Killer Kanada: Killing A Myriad A Year; Killing The Undignified; Killing The Mentally Ill

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     The focus this time: Oh, Canada!

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Death, Rx

     Canada is killing a literal myriad of people via euthanasia. OK, not a literal myriad or ten thousand… they’re actually killing more.

“Comparing the Third Annual report (2021) to the Second Annual Report (2020), the report states that there were: 10,064 assisted deaths in 2021 up from 7603 in 2020, 5661 in 2019, 4480 in 2018, 2838 in 2017 and 1018 in 2016.

“The report indicates that the number of assisted deaths increased by 32.4% representing 3.3% of all deaths in 2021.

“When all data sources are considered, the total of number of (MAiD) reported assisted deaths in Canada from legalization to December 31, 2021 is 31,664.”


  • Some of these people might still be alive had they received sustained suicide prevention treatment. But that essential service is not usually offered to people asking for euthanasia in Canada (nor assisted suicide in the U.S.). This abdication of compassion is a profound abandonment of the despairing ill.
  • Only 15 percent of Canadians have access to quality palliative care — compassionate treatments that can make all the difference in wanting to live or die.
  • In Ontario, doctors have no conscience rights. They must either kill qualified patients who ask to die or find a doctor they know will do the deed — known in the euphemisms so typical of the movement as an “effective referral.”
  • Some people were euthanized out of fear of loneliness caused by Covid lockdowns. In one case, a woman asked to die because of the isolation she would face. Ironically, her family was allowed to attend her death, but not visit as a means of helping her continue on. Moreover, hundreds of people chose death, at least in part, due to fear of loneliness in 2019, a trend that has continued.
  • Canada conjoins euthanasia and organ harvesting, giving the despairing a reason to choose death over life.
  • Beginning in 2023, the mentally ill will be eligible for euthanasia.

          “Dying with dignity” used to mean a person with a terminal illness avoiding a few months of intense pain. Now it means anything you or the government thinks makes you less than “dignified”.

“Struggling with housing or inflation? Waiting in pain for a hip replacement in ‘the world’s greatest health-care system’?

“If you can’t live with dignity in Canada, take comfort that you can die with ostensible dignity.

“In our endeavor to maximize individual liberty, euthanasia has become an inalienable Canadian right.

“But if you can only access health-care waitlists, as opposed to actual health care, and you cannot get financial or housing supports, is ending your life truly an independent and autonomous decision?

“Fewer than 30% of Canadians have access to palliative care, a field I left in 2017 when Canadian governments refused to protect physician conscience rights when their patients seek to end their own lives.”

     Prior consent to be killed means that they don’t have to check if you still want to be killed…

“Now Canada — which last year greatly loosened the criteria for euthanasia — may be on the verge of taking the same path. A bill has been filed in the Senate that would permit patients to order themselves killed without final consent if they become mentally incapacitated. From S-248:”

For the purposes of subparagraph (3.‍2)‍(a)‍(ii), a person may waive the need for final consent [to receiving lethal jab] if

(a) they made a declaration in writing that a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner may administer a substance to cause that person’s death should the person lose the capacity to consent to receiving medical assistance in dying and be suffering conditions related to their serious and incurable illness, disease or disability that are identified clearly in the declaration and can be observed by the medical practitioner or nurse practitioner;

(b) the declaration was made after a diagnosis of a serious and incurable illness, disease or disability by a medical practitioner, but no more than five years have elapsed since the declaration was made;

(c) in the declaration, the person consented to the administration by a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner of a substance to cause their death if they are suffering from the conditions listed in the declaration and have lost their capacity to consent to receiving medical assistance in dying prior to that point;

(d) the declaration was witnessed by two independent witnesses to confirm that it was made voluntarily and not as a result of external pressure and each witness signed and dated it …


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