Transgender Violence: Dead Baby; Murdered Boy; Offended Trans-Boy

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: It ain’t violence if it’s woke…

     First, a little (NSFW) mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Insisting that one’s “gender identity”, and not one’s biological sex, is all that is necessary for doctors to know about, is woke, but deadly when not all doctors are also woke as f**k…

“This week, The New England Journal of Medicine published a bizarre story. A ‘transgender man’ entered a hospital with severe abdominal pains. Because she was identified as a man, the doctors naturally did not think to treat her for labor and delivery, so she tragically lost the baby. Rather than emphasizing the danger of placing gender identity over biological sex, both the journal and The Washington Post made the absurd claim that the hospital should not have ruled out pregnancy for a man.

“‘He was rightly classified as a man’ in the medical records and appears masculine, Dr. Daphna Stroumsa at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, wrote in the journal article. ‘But that classification threw us off from considering his actual medical needs.’

“‘The point is not what’s happened to this particular individual but this is an example of what happened to transgender people interacting with the health care system,’ she added.

“The Washington Post’s Marilynn Marchione argued that this case should make doctors aware of the ‘blurred lines’ in medicine. Citing the journal article, she claimed that the case ‘points to larger issues about assigning labels or making assumptions in a society increasingly confronting gender variations in sports, entertainment and government. In medicine, there’s a similar danger of missing diseases such as sickle cell and cystic fibrosis that largely affect specific racial groups, the authors wrote.’

“Yet this conclusion is forced at best, and merely serves to blind people to the truth of the story.”

     Sometimes the desire to ignore biological reality and inflict a gender identity isn’t limited to doing this to oneself, but to an innocent child with deadly results.

“A lesbian couple in Brazil who tried to force transgender surgery on a 9-year-old boy have been arrested after stabbing him to death.

“Rhuan Maycon was murdered by his mother, Rosana da Silva Candido, and her partner Kacyla Damasceno Pessao on May 31st.

“Maycon had been suffering for a year as a result of a botched gender re-assignment operation performed by the pair with no medical supervision after his mother decided he should be a girl.

“Brazil’s child protection agency said the women had attempted to perform a ‘Kind of a sex-change surgery. After removing the penis, they sewed the mutilated region and improvised a version of a female genital organ, making a cut in the groin.’

“After being subjected to a year of physical and mental trauma, the boy was stabbed to death as he slept.”

     The only “violence” the woke Left cares about when it comes to transgenderism is… the use of grammatically correct pronouns.

“Last week, Justice Francesca Marzari of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada, declared a father guilty of ‘family violence’ against his 14-year-old daughter on the sole basis that he had engaged in ‘expressions of rejection of [her] gender identity.’ These ‘expressions’ revolved entirely around his polite refusal to refer to his daughter as a boy in private, and his steady choice to affirm that she is a girl in public.”


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