When the Truth is Outlawed

     Yes, in Canada, the truth is illegal if the state considers it to be “H8.”  According to their deluded reasoning, the freedom to express what the state does not approve of, particularly when it is the absolute truth, “does little to promote the values underlying freedom of expression.”

     Wrong.  The “values underlying freedom of expression” are being able to speak your mind and express an opinion without the state crushing you underfoot.  Being able to speak a “hatful” truth is the very underlying aspect of true free expression.

     Conversely, prohibiting admittedly truthful statements because the state pseudo-arbitrarily decrees it to be “hate speech” undercuts the “values underlying freedom of expression.”

     If you can prohibit one type of unfavorable utterance, you can prohibit anything.  Thence, “freedom of expression” will be at best a farce.

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