A Woke Boot Stamping On A Human Face Of Pallor—For Ever

     Is it any surprise that an ideology that masquerades as a method of open analysis basis its root tenets on what it allegedly is supposed to root out (which presupposed that there is something there to be rooted out? Many of Critical Race Theory’s proponents outright admit that!

     A “Theory” or method of analysis that serves not to determine the veracity of a belief but to find evidence that it assumes is already there and then framing that “evidence” necessarily must be consistent with the presupposed conclusion is not and can not be confirmation of said conclusion.

     It is also presumed that the “oppression” caused by the “unearned privilege” of White individuals is perpetual—which justifies perpetual “racial justice” and “anti-racist” action be taken to undercut said “White Privilege/Whiteness/Persons of Pallor”.   It also explains why not seeing people first and foremost as members of some racial unit is “racist” because if people didn’t care about the race of others then Critical Race Theory implodes on itself and “anti-racist” actions and “racial justice” become themselves racist. Clearly, it is Critical Race Theory, and “racial justice” in general that is systemically racist.

     Racism “always” existing is the justification they use to perpetually treat people unequally on the basis of race and to declare White people intrinsically inferior on a moral level. Critical Race Theory & “Racial Justice” is an “anti-racist” boot perpetually stomping on a human face of pallor in order to provide some with unearned privilege to some by establishing actual systemic racism (even as neutrally defined academically) while claiming to be fighting it. The privilege will go to the inevitable “Nomenklatura” (by that name or another) while keeping down both Whites (explicitly) and non-Whites (by not solving real problems and using “White Supremacy” as an excuse.

     Oh the lengths some will go to justify the discrimination and inequality so demanded by “social justice”.

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