12 Posts of Christmas, 2021 (Day 11)

     A little Christmas message for our enemies around the world.

     This Year’s Previous “Posts of Christmas”:

  • Day 1 – ‘Tis that time of year again… Hashire sori yo, Kaze no you ni, Tsukimihara wo, PADORU PADORU!
  • Day 2 – Have a very Lemmy Christmas!
  • Day 3 – Enjoy a Christmas from centuries past from Townsends, specifically a glorious goose roasted over an open fire!
  • Day 4 – Enjoy a Medieval cover of Felix Navidad!
  • Day 5 – Give or take a year, at least this Christmas might be happy?
  • Day 6 – The “Carol of the Bells” from the always lovely Gothard Sisters.
  • Day 7 – Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a heart-warming clinic of horrors…
  • Day 8 – Without irony or sarcasm, Salvador Dalí was more than able to express the spirit of Christmas.
  • Day 9 – Here’s a little Christmas song… in Finnish… from the wolfgirl vtuber Lumi.
  • Day 10 – Nothing says Christmas like… homicide?
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