Freeing the Humanities from Academia

     The greatest assault on Western Civilization came from the inside, and what was once the deepest reposit of that knowledge: Academia. This is nowhere seem more deeply than in the purging of the humanities of millennia of learned knowledge and the wisdom of generations to make room for its antithesis.

     Little wonder, then, that liberal arts colleges and humanities in general are dying in the academic sphere as they lose any and all value with the replacement of cultural and civil knowledge with “social justice” and post-Modernist nonsense.

     How, then, can the humanities be saved. While some are more than happy to throw accelerant on the fire to see the Progressive Left burn with thousands of years of collected wisdom in order to “own the libs“, a wise and prudent person understands that this, our heritage, must be saved and preserved.

     One alternative, previously noted, is to have a conservative version of the campus teach-in, which would provide students “1st, to dismantle at the root the basis of the Left’s beliefs; and 2nd, to provide an alternative worldview”. However, if academia is to won back, it will not be through overt and cathartic action, but sub rosa though a counter-Gramscian march that will slowly change the underlying basis until those who wish to save Western Civilization can effect their own Fabian moment.

     However, this is far from guaranteed. In lieu of, or better still in parallel with, a slow and quite infiltration of academia, alternatives to academia as holders of all we have gained from Western Civilization must be established. History, philosophy, et al. are not things to just concede to the Left while quaffing the absence of something perceived as inherently tainted and impure, living in the false paradise of anti-educational bliss; these are all things that we have a moral responsibility to cherish and protect—an inheritance to hand down to future generations.

     Hence, we must all take it upon ourselves to learn, cherish, and teach the great humanities of Western Civilization so that some piece of us lives on rather than be relegated tot he ash heap of history.

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