News of the Week (December 19th, 2021)


News of the Week for Dec. 19th, 2021


Riots & Revolution


Derek Chauvin to plead
Having been convicted of the murder of George Floyd in state court, Derek Chauvin was charged by federal authorities with the violation of the Floyd’s civil rights. Federal authorities also charged the three other officers involved in Floyd’s arrest. The charges are pending before Judge Paul Magnuson in federal court in St. Paul.

NBC witnesses the “unintended consequences” of defunding the police — in Vermont.
“In Burlington, Vermont?” NBC reporter Stephanie Gosk exclaims in this utterly predictable story of outcomes from the Defund the Police movement, even in bucolic Burlington. The city leaped into the “Defund the Police” movement by cutting its police department in the wake of the George Floyd murder, cutting funding by nearly 30% and imposing a hiring freeze.

Kansas police officer’s puppy beheaded in “targeted” attack
Kansas police are still searching for suspects responsible for beheading an officer’s beloved German Shepherd puppy named Ranger in an alleged “targeted” attack.


Corona Virus


Wuhan Lab Leak “Is Now the Most Likely Origin of COVID” – MIT/Harvard Scientist Tells UK MPs
Dr. Alina Chan also highlighted the virus’ unique feature indicating probable genetic engineering.


Gun Rights


I’ll Be Teaching an Online Course: “The Right to Bear Arms: A History”
This just a quick heads up to let you all know that, starting in late January of next year, I’ll be teaching an online course on the history of the Second Amendment. I’ll be doing it with a new startup named Chapter, which describes its system as “like a book club, but way more fun.” (You don’t need any special apps; it’s just a website.)

Concealed-carry corruption: California sheriff indicted for selling permits
What happens when public officials get the authority to act capriciously and arbitrarily to determine whether citizens can exercise their rights? Eventually, some of them explore all of the wisdom contained in the axiom “power corrupts.” A civil grand jury indicted the sheriff of Santa Clara County, California yesterday on several counts of corruption, mainly involving the abuse of Laurie Smith’s may-issue authority for concealed carry permits.

California’s “Billy Club” Ban is Anachronistic and Unconstitutional
One would think that anti-gun politicians would applaud a person using less-than-lethal clubs as opposed to firearms. But alas, therein lies the truth about gun-control. It’s not about “gun” control. It’s about arms-control.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


“The Tragi-comic Climate Doomsday Cult” (Melanie Phillips on COP26)
“No wonder Russia and China didn’t even bother to turn up to COP26. Their contempt for the west must be bottomless as they look upon its accelerating economic and cultural green suicide — and rub their hands.”



Government in Healthcare


Nevada’s Appeal of Obamacare Birth Control Case Succeeds
Nevada should have been allowed to join a lawsuit challenging Obamacare’s requirement that employers with religious objections provide employee health plans that pay for birth control, the Fifth Circuit said Friday.


War & Terror


Veterans Group: The White House Admitted They Left Most Special Immigrant Visa Holders Behind
Matt Zoeller, co-founder of No One Left Behind, met with White House officials who are coordinating the resettlement of Afghan allies.

Team Biden’s Taiwan map flap
According to this report, the White House cut off the video feed of a Taiwanese official after she showed a map that labeled Taiwan in a different color than China. Taiwanese Digital Minister Audrey Tang’s map was shown for about a minute at Joe Biden’s “Summit for Democracy” before the video feed of her presentation was removed, say people apparently familiar with the situation.

The curious case of a map and a disappearing Taiwan minister at U.S. democracy summit
A video feed of a Taiwanese minister was cut during U.S. President Joe Biden’s Summit for Democracy last week after a map in her slide presentation showed Taiwan in a different color to China, which claims the island as its own.

Useful idiots: China uses western bloggers to spread its propaganda
This isn’t a new phenomenon but today the NY Times has a story about China’s use of western bloggers to spread propaganda. YouTube requires bloggers to identify if they have commercial relationships that drive their videos. But in the case of western video bloggers in China, possible connections to the state usually go unmentioned.

Abe hints at Japan’s possible military role in Taiwan contingency
Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday that an attack on a U.S. military vessel in any contingency concerning Taiwan could become a situation allowing Japan to exercise the right of collective self-defense.

Harvard Warns That Chinese Tech Is Rapidly Overtaking American Capabilities
The race for tech dominance between China and the US is heating up — but it’s starting to look like Beijing is taking the lead.

US Navy fires laser weapon in Mideast amid drone boat threat
The U.S. Navy announced Wednesday it tested a laser weapon and destroyed a floating target in the Mideast, a system that could be used to counter bomb-laden drone boats deployed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels in the Red Sea.

Trial starts for Harvard prof accused of lying about ties to lab research in Wuhan
Charles Lieber, former chair of Harvard’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, is accused of lying to the federal government.

Taking China’s Technological Challenge Seriously
There can be little doubt (surely) by now that China is aiming to be the most powerful country in the world. Dreams that growing prosperity would make Beijing want to play nice have proved to be just that, dreams.

The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Is Finally Set to Become Law
The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act cleared a final hurdle this afternoon, after the Senate unanimously passed the legislation. The White House said yesterday — for the first time ever — that President Biden will sign it into law.

A Million People Are Jailed at China’s Gulags. I Managed to Escape. Here’s What Really Goes on Inside
Rape, torture and human experiments. Sayragul Sauytbay offers firsthand testimony from a Xinjiang ‘reeducation’ camp

Soldier who injured face after falling on her rifle during night exercises awarded €36,000 damages
A 19-year-old soldier, who suffered face wounds when she fell on her rifle during a night exercise in woods on the Slieve Bloom Mountains, has been awarded more than €36,000 damages against the Minister for Defence.

China Pledges Support for Putin Amid Russian Military Buildup on Ukraine Border
Moscow deploys some 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border.

McKinsey Reveals Deeper Ties to Chinese Government Than It Previously Admitted
Earlier this year, I surveyed the record of the consulting firm McKinsey. A stint at McKinsey is a common item on the résumés of many who end up influential in other parts of society. McKinsey’s business model tends toward a kind of soulless technocracy that can make it so attractive to the morally uncertain products of our higher-education system who emerge from said system sure primarily of one thing: that they should be telling people what to do. (Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg being the quintessential example.)

Navy unveils maternity uniform pilot program for 2022
The Navy is launching a maternity uniform pilot program in 2022 for expecting sailors, providing them with maternity uniforms at no cost.




Wikipedia Threatens to Purge “Communist Mass Killings” Page, Cites Anti-Communist Bias
“A spectre is haunting Europe—the specter of communism.” This is the preamble to Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto,” a document responsible for inspiring some of the worst dictators in human history.

Crime spikes, and you are there: NBC TV crew robbed in Oakland, Fox crew chases off carjackers
How bad has crime become in major American cities? Bad enough that media camera crews now randomly witness it — or experience it first-hand. An NBC Sports team got robbed at gunpoint this weekend in Oakland, less than a fortnight after a photographer for the San Francisco Chronicle got robbed across the bay. And that’s not all so far this month

He was hired to fix California schools — while running a business in Philadelphia
California’s first superintendent of equity lives in Philadelphia and has a separate job there, more than 2,500 miles away from the schools he advises as one of the highest paid officials in the state Department of Education, according to records and interviews.

Lawsuit seeks to block proposed open primary, ranked choice ballot initiative
A voter represented by high-profile Democratic election law attorneys has filed a lawsuit seeking to block a nascent ballot initiative aimed at transforming the state’s election system to open primaries with a ranked-choice general election.

Nevada redistricting commission ballot question filed again for 2022 ballot
After setbacks in 2020, backers of the initiative to create an independent redistricting commission have re-filed and hope to get the question taking redistricting power out of the hands of lawmakers onto the 2022 ballot.

Dr. Oz and the Swedenborgians
A geographical-religious note about the entry of Dr. Mehmet Oz into the Pennsylvania Senate race. Oz has little personal connection to Pennsylvania, though he took his medical degree and an MBA from Penn. (Harvard undergrad; he’s a quack, but not a slacker.) When Oz decided to run for the Pennsylvania Senate seat, he moved (notionally) to the town of Bryn Athyn in Montgomery County, a nice little town that is, among other things, the world center of the Swedenborgian religion — or Swedenborgian cult, as many Christians would characterize it. Doctor Oz is a Muslim, but one who has at least one foot in the Swedenborgian cult, as he makes clear in this 2007 interview.

Biden’s approval rating keeps falling
The price of a gallon of gas might be creeping down by a few pennies, but that development doesn’t seem to be helping Joe Biden’s poll numbers. If anything, the spread between approval and disapproval of Biden’s performance is creeping down too.

Biden and Democrats are Losing Their Advantage With Latino Voters
“Last year, more than 60% told pollsters they would cast a ballot for their House Democratic contender, researchers found. This month, 37% said they would make the same choice, while the same percentage would back the Republican.”

Democrats’ Massive Entitlement Plans Include Banning Christians From Government Childcare
Research shows programs that separate small children from their parents reduce children’s learning and increase their aggression, risky behavior, and later likelihood of committing crimes.

Trump Jr, Fox hosts texts to Trump on Jan 6: Call off the riot!
Interesting for several reasons, at least one of which seems counterintuitive to the reasons for their release. As rioters swarmed around and then into the Capitol, Donald Trump’s allies — and even his son — frantically tried to get the president to call off the riot. But what exactly does that mean for narratives on both sides?

The Failure of “Latinx”
The vast majority of Latinos dislike the term and have zero interest in being used as pawns by progressives in the culture war.

Denver Public Schools Claims Black Families Requested Racially Segregated “Playground Night”
Denver Public Schools told the Daily Caller that black families at one of the district’s elementary schools requested that the school provide a “families of color playground night” for black families to meet other black families.

Then, They Came for the Tiki Bars
File this under the category of “finding a reason to be offended and try to destroy something, just because we can”

Daunte Wright Shooting Trial Day 5: State’s Police Use-of-Force Witness Helps Defense – “She’s a good cop”
“She’s a good cop, a good person, and I had no concerns about going on calls with her.”

Democrats Declare War On Big Meat
In a question regarding inflated price of everything, Press Sec Psaki blamed, “the greed of meat conglomerates.” Really.

L.A. Schools Host LGBT Club For 4-Year-Olds, Promote “Two Spirit” Sexuality And Child Mutilation
An LGBT club for kindergarteners, ‘two-spirit’ sexuality, and a radical leftwing understanding of sex were all promoted in the nation’s second largest school district.

Democrats Push :Racial Equity Audits” To Cement Control of Tech Companies
Audits call for abolition of standards of ‘merit’

DeSantis Introduces “Stop WOKE Act” To Fight Critical Race Theory In Florida Schools
Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis introduced a new bill on Wednesday to oppose the teaching of critical race theory in Florida’s K-12 classrooms.

Blumenthal Speaks at Communist Party Awards Ceremony
Event organizers used the ceremony to invite people to join the Communist Party

State Senator Kushner, U.S. Senator Blumenthal highlight Connecticut Communist Party’s Amistad Awards
The Connecticut People’s World Committee presented its annual Amistad Awards on Saturday to mark the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party USA, with awards being presented to Sen. Julie Kushner, D-Danbury, Pastor Rodney Wade of Waterbury and SEIU activist Azucena Santiago.

The NFL gives the Rams and Taiwan to China
The Vikings and the Seahawks will be allowed to market themselves in Canada while the Miami Dolphins will be allowed to market themselves in Brazil. Nine different teams will get access to Mexico and six teams will have access to the UK. But pretty quickly my friend Jon Gabriel notice that just one team gets access to China, the LA Rams. And the map appears to show Taiwan as part of China.

Pro tip from Biden judicial nominee: The Senate and the Electoral College are “anti-democratic”
How many people want to sign up for Dale Ho’s TED Talk on how to win friends and influence people? Or even on civics? Our colleagues at Townhall offer this clip from the man nominated by Joe Biden to the federal bench in an undated public event. Ho’s confirmation is already in trouble over allegations of misleading the Senate Judiciary Committee, but it’s likely not improved by Ho’s absurd declaration that the Senate is “undemocratic.” Actually, scratch that — Ho calls them not just “undemocratic” but “anti-democratic.”

First “Latinx,” and Now “BIPOC” Is in Trouble
As we have seen, the left is in a linguistic crisis as the evidence builds that actual Hispanics in the real world hate the faculty room term “Latinx,” and you can sense that the left is trying to figure out how to abandon the term with a minimum of embarrassment.

Elite Winsor Girls School In Boston Moving Away From Calling Girls “Girls”
Winsor DEI Plan: “External publications and communications have moved away from using ‘she, her, hers’ and ‘your daughter,’ replacing the former with ‘they, them, theirs’ and the latter with ‘student’ …. Faculty and staff are discouraged from addressing groups of students as ‘girls’ and ‘ladies.'”

Major California School Districts Adopt Senseless “Equity” Grading System
Soft bigotry of low expectations.

Daunte Wright Shooting Trial Day 6: State’s Expert Say No Force Should Have Been Used
Defense scores points with police department use of force trainer, but prosecution’s hired expert claimed police should have just let Daunte Wright drive away his car and found him later.

Democrats Want Tech Companies to Implement “Racial Equity Audits”
“A small group of organizations with close ties to Democratic politicians and progressive donors conducts the majority of these audits”

In profane rant, Nevada congresswoman blames fellow Democrats for competitive race
Titus suggested that Democrats could lose the three Nevada congressional seats they currently hold in Congress.

Rep. Dina Titus on Nevada redistricting: ‘I totally got f***ed by the legislature’
Rep. Dina Titus is a Democrat who has held the seat in the state’s 1st congressional district since 2013. The 1st district is basically the city of Las Vegas while Nevada has three other congressional districts that cover the rest of the state. Currently only one of those districts, the 2nd, has a Republican representative.

Denver School: Segregate In The Name Of Unity
Segregate in the name of unity. That is what one Denver school has been doing this fall. All because two or three families supposedly asked for a “families of color” night.

The Meanings of Words Are Negotiable to the Media If Democrats Contest Them
Take a gander at this sentence from a Washington Post report, written by Ann Marimow (a repeat offender), on the Biden commission on judicial “reform”: “Liberal lawmakers continue to back legislation that would expand the court’s size, a move Republicans consider court-packing.”

Crime fear grips US, 68% say it’s getting worse
Nearly 9 in 10 voters are worried about the crime surge across the nation, and almost 70% fear that there is no end in sight.

Florida v. Critical Race Theory
Governor Ron DeSantis takes a stand against racialist ideologies in public institutions and businesses.

Redfin, Realtor-dot-com To Stop Including Crime Stats on Listings Due to Possible “Racial Bias” Concerns
“…given the long history of redlining and racist housing covenants in the United States, there’s too great a risk of this [crime data] inaccuracy reinforcing racial bias,” Redfin’s chief growth officer Christian Taubman wrote.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Introducing “Stop Woke Act” to Keep Critical Race Theory Out of Classrooms
“No taxpayer dollars should be used to teach our kids to hate our country or to hate each other”

VIDEO: School Board Member Leaves Stage To Confront Speaker
Protest at school board was over demands to restore school team names: “We are offended by the Board of Education’s removal of the TOMAHAWKS mascot name AND the process by which it was removed and replaced.”

2 California Teachers Accused of Encouraging Student’s Clandestine Gender Transition
Two teachers in a California school district are accused of coaching a student into coming out as transgender behind the backs of the student’s parents, according to video footage circulating on social media.

Daunte Wright Shooting Trial Day 7: Defense Experts Testify Use Of Gun, Not Just Taser, Justified – Potter to Testify Friday
Late twist in the case, defense asserts that even if Kim Potter intentionally used her gun, rather than by mistake, it would have been justified to save a fellow police officer partially leaning into the car who would have been seriously injured or killed had Daunte Wright driven off.

Frat house cannot hang its own Christmas wreath, university insists
A fraternity landed in trouble with Emory University for decorating its house with a wreath and garland. The university filed an incident report, claiming the decoration violated school policy.

Boise State Prof Faces Calls for His Firing Over Speech About Traditional Gender Roles
“He said that the modern feminist ethos of ‘careerism’ without connection to family and religion leaves them finding meaning in politics”

Daunte Wright Shooting Trial Day 8: Case Ends Strong For Defendant Kim Potter, Closing Arguments Monday
Closing arguments and case goes the the jury on Monday, with continuing live coverage at Legal Insurrection

Republicans Favored to Make Gains in 2022 Governor Races
“Republicans are seeing improved prospects in eight states’ gubernatorial contests next year, according to the Cook Political Report.”

Fury From The Left After George Will Calls 1619 Project “Historical Illiteracy” and “Not Innocent Ignorance”
And he did it at WaPo, leftists’ safe space. Race card played: “Will should’ve just written Hannah-Jones was ‘uppity'”

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Shooting motorists, slapdash practices, and noble projects.


Economy & Taxes


A Note on Inflation
You’d think it would hardly need restating that inflation is chiefly caused by monetary profligacy by the government (especially the Federal Reserve and other central banks that think they can “create” money out of thin air), but the Biden Administration began on an ominous note with Slow Joe proclaiming that “Milton Friedman isn’t in charge any more.” Well, the CPI seems to have something to say about that.

Another new inflation record: Producer price index hits 9.6% in November
Joe Biden’s economy broke two records in November, not one, but don’t expect to hear much bragging at the White House today on either. The two key measures of inflation rose higher than expected, as wholesale prices rose almost by double digits last month

Another Day, Another Bad Inflation Number
I’m still pretty confident that inflation will ease off from its current high levels in due course, if not to the levels we were seeing a couple of years ago.

Deep meaning of supply chain
As the Biden administration continues to pitch its insane trillions-for-socialism bill, administration officials are deeply invested in obfuscating the inflation that confronts us now. This obfuscation follows their exhaustion of the possibilities of denial in the repeated proclamation that it was just one of those (passing) things. It may be helpful to advert to Milton Friedman’s axiom: “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon, in the sense that it is and can be produced only by a more rapid increase in the quantity of money than in output.”

Deep meaning of supply chain, cont’d
Harvard Professor Robert Barro is Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics at Harvard. He is a prominent member of the economics profession. AEI has posted his December 4 Project Syndicate column “Big-state inflation.” In the column he addresses the attribution of responsibility for our current inflation to “supply chain” issues. Professor Barro does not entirely discount the contribution of these issues as a contributing factor. Focusing on the contribution of the Federal Reserve Board under Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, however, he writes

Turkey’s Currency Crisis Escalates After Central Bank Again Cuts Rates
Lira’s downward trajectory against the dollar intensified, triggered by Turkish president’s demands to slash rates

In policy shift, the Fed projects three interest rate hikes in 2022
With inflation now running at its fastest pace in nearly 40 years and showing no signs of slowing down, the Federal Reserve on Wednesday abandoned its wait-and-see strategy and indicated that it could begin stepping on the economic brakes soon.

The limits of corporate wokeness
The Washington Post moans that “despite diversity vows, wide racial gaps persist in corporate leadership” (the quote is from the print edition headline). The “vows” occurred after the death of George Floyd. The “wide gap” amounts to the difference between black representation in the U.S. population (12 percent) and black representation among the “highest corporate leaders” (8 percent, according to the Post).

Candy cane shortage fueled by COVID, weak peppermint harvest
It’s the great Candy Cane Crisis of 2021. Weakness in peppermint crops and COVID-caused logistical issues have created a problem for Big Candy.

Sky-High Lumber Prices Are Back
Builders are buying up wood while floods in British Columbia limit supply

Manchin A Definitive “No” On Biden’s BBB Boondoggle: “This is a no on this legislation”
A Great, Big Patriotic Blow To Biden’s Radical Agenda

Pot Industry in California on Verge of Collapse
Potheads who thought government legalization of pot would lead to heaven on earth forgot about one tiny detail: getting the government involved in anything either makes it more expensive or ruins it completely.




The Bell Tolls for Notre Dame Cathedral
The National Heritage and Architecture Commission in France has greenlighted at least some of the hideous proposals to modernize Notre Dame Cathedral as part of the renovation effort following the 2019 fire, the New York Times reports.

As Turkey’s Currency Collapses, Erdogan’s Support Sinks Even in His Hometown
Tea farmers of the Black Sea coast town of Rize have been hit hard by the falling lira and soaring inflation. “We are at the bottom of the well.”

Denmark’s Ex-Immigration Minister Gets Jail Sentence for Ordering Separation of Child Brides From Their “Husbands”
BBC: “The verdict cannot be appealed and the jail sentence is unconditional, meaning that it must be served.”

The Ultra-Conservative Who Vows to Save Chile From Communism
On the campaign trail, he has a formal bearing. Father of nine, opponent of gay marriage and abortion, the light-haired, blue-eyed lawyer vows to slash taxes and dig a deep ditch against immigration. Chile’s election this Sunday, he says, is a contest between liberty and totalitarianism.

More than 700 Cubans arrested during July 11 protests remained imprisoned on Human Rights Day
Hundreds of peaceful protesters arrested during the July 11 uprising in Cuba spent Human Rights Day still imprisoned by the communist Castro dictatorship.

Critical race theory is in Canada – and here’s what’s wrong with it
What do you call someone who says we should judge people based on their skin colour and that we should devise laws and rules that treat people differently based on their race?

Could The Woke Agenda Transition Anglophones To “Second Nations” Status?
The pace by which Canada’s “woke revolution” is progressing should be major concern for those who fall outside its parameters.

Socialism and Free Enterprise On Trial
I didn’t know that there is an election going on in Chile. But there is, and observers say that the Left is favored to retake control of that country, which has seen unprecedented prosperity since it adopted free enterprise policies beginning in the 1980s. Dan Mitchell has the story.

China lists 100 topics citizens can’t include in online vids
No crypto, no sex, no clips from the telly. Enthusiastic and historically accurate socialism welcome




Limited Government Is Back in Fashion. Can Republicans Make the Most of It?
In 2019, First Things magazine published an open letter that captured a dominant sentiment on the American right. “Against the Dead Consensus” sought to bury the “warmed-over Reaganism” that passed for conservative thought and policy in favor of something more muscular. That something was and remains elusive, but what the letter rejected was plainly specific: the “fetishizing” of “individual autonomy.”

The American Jury System Holds Firm against “Wokeness”
The Jussie Smollett trial is only the latest instance in which jurors have done their duty diligently, without regard to race or politics.

“Liberals, They Hate Clockwork'”
Even half a century on, Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is still one of the darkest and most haunting of dystopian films about the near future. A bitter satire on the inability of judgment-free modern society to deal seriously with violent crime, it premiered in New York City fifty years ago this week, on December 19, 1971. As a student writer at NYU, I was able to see it a week early at a press and critics screening at the Cinema 1 Theater. Getting there that night was no joy; riding the graffiti’d-up Lexington Ave. subway, and watching your back on the dark, crime-ridden winter streets of Manhattan. It was a good prologue for seeing the film.

Against book banning
One of the happiest developments of 2021 has been the national movement of parents pushing back against woke education.

There Is No “Conservative Case for CRT”
The Washington Post published a piece this morning by contributing columnist Gary Abernathy, ostensibly one of the Post’s right-leaning voices, arguing that “there’s a lot for conservatives to embrace in critical race theory.” It’s the latest in the budding subgenre of “the conservative case for [insert X left-wing policy here] think pieces: “the conservative case for the Democratic Party,” “the conservative case for Roe v. Wade,” “the conservative case for ditching the Electoral College,” and so on. But it is in a league of its own when it comes to the sheer absurdity of its line of argument, which operates off of a surprisingly shallow understanding of both CRT and conservatism.

The American State Cult
And so, from the very beginning, we were in a peculiar position: that of a nation founded in religious ferment but having political documents and a shared political faith as central elements in our national character.

There Is No Reason for Anyone Else to Pay Your Student-Loan Debt
Pay for your own education, slackers.

10 thoughts on Chauvin’s plea
The Department of Justice sent out a press release yesterday afternoon on the Chauvin plea deal following the hearing before Judge Magnuson yesterday morning. It is posted online here.

How will evangelicals react to Trump’s attack on Netanyahu?
The paper edition headline to this Washington Post article is “Trump’s outburst over Netanyahu shocks allies.” I wrote about that outburst here.

The Real War on Women Is From the Left
Remember how the left not long ago went on and on and on about the supposed “war on women” from the right? The irony is that according to current leftist dogma, women no longer exist. After all, the Biden Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services is insisting in referring to mothers (once understood as a significant subset of beings known as “women”) as “birthing persons,” because current leftist dogma says men can have babies, too. Which means women no long have anything naturally distinctive about them.

Trying to Restore Intellectual Integrity to Our Colleges and Universities
To an alarming extent, our colleges and universities are now dominated by professors (and administrators) who are mainly concerned with making students think “correctly” than in showing them how to employ reason. Their objective is not helping them develop their mental capabilities but rather in creating true believers who want to transform America.

The Left vs. the Constitution
One reason the left hates the American Constitution, and wishes to replace it, is that its embedded principles along with much of its explicit text is foursquare against the two main purposes of the left: class struggle and race struggle. Never mind the drive to abolish the electoral college, or the Senate, or admit new states to increase the odds of Democratic election victories. Just take in how the left wants to rewrite—which means abolish—the Bill of Rights.

A Californian’s Day
Over a year ago, I walked into Trader Joe’s without donning a mask and no one said a thing.

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