Is Rape, Assault, and Vandalism Worse Than Politically Incorrect Speech?

     The Miami Dolphin’s Don Jones was punished for failing to celebrate the joyous rapture of two men slobbering all over themselves.

     Sadly, with the desire to make one’s sexual preference irrelevant, the obsessed Leftists have made it central, to the point where dissent is the only thing worthy of outrage. In trying to point out how it ought to be ridiculous to be outraged over Michael Sam, the fact that other football players have done far, far worse was invoked to show that Sam’s smooch shouldn’t result in Sam being banned from football:

     Of course, no one was suggesting Sam ought to have been banned or even punished, only that they did not care to watch two men slobber all over each other. Funny then how, with all of the examples given of players who did horrible things yet still play like it’s no big deal, the only outrage by the proverbial pitchfork wielding mob was against Jones for simply disliking Sam’s smooch.

     So… what are the problems that they relegate to less offensive than Jones’ stating a dislike of others’ behavior?

  • Michael Boley of the Cincinnati Bengals was accused of child abuse
  • Quentin Groves of the Cleveland Browns was accused of soliciting a prostitute
  • Daryl Washington of  Arizona Cardinals was arrested for assaulting ex-GF and mother of his kids
  • Aldon Smith of  San Francisco 49ers was accused of three felony counts of illegal possession of an assault weapon
  • Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens was accused of “dragging his fiancée out of an elevator after an incident in Atlantic City”
  • Jameis Wintson of Florida State was accused of rape
  • Elvis Dumervil of the Denver Broncos was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon
  • Adam “Pacman” Jones Cincinnati Bengals accused of assault and felony vandalism, as well as drug related matters.

     Funny then, how rape, assault, and child abuse are downright nothing compared to daring to not like two men slobbering over each other.

     So, that believing rape, assault, and child abuse are morally nothing compared to thinking that two men sodomizing each other, is the paragon of morality?

     The aforementioned video lamely tried to stress that non-insane Leftists were hypocritical for suggesting that two men who smooched were less problematic than child abuse, rape, and assault, while insinuating that accusations of  rape, child abuse, and assault were no big deal!  Funny then, how someone who dares to express such dislike of two men smooching is treated worse than accused rapists, child abusers, and violent criminals!

     The aforementioned “monsters” who were given free pass were not stopped by outrage, yet somehow those who dared think that most men like women, and that most women like men, were somehow declared to be evil incarnate.

     It is clear that child molestation, rape, and physical assault are considered lesser crimes than daring to disagree with the pro-offered truth.


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