Tech’s Convenient Double Standard of Employee Behavior

     Remember Josh Olin, a member of the software developer community who was purged from Turtle Rock Studios for the outrageous act of simply to suggesting that other people have a right to believe in doubleplusungood things?

     Based on that incident, most people would expect Twitter to have a problem with employees who not only disagree with someone else’s opinions, but openly talk about “shadowbanning” (i.e. censoring) people because of their politics.

     Most people would be wrong.

“Twitter says that individuals shown in an undercover video casually talking about how they plan on censoring certain viewpoints on the social media platform were speaking only ‘in a personal capacity.’

“They ‘do not represent or speak for Twitter,’ a company spokeswoman said.”

     The doublespeak is strong with SOC JUS.

     Anybody up for some #2MinutesOfH8?

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