Making Voter Fraud Easy

     The Progressive left are pushing for same-day voter registration in order to more easily target specific races with a deluge of new voters under the ægis of allegedly “non-partisan” groups at the last minute.

     Their answer to concerns about the integrity of the vote is always brushed aside with claims that voter fraud doesn’t happen because nearly no one is ever charged with it!  Of course, how can the state charge a person with voter fraud, even if they wanted to, when it is impossible to even catch a person committing voter and election fraud?

     A hidden video seen below shows just how easy it is to register, even without any I.D. whatsoever.  With same-day voter registration, it would be impossible to stop any voter or election fraud.  Even if it were discovered, the damage would be done, and the election potentially illegitimate.

     So, the next time a “Clown-Car” Progressive tells you that voter fraud isn’t a problem, point them in the direction of this video.

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