Democrat Civil War?

      There has been rumblings, as of late, from the Democratic Party over political direction: The “moderate” 3rd Way vs. the “Elizabeth Warren is a great tonic for the Democratic Party” that is far more open about being for socialism and statism.

      The battle is between “true believers” and the old guard that likes wielding a bit of actual power:

“Leaders of the center-left ‘Third Way’ think tank put out an op-ed this week that threatens to turn into a full-blown Democratic Party war. Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler warned their fellow Democrats that the hard-left style of new electeds like Elizabeth Warren and Bill de Blasio has no sustainable future. The lefty blogger community has turned on the centrist Democrats and is pushing elected Dems to disavow the sensible advice.


“Actual elected Democrats have been pressed by the Salon/Kos crowd to denounce Third Way. Those results are mixed. People like Rep. Joe Crowly (N.Y.) and Allyson Schwartz (Pa.) are ‘co-chairs’ of Third Way and don’t want to give up the prestige of those positions.”

      The future fight between these two opposites ought to be… interesting Slap Fight!!1!:

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One Response to Democrat Civil War?

  1. avatar Phillip Wynn says:

    Underneath the smug satisfaction at supposed Democratic in-fighting, do I detect a hint of worry? For this supposed Democratic civil war is at best an artifact of lazy political reporting, at worst a right-wing fantasy. Get this straight: There isn’t now, and isn’t going to be, a civil war in the Democratic party. Third Way represents at best a faction of Clinton-era “New Democrat” party apparatchiks who have zero influence on the Democratic base. There is no Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic party; her stances ARE those of the Democratic party base. So wouldn’t a better fantasy for you be the prospect of running in 2016 against a Democratic party candidate who is an Elizabeth Warren-type “true believer”, as you put it? I’m sure you think that’d be fantastic. But be careful what you wish for.