The Disclamation of Obama

…like rats from a sinking ship

     The recent hullabaloo over government subsidization  of NPR and PBS has achieved new levels of stupidity.  In response to Mitt Romney’s statement at the first Presidential debate that perhaps we shouldn’t borrow from the Communist Chinese in order to give corporate welfare to TV and radio stations,  the Obama campaign put out on of the silliest campaign commercials to come from a major party Presidential nominee.

     The folks behind Sesame Street have responded  by distancing themselves from Obama, and asked that he not drag them into the campaign (despite, of course, cheering on the candidate who would fork over the cash).  While it is possible that this is due to Obama having sold the Sesame Street gang some skunk choom, it is more likely that the taint of the Obama campaign is now no longer limited to politicians who are suddenly regretting having anything to do with Obama’s policies.

     This comes on the heals of the AARP, whose main line of business seems to be selling healthcare plans, have also stepped back in horror when Obama, during the first Presidential debate, gave them a big rhetorical hug and practically declared them both to be BFFs.

     For those who can feel not guilt, shame may oft work in its stead.

     Why is this happening all of the sudden?   Perhaps it is because people, who had been Obama’s biggest boosters, are suddenly finding out that they really is a stuttering fuster-cluck of a miserable failure.  The first Presidential debate is perhaps the turning point when people finally realize the reality of the situation: Obama is a spoiled brat and petulant man-child who has always been pampered and been told how great he is, even though he is anything but.  The near apotheosis of Obama as the “Obamessiah” during the ’08 campaign has shown itself to be the thinnest and poorest of gilt.

     Yet still, Obama seems convinced of his own brilliance and ability.  His lamentations that he has no intellectual equal makes him reminiscent of another world leader:

     The real question is: Who is going to distance themselves from Obama next?

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