Presentation Matters: Senator Rubio vs. Senator Rubio

     It does not matter how logical or sensible a belief, philosophy, or political program is, if no one pays attention to it.  In all bluntness, presentation matters.

     Alas, Sen. Marco Rubio demonstrated this during his English language, which for all of its astute rebuttal to Pres. Obama, will be remembered for this:

     As unfair as this may seem, Rubio’s English language response does indeed show a lack of presentation ability that ended up drowning out the message he intended to deliver, and instead gave a “not ready for prime-time” vibe.  This can be demonstrated by comparing his English language speech with another speech where the hesitation, the fiddling with his head, and his now infamous water grab, with a far superior speech that demonstrates self-assurance and strong delivery: His Spanish language response.

     Compare and contrast:

Rubio’s Spanish language response:

Rubio’s English language response:

     Compare the tone of the speech in each version.  In the Spanish language one he is self-confident.  This is critically important, for how many people who you are trying to convince will actually be convinced if they do not believe that you yourself are convinced of your own convictions and plans?  That conviction was lacking in the English language version.  If there is any doubt that presentation matter, turn off the audio and examine his body language in each video.

     Thankfully, Sen. Rubio still has time to brush up on his presentation skills before the 2016 Presidential campaign really kicks off.

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