News of the Week (July 16th, 2023)


News of the Week for July 16th, 2023



Dobbs Decision


A Jackson “Clarification”
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson dissented in the UNC race discrimination case. Her dissent was a political screed, not a legal argument, and it contained at least one howler that we and many others pointed out. Jackson argued that universities need to discriminate in favor of blacks so that there will be more black doctors.


Gun Rights


Most Gun-Friendly States in 2023
How does your state rank in gun ownership when compared to the rest? Our results are surprising! We took into account the current gun laws, current legislators’ past voting history, taxes, and more to bring you this comprehensive list for 2023.

11th Circuit Will Review En Banc Whether Second Amendment Protects 18-to-20-Year-Olds
Yesterday, the Eleventh Circuit granted en banc rehearing on this issue in NRA v. Bondi. For more on the underlying legal issue, see Stephen Halbrook’s April post, which mentions the panel opinion (which has now been vacated) as well as some other cases.


Hide the Decline

Environment &“Green Energy”


EPA Issues Final Rule Limiting Hydrofluorocarbons Used in Air Conditioners and Refrigerators
If you don’t listen to Daddy EPA the agency will punish you for illegal HFC trade.

Energy Appliance Victory! (DC Circuit vs. DOE)
Beleaguered energy consumers were just handed a far-reaching victory by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (DC Circuit). The ruling vacated a Final Rule from the U.S, Department of Energy (DOE) that would have banned the manufacture and sale of non-condensing boilers for use in commercial applications. DOE’s rule was challenged several years ago by natural gas interests–and later joined with a separate but similar case brought by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).

U.S. announces new rule to cut hydrofluorocarbons by 40%
The Biden administration has announced plans to continue its reduction of hydrofluorocarbons, releasing a new rule that aims to cut the United States’ use of the greenhouse gases by almost half starting next year.

Kamala Harris says US must ‘reduce population’ to fight climate change in latest gaffe
Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday called on the US to “reduce population” in an effort to combat climate change, but she meant to say “reduce pollution,” according to the White House.

After Netherlands, Ireland’s Farmers Fight Back Against EU Climate Regulations
New EU emission restrictions may force Irish farmers to cut fertilizer use and cull farm animals.

Canada Will Soon Allow People With Mental Illness to Choose Medically Assisted Death
The new criteria is an extension of the medical assistance in dying program, known by its acronym MAID, that has been legal since 2016



Government in Healthcare


Ontario projected to see 5,000 euthanasia deaths in 2023 alone
According to up-to-date information posted online by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Ontario saw some 1,866 deaths by medical assistance in dying (MAiD) from January to May 2023. By comparison, in the first five months of 2022, 1,488 people died by MAiD.


War & Terror


China’s Advances in Space Warfare Are Terrifying
“China is steadily progressing toward becoming a world-class space leader, with the intent to match or surpass the United States by 2045.”

New Bill Pushes U.S. to Create ‘Rings of Fire’ Strategy to Counter China
Last August, when then-speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, China retaliated, kicking off days of military drills featuring the launch of multiple long-range rockets into the waters surrounding the country. The episode highlighted a critical gap between Chinese militaries and those of the U.S.: Washington fields no long-range rockets in the Indo-Pacific.

Chinese Hackers Breached State Dept. and Other U.S. Agencies on Eve of Blinken’s Recent China Visit
Revelation comes as Biden prepares for a summit with Xi in coming months.

Nearly 40% of U.S. Attack Submarines are Out of Commission
This at a time when China is ramping up its Navy capabilities, and while the Biden Administration proposes cutting shipbuilding

Thousands of Ukraine civilians are being held in Russian prisons. Russia plans to build many more
The Ukrainian civilians woke long before dawn in the bitter cold, lined up for the single toilet and were loaded at gunpoint into the livestock trailer. They spent the next 12 hours or more digging trenches on the front lines for Russian soldiers.




Equity!, Say Liberal Hypocrites
“Equity”—not “equality” (and certainly not equality of opportunity)—is the central principle of Democrats today. Joe Biden explicitly said so upon taking office. And in-equity—that is, any measurable disparity between groups—is said to be the result of racism or some other structural defect (by which they really mean “capitalism”). And one of the favorites is the disparity in average incomes between men and women. You know the claim: “Women are paid only 80 cents for every dollar a man is paid.” No matter how many times this stupid talking point is debunked, the equity-obsessed left won’t give it up.

Minnesota Planned Parenthood Offering Teens a $150 Gift Card to Attend Sex Ed Summer Camp
Who would trust Planned Parenthood to teach anyone about sex education?

Teen missing for 18 days found in barracks at Camp Pendleton; Human Trafficking Task Force Investigating
A Marine was taken into custody and questioned by NCIS about his involvement with the girl. No arrest has been made

GOP Targets Three Vulnerable Senate Seats In Bid To Win Control Of Senate In 2024
The three targeted seats are in Arizona, West Virginia, and Ohio.

The Myth of Native American Innocence
The potted version of the nation’s history favored by the likes of Ben & Jerry’s is meant to delegitimize the United States.

Gay Nude Resort Must Allow Women, Judge Declares
People identifying as women should be allowed to rent rooms and patronize the clothing-optional areas of a Key West resort, a judge recently ruled.

Army veteran Sam Brown enters U.S. Senate race
Retired U.S. Army Capt. Sam Brown is entering Nevada’s 2024 U.S. Senate race, with the institutional backing of Senate Republicans.

“Do you know who the f*ck I am?”: BLM Organizer Turned Georgia Mayor Arrested For Trespassing
South Fulton Mayor Khalid Kamau went in the house because it was his “dream house” and he thought it was abandoned.

Over 100 people arrested in San Francisco after skater kids riot
More than 100 people, most of them teenagers, were arrested Saturday night after an unpermitted skater event turned into a riot. The event is called the Dolores Hill Bomb and has been taking place every year since 2017.

‘Woke or KKK’: NYU Hosts Whites-Only ‘Antiracism’ Workshop for Public School Parents
Experts say workshop violated multiple civil rights laws

Dem bill in California would mandate judges to consider race when doling out prison sentences
California legislation would require courts to take race into account during sentencing

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Seeking Reparations for Tulsa Race Massacre
Plaintiffs’ attorneys vowed to appeal the decision, which one called ‘a travesty of justice.’

Naked man dances on poker table, runs through Strip casinos
A New York man was arrested Sunday night after he was accused of “gyrating” naked on a poker table in a Las Vegas Strip casino.

‘Just Stop Oil’ Protest Hits Pride™ Parade: Social Justice Civil War
The cannibalistic, schizophrenic Social Justice™ coalition, obsessed as it is with various identities and unable to treat individuals as individuals, is at war with itself.

Very few HBCUs offer a major in women’s studies, research shows
Most historically black colleges and universities do not offer women’s studies as a major, which contrasts with most of the mainstream higher education institutions in America.

Jim Caviezel: I Lost Two Agents Over ‘Sound of Freedom’
Outspoken Christian shares sacrifices for starring in child-trafficking thriller

California Senate Democrats vote against making child trafficking a “serious crime”
Some people think I am exaggerating when I point out that Democrats are moving to normalize pedophilia.

Seattle public schools will offer ‘gender affirming care’ to students as young as 11 years old at no cost – as critics say it’s a ‘whole new level of awful for schools to be involved’
The service, laid bare in documents obtained by Parents Defending Education, is provided by medical provider Country Doctor Community Health Centers

Reading for fun plunges to ‘crisis’ level for US students
Amid a cascade of devastating reports showing classroom test scores plummeting nationwide, U.S. students have also hit a record low in their leisure time: Casual reading has collapsed.

Fourth Circuit Asked To Reinstate West Virginia “Save Women’s Sports Act” After Evidence Biological Boy “displaced over 100 different girls in competitive rankings”
Motion for Court to suspend the injunction it issued: “By the State’s count, B.P.J. [male identifying as a girl] displaced over 100 different girls in competitive rankings this spring track-and-field season. Worse, B.P.J. denied two girls the chance to compete in conference championships. The displaced girls will never be able to recover those opportunities.”

Teacher instructs 10-year-old to ‘make sure this email is deleted’ after private communications about student’s gender identity in Olympia, Washington
“I would take you into my home any time you need.”

California adopts new math standards focused on equity
Yesterday California adopted a set of new math standards which are focused less on math skills and more on equity and “meaning-making.”

Nevada GOP Makes Plans for Two-Car Funeral
Last week, “shadow” chairman – and Nevada GOP National Committeewoman – Sigal Chattah lost her lawsuit to block the state from holding a Republican presidential primary next year. Instead, the party will hold a competing “caucus” on February 6. The winner of the small, private caucus will get Nevada’s delegates to the Republican National Convention, not the winner of the statewide public primary – unless a candidate happens to win both.

An Odious Narrative
During his time on the stage at the Family Leader candidates’ forum in Iowa, Mike Pence was goaded by moderator Tucker Carlson into a heated back and forth over the notion that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has “persecuted Christians.”

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
A rough ride, an injury in law, and sexy polygraphs.

Antony Blinken Equates Liberty With Tyranny
Not only is Antony Blinken a gelatinous moonbat, he is either ignorant of the grade school basics of Western history or flat out evil. He proves it by equating the American Revolution — the apogee of civilization — with its polar opposite, the nightmarish French Revolution. The latter has served as the template for the seizure of power by malevolent lunatics in the name of “The People” ever since.

Mexico files complaint over border boundaries and Abbott’s buoy barrier wall
Mexico isn’t happy about Governor Abbott’s move to put up a buoy barrier across the Rio Grande River. Governor Abbott doesn’t care. It’s up and it’s staying there, at least until the Supreme Court tells him to take it down.

America, Seen from the Eyes of a Child
When I was a seven-year-old boy, I read a book that changed my life. It told the kind of story that fires the imagination of young boys: it was filled with larger-than-life heroes who fought tyranny to defend their way of life, not because it was their way of life but because it was the best way of life. The brave heroes of the story—men that I would later spend my adult life studying, teaching and writing about—unilaterally declared to a candid world the causes which impelled them to embark on a deadly war for their survival as a free nation.

A Tale of Two Conventions
Or, Taking Back SF One Convention At A Time.

Math = White Supremacy
Where did the belief arise that “white supremacy” is so structurally embedded in American society as to require wholesale changes to “dismantle” its nefarious influence? It didn’t start with George Floyd.


Economy & Taxes


Bud Light’s Sales Freefall Continues, As Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Now More Popular
Bud Light’s collapse appears to be near-total. As The Free Press reported in June, Bud Light lost its standing as America’s best-selling beer to Modelo, a Mexican import.

China’s economic downturn is more shocking than outsiders realize, says former Chinese property mogul
Recent data shows that the Chinese producer price index dropped by the fastest rate in seven years last month, while consumer prices now linger at the edge of deflation for the first time since 2021.

Anchor, a 127-year-old brewery in San Francisco, is closing for good
Another business closing its doors in San Francisco but this one isn’t just another major chain retailer. Anchor brewing opened its doors in San Francisco in 1896 and has survived everything that happened between now and then. But today the company announced it had already brewed its last beer, citing economic problems related to the pandemic.

What Adam Smith Said about Free Trade
In July’s Adam Smith 300 essay for Capital Matters, George Mason University economics professor Don Boudreaux writes about Smith’s presumption for unilateral free trade




Panicked top BBC presenter ‘who paid for sex pics called youngster twice to demand their mum stops the investigation’
THE BBC star accused of paying a teenager for sex images made two panicked calls to them after we revealed the bombshell claims.

Man with knife kills 6 people at kindergarten in China before being arrested, police and reports say
A man with a knife killed six people and wounded one Monday at a kindergarten in southeastern China, police and a news report said Monday.

The No. 1 destination to live and work abroad, according to expats
Expats in Mexico are some of the happiest in the world, according to a new report from Internations, the global community for people who live and work abroad.

Severed Fingertip Sent In Letter To Macron
French prosecutors said Thursday they had opened an investigation after the discovery of a severed fingertip in a letter addressed to the presidential palace.

Teen with 2ft-long tail is worshipped as ‘Hindu monkey god’ – but he wants it gone
Suresh, a 14-year-old boy from India, is revered as a deity by his neighbours as a 2ft tail growing from his back has drawn comparisons to Hindu god Shri Hanuman

Revealed: Dossier of ‘critical race theory’ being taught in British schools – including ‘Pyramid of White Supremacy’ and books that tell children as young as four that racism started because ‘white people wanted more control over others’
Resources were highlighted by campaign group Don’t Divide Us




Is America Going Queer?
What is the younger generation coming to? is a question probably as old as time. But at least, until now, members of the younger generation have been able to figure out whether they are boys or girls. Today’s mania for gender confusion is unprecedented.

Against Old Left-Wing Ideas Rebranded as New Right-Wing Ideas
Last month, the public-policy organization American Compass put out what it called a “handbook for conservative policymakers” on economics. As I noted in the print magazine, it brushes aside tax cuts as outdated, despite the unprecedented success state-level conservatives have had cutting taxes in the past three years. As Jonathan Nicastro noted for Capital Matters, the handbook’s recommendations on industrial policy are economically illogical and resemble the sort of “technocratic machinations” conservatives expect to hear from the Left.

Five Essential Truths About the Modern Left
1. The left is thought to be soft on crime because of sympathy and compassion for people who are poor or from bad social circumstances. Today, however, large portions of the left actually approve of property crime because the left believes property crime is just a form of income redistribution. The tell on this truth is the number of leftists who say that businesses are insured, so what’s the big deal about shoplifting or looting during a riot.

Is conservatism capable of accepting victories? Or is it addicted to rage?
American conservatism has recently won several astounding victories. Yet in a disappointing sign that the political Right may be as addicted to outrage as the political Left, conservatives have not taken any time to step back, take a breath, and acknowledge the epochal nature of what has taken place.

Distinguishing Two Revolutions
The American and French revolutions were “fueled by the same aspirations” in the sense that the fire in the hearth of a warm and stable home is fueled by the same oxygen as a raging inferno that burns down a city. Oxygen is vital, and fire is a tremendous force for good, but to set it loose without some broader grasp of how it can be used to support a flourishing household is to run the risk of catastrophe.

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