Fighting Fascism Means Fighting Those Who Have Fought Against Fascism???

     The death of George Floyd quite initially resulted in many on the Right condemning the actions of the police officer considered responsible for Floyd’s death, be that responsibility direct or indirect. Said officer has been arrested and is facing serious charges. To a sane individual, this is an indication that, so far, proper justice is taking its proper course.

     However, a plethora of “peaceful protests” have invariably degenerated into looting, arson, and homicides of their own.

     All this, for the loud few on social media, is about “fighting fascism” based on the logical idiocy (I won’t even deem it with the concept of a “fallacy”), that their designated enemies are “fascists” and thus they are pure and innocent as the newly driven snow since the designated enemies are “fascist” and thus understood in modern parlance to be pure evil.

     Guess who else was “anti-fascist”?


     Irregardless of the fact that Stalin killed more people than Hitler, he isn’t as demonized as his once ally Hitler. For far too many, being against fascism was interchangable with being a far Left lunatic who couldn’t explain what Fascism was beyond some anti-Troskyite propaganda.

     It is beyond ironic that a memorial to truly Patriotic Americans such as Eisenhower and countless heroes who literally fought against liliteral fascists is attacked by “Anti-Fascists” who believe that there is no greater fascist symbol than than a memorial to those who literally fought against liliteral fascists.

Fascists who literally fought against real fascists celebrating fascism by triumphing over literal fascism, or something…

     These are scum that don’t give a damn about fascism just as long as they can liquidate certain people as a class.

     Never forget that.

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