12 Posts of Christmas, 2021 (Day 8)

     Without irony or sarcasm, Salvador Dalí was more than able to express the spirit of Christmas.

     More of his Christmas Card artwork can be found here.

     This Year’s Previous “Posts of Christmas”:

  • Day 1 – ‘Tis that time of year again… Hashire sori yo, Kaze no you ni, Tsukimihara wo, PADORU PADORU!
  • Day 2 – Have a very Lemmy Christmas!
  • Day 3 – Enjoy a Christmas from centuries past from Townsends, specifically a glorious goose roasted over an open fire!
  • Day 4 – Enjoy a Medieval cover of Felix Navidad!
  • Day 5 – Give or take a year, at least this Christmas might be happy?
  • Day 6 – The “Carol of the Bells” from the always lovely Gothard Sisters.
  • Day 7 – Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a heart-warming clinic of horrors…

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