The Left’s Fiscal Manichæan Fraud

     It is a common statement from the Left that we must raise taxes or cut vital services to the bone.  This is a false choice; this is a Manichæan choice.

     That choice only makes sense if the money that is already being collected and spent is being done with maximum efficiently and effectiveness.   Most people, who are busy living their own lives, can barely even guess what all the money the government spends, let alone where fraud and abuse is coming from.

     Thankfully, Sen. Tom Coburn has been fighting to uncover and publicize sheer government waste.  Billions of dollars can be saves, without cutting any aspect of what the government does simply by removing the duplication of programs that all do the same thing, or have a distinction without a difference:

     This is and old and common trick the Left plays:  They threaten to withhold truly vital services or claiming that children or the elderly will die in the street, while protecting fraud, waste, and abuse.  All that is done, in order to grow government, keep the bureaucratic “enforcer class” happy, and otherwise redistribute money from productive poeple.

     It is a false choice; it is a Manichæan choice.

     Hat Tip: The Other McCain.

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