Pavlov’s Gun

     Update: A California school is sponsoring a “toy gun buyback.” The principal even bluntly stated that “If we want older kids to not think guns are cool, we need to start early.”

     More and more often we are seeing in the news examples of “zero-tolerance” insanity by schools against even mentioning that such a thing as a gun exists.  Just a few of the egregious examples of late include:

     As insane as these examples are, there is a reason for this madness.  It is about conditioning children to associate anything and everything to do with guns with punishment and pain.  That way, when these children become 18 and can vote, they will likely vote against the 2nd Amendment and against our and their fundamental freedoms.  This is a textbook example of Pavlov’s “conditioned reflex,” albeit with the children being treated like the dog.

     And now for a palate cleanser: A Japanese maid shooting a Barrett M82A1 .50ca:

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