12 Posts of Christmas, 2019 (Day 9)

     Christmas once was about having fun and being irreverent, as seen in these vintage magazine covers. It an be again, at least in part.”

     The Previous “Posts of Christmas”:

  • Day 1 – Not all snowflakes are emotionally fragile humans.
  • Day 2 – What says “Christmas” more than a good ole’ Christmas carol sung by Christopher Lee to heavy metal music?
  • Day 3 – History shows us that unwoke ladies were more sexy.
  • Day 4 – Christmas always brings thoughts of Winter when your psychopathic stalker an snuggle up to your drugged and concussions body in front of a roaring fire…
  • Day – A lovely French Carol, Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant) by the Gothard Sisters.
  • Day 6 – The reason that children don’t report seeing Santa on the night before Christmas is because Santa has a well armed helper…
  • Day 7 – Fact: ‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas Movie.
  • Day 8 – Sometimes Christmas can be spooky. Here are some ghost stories for Christmas, a warning to the curious

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