Wokeness Sneaks In Sub Rosa

     More and more people are noticing that the latest woke craze didn’t just suddenly sprout out of the ground ex nihilo, but were carefully planted as seeds long before.

     Some people have been warning about this for decades. I though, over ten years ago, that “transgenderism” had already taken root, even though not yet sprouted, much in the same way same sex marriage was way back in the ’90s.

     Real question is “what’s next”?

     To answer that question just look to academia—not so much the current indoctrination of undergrads—but the graduate, post-graduate, and professorial musings from fields such as those that include the word “studies” in the title. Not everything there will make it out, but any sign of what you see there moving outside those narrow academic confines or being validated by people outside it, must be uprooted before it has a chance to take too firm a hold.

     What the Left does is change what is perceived as “normal”, not through direct assault, but by undermining the reasons & mores and replacing them with reasons & mores that are most consistent with the “new normal”.   They hollow out all the underlying mores, values, and beliefs while leaving the “old normal” as an empty shell… until they rebuild something new.  People don’t notice because they were distracted or simply not pay proper attention to all the warning signs.

     That way, when they do act overtly, people accept the “new normal” because it is more consistent with the new mores, values, and beliefs that had been snuck in sub rosa—and anyone who wants the “old normal” will be seen as the crazy ones.

     The only other objection that one sees often raised is religious. But many people will dismiss you because they don’t want to live under your scriptural interpretations. By using religion as a reason for objection, one will have preemptively conceded the support of those who don’t share one’s faith and one’s interpretation thereof. When it comes to American society, there are plenty of people all around the world who share your faith and theology… but don’t hold those American values and mores that many of those who rely of faith and scripture, while there are those in America who don’t share that who do hold said values.   This is true even in the broader Western civilization.

     Without “normalcy” to call upon or an oracular base that people will defer to, what is there Left with which to argue? This isn’t just a rhetorical question. Have we as a society become so hallow that we can’t

     In order to stop or reverse things like same sex marriage or normalized transgender surgeries for kids, one needs a logical and sensible understanding of why things were like they were and undermine the illogical of the new normal, in a way that doesn’t exclude those not of your particular interpretation of one’s own faith. The good news is that while fighting back will likely take a long time, that opposition is based in reality, while the woke Left works on a belief system bordering on fantastical magic unmoored from reality.

     But it will happen if people try.

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