:

     Now let us continue…

     With the huge uptick in the number of minor illegal aliens coming in across the southern U. S. border, the trafficking of humans for nefarious reasons has also gone up:

“[Rep. Jim] Bridenstine said that the traffickers exploit the children they’re bringing into the country, especially if the parents who are supposed to pay for the trafficking fail to come up with the money.

“‘If you can’t pay your coyote or your criminal organization, they will force you into slave labor or they will force you into prostitution,’ the congressman said. And of the children who did make it to American custody, ‘a significant percentage of the children in these facilities have been abused, in one way or another, coming to the United States,’ according to Bridenstine.”

     You’d that the Leftists who support all these “dreamers” would want to stop the traffickers who profit off of children, right?

     Ahahahaha!  A few thousand sex-slaves is a small price to pay for the fundamental demographic (and electoral) transformation of America…

     Charles C. W. Cooke responds to the claims that illegal aliens are just like regular Americans, save for not having “the right papers,” with the following thought experiment:

“A thought experiment, if you’ll indulge me. Jose Antonio Vargas, he tells us, ‘an American.’ He just doesn’t ‘have the right papers.’ As such, he is entitled to drive without a license and to work without a permit, and to lie on government forms if necessary. Fair enough. This being so, surely he has a constitutional and moral right to buy a gun, too? Indeed, not just to buy a gun, but to carry it around with him wherever he goes. Sure, as a practical matter, he can’t legally do this, because a) he is neither a lawful permanent resident nor a citizen, and gun ownership is restricted to those two groups, and because b) even if he wished to break the law and obtain a gun or a carry permit, there are a series of obstacles in the way of his actually doing so. But that’s just paperwork. The mandatory federal background checks that are the pre-requisite to any gun purchase? Just documents. Those federal purchase forms that require two types of valid ID, and that are so strictly enforced that the ATF is happy to send cops go to jail for marginal infractions? Bureaucracy. The various state and local regulations that restrict ownership to the eligible? Details, details. We should ask ourselves, as Vargas likes to, ‘what is legal anyway?'”

     Is consistence logic too much to ask for?

     Apparently so.

     California’s Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown was opposed to allowing Vietnamese refugees into California after the fall of Saigon.  Not surprising since the Vietnamese refugees were likely to vote Republican, as indeed they heavily did.

     However, when the foreigners who are likely to vote Democrat, he unsurprisingly demands that they be allowed in as a course of  “justice”even though they are coming illegally.

     Gov. “Moonbeam” recently declared so after a meeting with Mexico’s president who agreed that California taking in illegal aliens, including those from Central America, was a matter of justice, thus suggesting that to deny them was “unjust.”

     Ironic, then, that this “injustice” is exactly the anti-illegal immigration policy that Mexico also has and is far, far worse than for what he condemns the U. S.  In fact, the reason the United States is getting so many illegal aliens from Mexico, is that Mexico is simply funneling them to the United States so that they don’t have to deal with them!


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