News of the Week (March 31st, 2024)


News of the Week for March 31st, 2024

Election 2024


GOP Senate candidate Brown refers women to crisis pregnancy centers on campaign website
Brown stands alone among swing state Senate Republicans in listing these centers, which try to persuade women considering abortion to continue their pregnancy.

Bloomberg/Morning Consult swing state poll hints at Biden comeback
President Biden made significant gains against Donald Trump during the past month in six of seven 2024 swing states, according to a Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll out Tuesday.

RFK Jr. Off the Ballot in Nevada?
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is planning to announce his running mate tomorrow in his long-shot bid for the presidency. That’s a normal part of the process that generally doesn’t produce too much drama. But in the case of RFK Jr., it will probably turn into a potentially serious problem in the state of Nevada. He may not even be on the ballot. It’s not because a group of “Never-Kennedy” activists are trying to knock him off like they’re doing with Donald Trump. This is a case of his campaign not paying close enough attention to the filing rules. Kennedy has collected more than enough signatures to qualify, but they were all collected with only his name on the petition. State law says that the names of both candidates must be included, so his campaign may have to start over from scratch.

Trump slow to invest in states that could decide election as some in GOP fear ‘skeleton’ campaign
In his bid to retake the White House, few states hold as much promise for Donald Trump as Michigan.

HD10: Lands 62%, Powell 38% — After Democrat special election blowout, Republicans asking ‘what happened’?
State Rep.-elect Marilyn Lands (D-Madison) won the special election for House District 10 on Tuesday, making her the first net-gain Democratic pick-up in the Alabama Legislature since 2002.

How Greene’s bid to topple Johnson could blow up the House — or in her own face
One House Republican summed up the fear: Her move could “deliver aid to Ukraine” by giving Johnson no choice but to seek common cause with Democrats.

The Trump Campaign’s Awkward Pivot to the General Election
On the menu today: Tuesday and Wednesday saw a flurry of reporting on how the Trump campaign and the GOP’s national political committees, which it now controls, will litigate the claim that the 2020 presidential election was marred by malfeasance.

Trump Has a Big Problem With GOP Voters
Donald Trump may believe the 2024 Republican presidential primary is done—but clearly, it’s not done with him.

Appeals Court: Pennsylvania Can Throw Out Mail-In Ballots Without Dates or Wrong Dates
Pennsylvania’s dating requirement does not violate, the Materiality Provision, we reverse the District Court’s order and remand for it to consider the merits of the Plaintiffs’ equal protection challenge.”

Trump’s weaknesses with GOP voters go beyond the suburbs
Primary results from more than 1,000 counties show clear warning signs for Trump with Republican voters in exurbs and small towns.



Dobbs Decision


The Supreme Court will decide the future of the abortion pill. A timeline of how we got here
The fate of the abortion pill lies with the Supreme Court.

Abortion Robots: Welcome to Hell
Yesterday, pro-abortion protesters gathered outside the Supreme Court while the oral arguments for FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine were heard within.

Gun Rights


Merrick Garland’s DOJ Sets Up ‘Center’ To Help Remove Firearms From Americans Deemed ‘Extremist’
“Red-flag laws allow a judge to take away a firearm from someone based on the suspicion that the owner could use it to harm themselves or others.”


Hide the Decline

Environment &“Green Energy”


Hailstorm in Texas destroys thousands of acres of solar farms
Locals are very worried about water contamination.

The Coming Electricity Crisis
Artificial-intelligence data centers and climate rules are pushing the power grid to what could become a breaking point.



Government in Healthcare


Britain risks losing power to control future lockdowns to WHO
Britain risks “signing away” its powers over pandemic policy to “unelected” World Health Organisation (WHO) officials, MPs have warned.

WHO Warning of More Infectious Monkeypox Strain With Higher Fatality Rate
Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, volunteers are being sought to test new mRNA vaccine for ‘mpox’.

Beware the ‘Right to Health’
Health and wellness are becoming the primary justifications for international technocracy, or “rule by experts.” Indeed, we are told that preventing the next pandemic will require that the World Health Organization be given the power to declare pandemics and impose emergency policies internationally. Anthony Fauci went even further, arguing that that the U.N. and the WHO must be given greater powers to “rebuild the infrastructures of human existence.” Imagine the authoritarian potential.

War & Terror


China Turns Water Cannons on Philippines’ Ship Again
China once again tried to make a statement in the South China Sea. Two of its Coast Guard vessels turned water cannons on a resupply ship delivering supplies to a small Philippines’ outpost on Second Thomas Shoal. In this case, the attack did so much damage to the smaller wooden boat that it had to be towed back home.

Chinese Tanker Struck by Houthi Missile
The Iran-backed Houthis fired upon and struck a Chinese vessel in the Red Sea on Saturday, marking the first time that the Houthis have targeted Chinese property. While vessels even distantly connected to the U.S. and Israel have found the area inhospitable in the extreme, it appeared that China, Iran, and the Houthis had an agreement of sorts. Whether Saturday’s strike was an intentional one or the result of old intel is unknown, as the Chinese vessel had only been obtained in February and may have been targeted because of its past affiliations rather than its current one.

The Islamic State’s Terribly Inconvenient Terrorism
The intellectual dexterity demanded of the Kremlin’s propagandists has been tested to its limits in the days since Friday’s horrific terrorist attack on a concert hall outside Moscow, in which at least 137 were killed and scores more wounded. Today, the Putin regime’s more flexible advocates are detailing the previously unknown extent to which the government in Kyiv and its Jewish president have allegedly cultivated ties to Islamic State militants. That is a novel twist on the enterprise that the Russian regime’s mouthpieces devoted themselves to in the immediate aftermath of the Crocus City Hall attack: blaming Ukraine directly for the slaughter of Russian civilians.

ISIS threatens REVENGE on Putin for torturing terror suspects after ‘killers’ beaten, electrocuted & ‘force-fed ear’
ISIS has threatened a chilling “massacre” of all “wild” Russians including Vladimir Putin for torturing four terror suspects.

UN Security Council passes Gaza ceasefire resolution, U.S. doesn’t veto
The UN Security Council passed on Monday morning a resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during the month of Ramadan and calling for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages.

Is the Black Sea Fleet Still a Factor?
Is the Black Sea Fleet no more? Recent attacks by drones and missiles have whittled it down to a shadow of its former self. Grant Shapps, the UK secretary of state for defense, said, “Putin’s continued illegal occupation of Ukraine is exacting a massive cost on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet which is now functionally inactive. Russia has sailed the Black Sea since 1783 but is now forced to constrain its fleet to port. And even there Putin’s ships are sinking!”

Cyber Threat to US Power Grids Escalating as Election Approaches
US power grids are facing heightened risks of cyber and physical attacks as the election nears, according to the nation’s top reliability regulator.

Truck-to-truck worm could infect – and disrupt – entire US commercial fleet
The device that makes it possible is required in all American big rigs, and has poor security

Ukraine Strikes Yet Another Ship in Russia’s Black Sea Fleet
Ukraine has taken out another one of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet landing ships, according to Kyiv, after Ukrainian forces destroyed two large landing ships and a key Russian reconnaissance vessel.

Mexico Is Becoming China’s Mini-Me
“Nearshoring” – or “friend shoring” as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen describes it – was supposed to help companies and the U.S. economy derisk from China.

Vladimir Putin can exploit this NATO loophole to attack the US and NOT trigger Article 5
If the tragic events that pulled the US into World War 2 were to repeat themselves today, NATO would not be obliged to enact Article 5.

Are We Inching Towards World War III?
“The ongoing conflicts have strained the military and policy resources of the United States and its allies.”

Prepare for Putin pivot to invade us, say Baltic states
Nato must be ready for Russia launching an “existential” war against the Baltic states “masked by a blizzard of disinformation”, ambassadors from the three countries have warned.




Fans Get In Wild Fistfight In Stands … Violence At CONCACAF Final
A violent fistfight broke out in the stands during the USA vs. Mexico soccer game Sunday night — with fans throwing haymakers left and right … and the wild scene was all captured on video.

Florida’s DeSantis signs one of the country’s most restrictive social media bans for minors
Florida will have one of the country’s most restrictive social media bans for minors — if it withstands expected legal challenges — under a bill signed by Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday.

Public Interest Law Group Seeking Plaintiffs For Possible Lawsuit Against “Anti-Israel” Protesters Who Blocked Traffic
An attorney with Hamilton Lincoln Law Institute identified three possible claims: false imprisonment, public nuisance, and RICO.

Cronkite journalism school forces students to learn about ‘microaggressions’ and ‘cisgender privilege’ to graduate
Arizona State’s journalism school is requiring some students to take a DEI course that teaches students about ‘microaggressions’ and promotes the idea of men being allowed to use women’s restrooms.

Baltimore bridge collapses after powerless cargo ship rams into support column; 6 people are missing
A cargo ship lost power and rammed into a major bridge in Baltimore early Tuesday, destroying the span in a matter of seconds and plunging it into the river in a terrifying collapse that could disrupt a vital shipping port for months. Six people were missing.

Scientists Create Designer Chromosomes In Landmark Genetic Engineering Feat
Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine have developed a new method to create human artificial chromosomes (HACs) that could revolutionize gene therapy and other biotechnology applications. The study, published in Science, describes an approach that efficiently forms single-copy HACs, bypassing a common hurdle that has hindered progress in this field for decades.

District Hiring ‘Whiteness’ Superintendent to Root Out White Supremacy
The Saint Louis Park School District, located in the suburbs of Minneapolis, is hiring an assistant superintendent to “examine the presence of Whiteness” in the district.

The House GOP thought it was moving past internal drama. Then more showed up.
House Republicans finally felt they were done going through the stages of grief. Over months of infighting, emotions ran the gamut from denial to depression while they watched the conference struggle with the aftermath of ousting the speaker of the House. But many Republican lawmakers had begun to accept that their slim majority was unlikely to find compromise within its ranks, and while personal animosity among some members persisted, it had waned significantly.

The Scourge of Whiteness
St. Louis Park, Minnesota, used to have very good public schools. I suppose it was a matter of demographics: the suburb was, at one time, referred to as “St. Jewish Park.” But those days are long gone. Today the St. Louis Park school district is in the hands of the same kinds of morons who generally run our public schools.

Chinese Cultural Revolution Scene in New Netflix Series is Disturbing Parallel of Cancel Culture, Campus Struggle Sessions
“a part of history that is not written about in fiction very much, let alone filmed”

Biden administration announces $1.5 billion loan for first reopening of a shuttered nuclear plant

Did You Know That You Have an ESG Score and it Can Be Used Against You?
Until today, I didn’t realize that individuals are now being assigned ESG scores that some institutions use to decide whether they will do business with a person.

Former L.A. Deputy Mayor Raymond Chan found guilty in sprawling City Hall corruption case
A jury delivered a swift and decisive judgment in a federal corruption case targeting former Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Raymond Chan, finding Wednesday that Chan secured bribes for himself and for former Councilmember Jose Huizar as part of a sprawling pay-to-play scheme.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Island Visitors Exposed by Data Broker
A WIRED investigation uncovered coordinates collected by a controversial data broker that reveal sensitive information about visitors to an island once owned by Epstein, the notorious sex offender.

Pop music really ain’t what it used to be – officially
If you’re forever thinking that music was better in your day, you may be right. New research has revealed that pop music lyrics really have been dumbed down over the last 40 years.

Washington State Now Offers Hotline for ‘Hate Crimes’ and ‘Bias Incidents’
This is not all that surprising but certainly terrifying. Washington finally took the cancel culture mindset to its logical conclusion at the beginning of March with the establishment of a nonpolice hotline for “hate crimes” and “bias incidents.”

Vanderbilt student calls 911 to report denial of ‘right to change tampon’ during occupation of chancellor’s office: WATCH
Several students at Vanderbilt University were arrested and placed under suspension after occupying the chancellor’s office building to protest the cancelation of a boycott, divest, and sanction campus-wide vote.

Trans. Sec. Buttigieg Announces $500M Pronoun Retooling Effort
Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg decried the language used to describe the recent Key Bridge disaster in Baltimore. “We have to do everything in our power to avoid such costly calamities in the future,” he said, referring to the collision of the merchant vessel Dali with a bridge support, “and ‘everything’ means striking such antiquated usages as ‘she smacked that abutment’. We cannot even begin to rebuild this crucial infrastructure until we have outgrown this medieval mindset, even if takes a new bridge past a decade to complete. We either do this properly, or not at all. Ending our long, tragic history of sexism and misogyny is among the prime goals of the Biden Administration.”

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Sovereign neighbors, voting particulars, and a qualified baptism.

How America Moderates Religion
A pattern over time


Economy & Taxes


California Restaurants Cut Jobs as Fast-Food Wages Set to Rise
Chains lay off workers, shave hours ahead of state minimum-wage increase

Next Day: The Immediate Practical Implications and Effects of the Baltimore Bridge Disaster
Alrighty. We are a full day removed from the God-awful tragedy of the container vessel Dali striking a pylon on the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, sending the entire superstructure of the bridge into the mouth of the harbor, and the horrific loss of the construction workers who were still on the bridge when it went into the water.




It Can’t Happen Here?
Some time ago, a house in my neighborhood started flying a gay/trans flag. In response, I suspect, two nearby houses started flying American flags. But recently, there was a change: the gay/trans flag was replaced by the Scottish flag

Museum Claims Dinosaurs Have “LGBTQ History” And Birds Are “Queer”
Says animal queerness has been “hidden from the public”

Ireland’s Hate Speech Law ‘Not Fit for Purpose’
“It is abundantly clear that this legislation has been badly thought through and is not fit for purpose. It must not proceed,” says Pa Daly, Sinn Fein’s TD for Kerry.

Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland given ‘white supremacy’ trigger warnings
University library gives historical children’s stories disclaimers for ‘colonialist narratives’ that could be ‘offensive’ to modern readers

Brain scans reveal dogs know which words stand for certain objects
It’s well-known that dogs can learn words for spoken commands like “sit,” “stand” and “heel.” But a new study has found they also can tell their “ball-ball” from their “dolly,” “teddy,” “chewy” or “squeaky squeak.”

Turkey’s opposition appears set to retain key cities, preliminary local election results show
Turkey’s main opposition party appeared set to retain its control over key cities in Sunday’s local elections, preliminary results showed, in a major upset to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who had set his sights on retaking control of those urban areas.




The incredible shrinking majority, WSJ edition
Oh, yeah, I know. RINOs! GOPe! Uniparty! I concede I may be missing something, but I’d prefer to have a majority that can do something to block the Biden regime than a minority that can’t do anything.

Honey, We Shrunk the GOP Majority
Too many House Republicans would prefer to be in the minority.

Bomb Mexico
Sunday’s 60 Minutes interview with Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed Americans’ fears that Mexico is exploiting mass immigration and the world’s desire to take up residence in the U.S. — or commit crimes and then leave — to further its interests and those of the pinkest parts of the Americas.

Utopian Visionaries Who Won’t Leave People Alone
Throughout human history, we have suffered under domineering men who are certain that they know the right way to live — not just for themselves, but everyone else. They used to think that because they were of “noble” blood; today they usually think they should dominate because of their exalted education and lofty intentions.

Go to college, anyway
Look, I still cling to the old-fashioned notion that a college education is valuable for its own sake.

The Zombie ‘Establishment GOP’ Problem
On the latest episode of Issues with Noah Rothman, American Enterprise Institute scholar Danielle Pletka and the Dispatch senior writer David Drucker joined me to discuss the persistent belief that some “GOP establishment” independent of and, indeed, hostile too Donald Trump retains any measurable political power. Also, we discuss the truth about Covid lockdowns that are only now being acknowledged. Enjoy!

Bomb Mexico
Sunday’s 60 Minutes interview with Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed Americans’ fears that Mexico is exploiting mass immigration and the world’s desire to take up residence in the U.S. — or commit crimes and then leave — to further its interests and those of the pinkest parts of the Americas.

Republicans Didn’t Underperform in 2022 Because Everyone Loves Joe Biden
You would not know from virtually any American cultural product that Joe Biden is one of the most unpopular presidents in living memory.

Finally, a Chance to Start Getting Higher Ed Right
The nation has caught on to college misbehavior. Now is the time for reform.

Is It Time To Purge The Right?
My good friend Congressman Chip Roy was one of the few Republicans who attempted to hold his own side accountable for the massive government spending bill that passed on Friday. The bill prevented a government shutdown but increased the size and scope of government after it was passed through the two-seat majority House.

I’m a ‘double hater.’ It’s okay to oppose Trump without endorsing Biden.
Welcome to the club, Mike Pence. Now that you have declared that you will not endorse Donald Trump or vote for President Biden, you have become part of my voting bloc: the “double haters.”

The State, The Savior, and Sin
I don’t intend to weave current politics into this, but I want to mention something relevant to and relatable to the topic.

’16 and ’20, Revisited
In 2020, when President Trump commuted his prison sentence, Rod Blagojevich said something interesting. You remember “Blago”: a governor of Illinois (Democrat) who tried to sell a vacant U.S. Senate seat. Anyway, when Trump sprang him, Blago said, “If you’re asking what my party affiliation is, I’m a Trumpocrat.” I begin my Impromptus today with this, and the question of political labels. (What’s a “conservative”? What’s a “liberal”?) Among other topics, I have Michelangelo’s David and New York’s Flaco (a late owl).

Stop California from ending anonymous free speech online
There’s nothing safer in politics than blaming social media for all of America’s problems, whether mental illness, racism, or even our collapsing republic’s virtue. Meanwhile, nearly every politician’s convenient response is to control speech and deny access to social media. Although the federal effort to ban TikTok is receiving the most attention, California — whose laws dominate the many global social media companies headquartered there — has just proposed new laws that could obliterate free speech worldwide.

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