To Save A Single Life

     Vice-President Joe Biden has declared that the abridgment of our 2nd Amendment civil liberties is worth it if “it saves a single life.”  This was echoed by Pres. Obama when he unveiled his 23-skidoo declarations against the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

     The sheer and utter idiocy of declaring that it is worth it to abridge fundamental human rights in order to “save a single life” is obnoxious and idiotic.  There are plenty of things that could be banned whereof the ban would at least “save a single life.”

     But the attack on the 2nd Amendment is quite unlike those other examples, for unlike banning pools or toys, it would not only assault a fundamental civil liberty, but would actually cost people their lives.

     While the use of firearms to commit crimes is widely reported, it is far more likely that a firearm will protect a child’s life than endanger it.  Indeed, here are a list of examples that your humble author came across without actually needing to search them out:

     In addition to these examples, are the many instances when a firearm was used to stop a school rampage, and thus actually save lives.

     It ought to be of note, that in many of the above example, guns were used by children and women to defend themselves.  While an aggressors, particularly a strong and large one, can use any number of weapons as a force multiplier against a victem, many people who are weak, such as children, only have one tool that can be effective against such aggressors: A firearm.

     Indeed, guns prevent violence by giving the week the only tool that they can use to defend themselves against stronger and larger attackers.  Less guns lead to more crime, as can be seen by comparing America to Brazil: America has 18 times more guns than Brazil, yet proportionally, Brazil has 6 times more deaths by guns than America.

     Protect our 2nd Amendment civil liberties!  It’s for the children!


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