When Congressmen Attack!

     Looks like things have gotten a wee bit testy between Congressional rivals Rep. Brad Sherman and Rep. Howard Berman.  They are both vying for the newly drawn 30th Congressional District in California.  Due to California’s new “Jungle Primary,” where the top two vote getters regardless of party advance to the November election, the 30th Congressional district features two entrenched Democrats vying for the same seat with a fury reminiscent of the Mensheviks/Bolsheviks a hundred years ago, or perhaps Stalin vs. Trotsky?

     Things have gotten so bad that Rep. Sherman became physically aggressive towards, if not committing assault against, Rep. Berman to the point that a police officer had to step in to separate the two.

     And the Democrats in California wonder why their state is such a basket case?  Since the November election for the 30th Congressional District only features those two Democrats, perhaps the best vote to cast is a blank one for that race.

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